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Chapter 554 A Battle Against Imagination
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Garenjazz had dreamed a dream.

This was a dream he had created for a long time. He started off with very few things. He had to develop the science to bring actual physical items into his dream world.

Years and decades passed and his Throne was slowly assimilated inside. This was why he didn't appear to have a Throne on his apeparances outside as he had always had his throne 'in his dreams.' Soon his entire ship assimilated into the dream.

In time, the dream world grew and had numerous items inside. He had a spatial realm, he had beings that were a product of his imagination within that world of his own. He had weapons and ships, and other things.

Soon, his items, his servants, and the technology within the dream world had already surpassed the physical as his imagination could create these very items and objects.

The Dream World of Garenjazz had its limits. He could create and reflect a portion of that power he imagined or crafted in his dream world. The dream world had a way to sustain itself. Constant creation of items and energy was possible inside the dream and the dream world grew and grew.

Garenjazz was building a massive universe where all rich materials would be in that dream world.

And soon, the path to reaching a Principal was possible for Garenjazz could dream of the foundation of creating a Combat Body.

However, there were limitations to this power.

As hard as it is to send things inside his dream, it was doubly, and even triply more difficult to bring out these things in the three-dimensions. His Hypersphere had already become an object that was in between the two and could harness much more of his power.

And that was what his men used to attack the raid led by Alean.

But his main enemies had moved into his world, into his dream, and into the world where he had created and hidden this power.

Against strong enemies, he needed much energy to use his superior tech and how to make these dreams a reality. But now, this was not a problem!

Garenjazz's Combat Body was so strong that it could be sensed in the real world.

The bending of dimensions was causing this Combat Body to leak out.

Throughout the many battles between the Overcomers and the Presiders, the immense battle in the dream world continued.

The form of Garenjazz had speed, power, and durability. He had reshaped his form and had suddenly grown to a size of over thirty meters. He used this size to counter the shrinking powers of Seeker. But he could not infinitely increase his size to be so large as it would cost more energy. In his power of luck, he knew that this was his 'lucky size'.

Each punch created a powerful explosion and a single strike would have surely killed the two Seekers, Lynd, and 'Zoe'. Only Zeraphine would have the ability to resist a punch thanks to her Throne. But she would quickly lose many fighting capabilities at one punch taken from Garenjazz.

But even after a long while, the battle was at a stalemate! His lucky forms gave him the offensive advantage, but he never found the right luck to ever make a critical attack!

His former arrogance and warning in killing everyone and even Zeraphine had long been forgotten as the team managed to evade and survive!

Garenjazz was so frustrated that an army of his dream creations was chasing after Seeker and everyone else.

The very beings from books, anime, and other sorts of stories were making their powerful attacks that could harness something close to their actual power.

Yet in all of this, these people could not make an attack!

Shackstress's powers to shrink were used. And amazingly, the two Seekers and Lynd were able to pick up on her power through Realm.

It wasn't perfect, but the pair could cause the area around them to shrink.

Their power and control in shrinking things were slowly getting better and better!

Zeraphine was actively using Zethayne Light and shot it out. She was the one who was constantly attacking as the others focused on evading and deflecting attacks.

But even with an army attacking and limiting their movements, and even though Garenjazz had the speed and the power to do so, he could not land a hit on the group!

The dream realm was distorting as the HyperSphere was being attacked and many parts of the dream realm were suffering due to the sudden loss of power.

The dream realm was fueling the ship with energy through the sciences that breached the three dimensions, but the ship also sustained the dream realm.

And so, while Garenjazz could contain the damage and maintain the realm, the numerous distortions that were happening and the loss of power were causing the dream realm to be always changing.

"Progenitor! Charge ahead!" Seeker called out and the Adult led the way. But the words of Seeker had no sense. Right in front of them, was an army!

Yet everyone didn't hesitate. They've already had this several times.

There were times that the team would rush in a specific direction and come charging straight for an army of imaginary fighters. But at a very precise time, the distortion and damages in the Hypersphere caused these dreams to weaken or even disappear giving the group a chance to push forward.

