Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

Chapter 2126 The Stone Race’s Trump Card
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Chapter 2126 The Stone Race’s Trump Card

“Since even the seniors from the Nangong family and the Beitang family have spoken, then I naturally have to give you this face. I can temporarily put aside the grudge of the Stone race sneak attacking the Cloud Chasing Heaven Swallowing Sparrow race. However, this matter will not just end here. I will not allow my people to suffer a loss,” said Long Chen lightly.

Hearing that, Nangong Zuiyue smiled and sighed with relief. Seeing that reaction, Beitang Rushuang narrowed her eyes. Could it be that Nangong Zuiyue really did have that kind of intention toward Long Chen?

“Junior brother Long Chen is truly a wise person.” The middle-aged man from the Nangong family smiled.

“Since everyone has given their advice, my Stone race won’t be rude. This matter can be set aside. We’ll settle it later,” said the leader of the Stone race.

Everyone nodded inside. This result was within their expectations. The Stone race’s relationship with the human race wasn’t very good. Quite a lot of conflicts had happened between both sides throughout history, and although the major powers hadn’t had direct confrontations with them, the Stone race’s conduct had irritated them.

“Long Chen, hand over my eye!” shouted Shi Lingfeng.

“It’d be best if you left those kinds of words for bedtime.” Long Chen shook his head.

“What is that supposed to mean?” demanded Shi Lingfeng.

“It means that at night, I’ll treat it as sleep talking,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“You...!” Shi Lingfeng was enraged, but if Long Chen refused to hand it over, he had no way to force him either.

“Everyone, you can do as you please. My Stone race won’t be accompanying you.” The Stone race’s leader returned to the stone forest, not wanting to spend any more time with these human experts.

Shi Lingfeng glared at Long Chen before also being persuaded to leave by his fellow Stone race experts.

After the Stone race’s experts left, the Dongfang family’s head said a few words of farewell to everyone before also leaving.

In Long Chen’s view, these three everlasting families only had a surface level of courtesy for each other. It seemed that their relationship was not very good.

“Young friend Long Chen, how about coming to my Beitang family as a guest for a few days? Rushuang can play with you. Youngsters like you can exchange pointers and grow together...” The old woman from the Beitang family smiled amicably at Long Chen.

The other experts stared. What was this? Had the Beitang family decided that Long Chen was to their taste and wanted a new son-in-law?

“Grandma...!” Beitang Rushuang didn’t expect her grandmother to say such a thing. She wasn’t prepared at all.

“There’s actually such a good thing?” Long Chen smiled brightly.

“If you dare to come, I’ll kill you!” threatened Beitang Rushuang upon seeing Long Chen return to his scoundrel form.

“Sigh, it’s still the same words, I simply cannot give my heart to you-” sighed Long Chen.

“Who wants it?! Bastard, if you keep talking, I’ll throttle you!” Beitang Rushuang really looked like she might bite Long Chen like this.

“I just finished preparing the Peak Dao Transformation Dragon Saliva, but since you’re so generous, I can only thank you. I’ll repay your kindness one day.” Long Chen cupped his fists.

“Long Chen... you’re too shameless.”

Beitang Rushuang hadn’t expected Long Chen to actually have a con hidden within his words.

Back then, she and Nangong Zuiyue had each loaned Long Chen fifty drops of Peak Dao Transformation Dragon Saliva, which was why Long Chen had been able to buy the Moon and Star Refining Furnace. Those fifty drops weren’t much to them, but having this debt conned out, and adding Long Chen’s exaggerated grateful expression, Beitang Rushuang really wanted to give him a beating. How had such a shameless person been born in this world?

As for the others, they were mystified by what was going on. Only Nangong Zuiyue covered her mouth, holding back a laugh.

“Haha, it’s nice to be young. Long Chen, you can come to my Beitang family whenever you want. For now, I have things to handle at home.” The old woman from the Beitang family smiled and left.

“Senior, take care,” said Long Chen hastily.

Beitang Rushuang held the arm of the old woman as they left. She didn’t forget to glare at Long Chen before leaving, raising a fist at him.

From start to end, the Beitang family’s people hadn’t said anything to the Nangong family’s people. It seemed that the enmity between the two families wasn’t so easy to resolve.

The others also began to leave. Only then did Nangong Zuiyue send a message to Long Chen. “Be careful. Slumbering beneath the Stone race’s land is Shi Changsheng’s heroic spirit. The family head even suspects that Shi Changsheng hasn’t fully died. If you had killed Shi Lingfeng, you might have forced the Stone race to awaken Shi Changsheng.”

Only then did Long Chen understand why Nangong Zuiyue had stopped him. That had almost caused a misunderstanding between the two of them. “Many thanks for your warning. I’ll remember this favor.”