Garenjazz saw it and quickly focused his power to sustain the army that was blocking them. He suspected that just like the previous two occasions.

Universe Energy erupted out and fortified the people while Garenjazz chased from behind and made another swing.

"Now!" Lynd shouted and he harnessed the power of the Void Assassin and teleport them to the right side.


The dream world trembled once more and many soldiers on the right that would have launched powerful attacks on the group disappeared.

The team had successfully made another evade!

Garenjazz was fuming. He could tell that his ability was being used against him.

The group had tremendous luck! Incorporated in this luck, was another power.

"How is it that they have Prophecy?!" Garenjazz raged as he saw the team outsmart him once more.

In all of Garenjazz's battles, he had always been the one with the right moves. But now, he was tailing behind!

The Adult laughed.

"Luck isn't everything in battle, Garenjazz! You've been lucky for so long, that you don't know what it is to fight such battles! You've been addicted to luck that your former countenance has changed into this spoiled angry child! Git good, noob!" Seeker laughed as he led the group to circle back.

"Maintain close distance!" The Adult shouted as he pushed around Garenjazz. With the dream world distorting, they dared not gamble if the distortion of the dream world could somehow harm them.

"Hold on, Progenitor!" Lynd flew towards the Adult who kept rushing in.

Zoe activated the power to shrink and was not even secretive about it.

The power that she showed made everyone think she was Shackstress.

The Adult Seeker released Realm around everyone. Seeker had to hold on to Vender and Zeraphine so that the Realm of Seeker's Passover would work.

"Not this time!" But Garenjazz continued to send out the slap as Universe Energy fueled his swinging arm that was headed straight for the group.

The speed of the swing was near the speed of light.

But at the right moment, Lynd activated his Path. The power of Jake to pass through merged with Passover and allowed the entire team to move in as they shrunk.

Garenjazz cursed as the group miraculously managed to evade the incoming attack.



Suddenly, the dream world quivered and began to distort. It began to get smaller and weaker!

Garenjazz's body remained the same size, but it was as if a very small percentage of his form had weakened!

The Adult Seeker smiled as the group charged ahead.

Zeraphine was shocked.

"Just hold on a bit more! Our goal is to keep ourselves alive just enough for us to challenge his Combat Body!" The Adult ordered.

"You...! This was your plan?!" Garenjazz roared angrily.

"That's your weakness, Conqueror! You assume that I am one too! We are Overcomers. It doesn't matter if its by our strength or the combined powers of all, we will Overcome! We never attacked you thinking we were strong enough! Even meeting with you had numerous layers of plans! And that's why my son won't let you have Vender! We need him if we want to Overcome!" The Adult laughed as they continued to rush around Garenjazz.

The entire place was constantly distorting and Garenjazz's connection to his men was quickly disappearing.

"All Top Tiers are dead. You're the only one left." A cold message was sent straight to Garenjazz. He actually froze!

That message meant that the enemy was already within the top circles of those controlling his ship!

Garenjazz stood still. His dream beings stopped fighting and were slowly disipating.

"Retreat!" Lynd shouted as a terrifying fear fell on him. But it wasn't only him. Everyone felt it too.

The group retreated as a massive explosion erupted.

A smaller Garenjazz appeared. His body shone with great light and his face had turned into a best. It looked like a lion. But he wore a large wing that was similar to an Eagle.

"What's going on...? His body turned weaker!" Zeraphine was stunned.

"It is weaker. But he stabilized this world. He's not using the Hypersphere to control the dream realm. It's all him now."

"But in doing so, he has reduced the defenses of his formerly invulnerable body! Why?" Zeraphine asked again.

"Defenses are wearker. But his attack and power have increased." The Adult explained.

"In short... He's fighting us with everything he's got." Lynd answered as he could feel his emotions of Garenjazz. Lynd began to tremble.

"So this is it... A Conqueror!"

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