“There’s no need for thanks. Just don’t con me out of my Peak Dao Transformation Dragon Saliva. I can’t compare to fairy Rushuang and am very poor.” Nangong Zuiyue actually teased Long Chen.

“Cough, I definitely won’t. But my pocket’s been rather tight lately, so please be generous and extend the deadline.” Long Chen awkwardly coughed. He wasn’t really conning Beitang Rushuang. It was just a joke.

“Junior brother Long Chen, with so many supreme geniuses rising, it really isn’t a good idea to make too many enemies. During the qi flow eruption, if others reject you, you won’t be able to absorb any of the qi flow, so take care,” said the middle-aged man from the Nangong family.

“Many thanks for the warning. This junior will remember it.” Long Chen cupped his fists.

The middle-aged man nodded. To the old man, he cupped his fists and said, “Goodbye.”

Nangong Zuiyue also said her goodbyes to Long Chen before leaving.

“Boss, I really admire you. Just how did you do it?” Guo Ran looked at Long Chen worshipfully.

“Do what?” asked Long Chen.

“How did you manage to seduce both the Beitang and Nangong family’s heavenly fairies?”

“Scram, don’t you see that I haven’t managed to seduce them... I mean, I never tried to seduce them. Little brat, I’m warning you, don’t even try whispering this matter in Wan-er’s ears,” warned Long Chen. Guo Ran sometimes didn’t think through what he was saying, implicating Long Chen.

“Hahaha...” Gu Yang and the others laughed. There had been many times when they were drinking that Guo Ran drank too much and got a loose tongue. He had implicated Long Chen several times.

Long Chen looked over the stone forest. Shi Changsheng’s heroic spirit? Furthermore, it wasn’t even confirmed if Shi Changsheng was alive or dead? That was a bit troublesome.

“Let’s go.”

Xia Chen took out a flying boat, and they all got on. With all his materials spent, they could only use a flying boat to travel.

On the flying boat, the old man called over Long Chen for a private conversation, asking him what Nangong Zuiyue had said.

Long Chen repeated her exact words. The old man nodded. “There truly is something terrifying beneath the Stone race. I sensed it when you were beating Shi Lingfeng. There were fluctuations of something sealed, but the Stone race isn’t capable of such a formation. They must have had the Mechanism Sect’s help. If what is sealed is Shi Changsheng’s heroic spirit, then this matter is a disaster.”

“Is that Shi Changsheng really so powerful?” asked Long Chen.

“Although his title of Emperor was self-given, and he can’t truly be ranked amongst the Three Emperors, he has that level of power. He is an existence that surpasses your imagination! It’s just unclear how much spirituality his heroic spirit has retained. Perhaps they are waiting for Shi Lingfeng to absorb the world’s qi flow before having the heroic spirit possess him, having it undergo a form of reincarnation,” said the old man heavily.

“He can actually reincarnate?” asked Long Chen, feeling shocked.

“This reincarnation isn’t the reincarnation you’re thinking of. It can be considered a form of extended inheritance. It will bestow all the divine abilities of Shi Changsheng to Shi Lingfeng. Don’t underestimate that inheritance. Someone who could be called Emperor has to have heaven-shaking divine abilities. Once mastered, the user might topple heaven and earth,” warned the old man.

“Hmph, then I’m not afraid of him. Even if he masters the Stone Emperor’s abilities, the Dragonblood Legion and I will cut him down,” said Long Chen confidently.

As long as he refined enough Hundred Flower Dao Resonation Pills, the Dragonblood Legion would become fully awakened Empyreans. With divine items, powerful armor, and a grand formation linking them together, who could compete with them?

“Then good. That flame lotus of yours was very powerful, but remember, the nine forms of Split the Heavens are even stronger than you imagine. If you have time, you should focus on it, and it won’t disappoint you. The nine forms of Split the Heavens emulate the saying, know one thing, know ten thousand things. In truth, your current mastery of the eighth form of Split the Heavens is inferior to Bao Buping and Chang Hao. It’s just that your will is much stronger than theirs, making it stronger. However, you don’t cultivate the Battle God Sacred Canon. Your cultivation technique is different, so I can’t teach you some things. You’ll have to figure them out yourself yourself,” said the old man.

Long Chen cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, and although when he used Split the Heavens he used the same acupuncture points, the foundation was different.

The Heaven Splitting Battle Sect’s Battle God Sacred Canon was a set with the nine forms of Split the Heavens. So the old man didn’t know how to teach Long Chen certain things.

They quickly arrived at a city. Stepping off the flying boat, they obediently stepped onto a transportation formation.

Not long after, huge waves soared in the Martial Heaven Continent as explosive news spread.

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