New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 371 - A Super Terrifying Powerhouse Has Appeared!
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Chapter 371: A Super Terrifying Powerhouse Has Appeared!


Gu Yan glanced down and suddenly saw Wu Lingfeng’s corpse split into two on the ground.

He couldn’t help but look at Chu Juehen murderously. “Chu Juehen, you actually dared to kill my disciple!”

Today, he had heard that the powerful army had gone to the Dragon Burial Valley to snatch the spirit stone mine, so he planned to come take a look.

If there were some connate-level spirit stones hidden in the valley, he would take them away immediately to prevent them from being damaged by soldiers who didn’t know their stuff.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived, he discovered that not only had the Ten Nations Alliance army not taken down the Dragon Burial Valley, but his second disciple, Wu Lingfeng, had also been cut in half.

He was no stranger to Chu Juehen.

Back then, when Chu Juehen dominated the Central Divine Continent, he had met him once.

Therefore, Gu Yan recognized Chu Juehen at a glance.

The seriousness in Chu Juehen’s expression remained.

“So the marshals of the Ten Nations Alliance are all your disciples.”

Back then, before he dominated the Central Divine Continent, Perfected One Yin Yang Gu Yan was the world-renowned “Peerless Spell Master”.

Everyone knew that not only was Gu Yan extremely talented in cultivation, but he was also an Emperor Realm cultivator. Furthermore, his cultivation talent was also unrivaled in the world. He had a total of 18,000 mystic techniques to protect his body and was extremely powerful.


What was even more terrifying was that his casting speed was shockingly fast.

Sometimes, he could even execute hundreds of spells at the same time, making it impossible to guard against. He was definitely a terrifying opponent that no one wanted to encounter!

Chu Juehen didn’t expect that although the two of them had nothing to do with each other back then, today, he had actually accidentally killed Gu Yan’s disciple and formed an irreconcilable grudge with him.

Gu Yan’s gaze was cold as three thousand mystic lights bloomed from his body.

“Since you know, pay with your life!”

He suddenly formed a seal with both hands.

This seal was chaotic and seemed to have the power of heavenly lightning and earthly fire. Its might was very awe-inspiring.


Gu Yan pushed out with both hands and formed a seal before shooting it at Chu Juehen with powerful might.

Sensing the terrifying pressure, Chu Juehen raised his true essence to the limit and activated a hundred thousand sword energies to protect his body.


Under the activation of the Green Scaled Sword Technique, the Green Scaled Sword released hundreds of dragon shadows that forcefully crushed Gu Yan’s seal.


What Chu Juehen didn’t expect was that as soon as the two forces collided, Gu Yan’s seal exploded with a bang and released a terrifying power that was enough to destroy an area of fifty thousand kilometers.

The heavenly lightning, earth fire, wind, frost, rain, and Dao power laws contained in it had simply reached a point of obliteration!

The hundred dragon shadows condensed from Chu Juehen’s sword energy were instantly shattered.

The terrifying power even destroyed his 100,000 protective sword energies, forcefully crushing his sternum and piercing through his body.


Chu Juehen screamed and landed on the ground ten thousand feet away.

He raised his head and looked at Gu Yan with unwillingness and shock.

Even as a land sword immortal, he was still very afraid of a talented super warlock like Gu Yan.

It was because the path of the Sword Dao was mainly about attacking instead of defending. Defense was a weakness.

Gu Yan could instantly release hundreds or even more destructive spells that could infinitely magnify Chu Juehen’s weakness.

If they were unable to block his attack, not only would they be unable to hurt Gu Yan, but they would also be heavily injured or even killed by him.

Therefore, Chu Juehen was in a hopeless situation.

He was heavily injured and was no longer able to counterattack Gu Yan.

Next, as long as Gu Yan attacked, he would definitely die!

He Jiangshan and the others at the side also discovered this. The smile on their faces disappeared in the blink of an eye, leaving only boundless horror.

“He heavily injured the Dragon Protector in one move. Perfected One Yin Yang is really too powerful!”

“We’re probably going to die here today!”

A smug smile appeared on Huo Qi and the others’ faces again as they glanced at Chu Juehen, He Jiangshan, and the others disdainfully.

“A land sword immortal is only so-so!”

“Do you know what our greatest confidence in dominating the world comes from? Our master!”

“How dare you kill our fellow disciples? All of you and Muping Kingdom will be finished today!”

“Well said!”

Gu Yan stood on the two-headed dragon with a solemn expression.

“I’m going to destroy Muping Kingdom today to take revenge for my second disciple!”

“Chu Juehen, let’s start with you guys!”

With that, he formed another seal with both hands.

This seal contained millions of mystic lights and was even more chaotic.

There was a feeling that it was even more powerful and terrifying than the seal just now.

“Heavenly Development Technique!”

Gu Yan’s body emitted a hundred thousand feet of mystic light as he threw this seal into the sky.

In an instant, the seal exploded and transformed into millions of astronomical phenomena that contained the power of laws and fell heavily.

In every astronomical phenomenon, there was endless killing intent boiling.

It was as if there were millions and millions of Slaughter Prisons on the mountain outside the Dragon Burial Valley.

Sensing the terrifying killing intent that descended from the sky, Chu Juehen couldn’t help but feel terrified.

“Daoist Yin Yang’s forbidden technique is so terrifying!”

“Even if I execute a million sword moves, I won’t be able to block his attack!”

Even Chu Juehen sighed. He Jiangshan and the other 300,000 plus troops of the Muping Kingdom were even more terrified.

When had they ever seen such terrifying astronomical killing intent?

They felt as insignificant as ants under these phenomena. They could only wait to be killed!

Phew ~

Just as the people of Muping Kingdom were in despair, a divine light covered the entire Dragon Burial Valley.

Everyone was shocked to see that this divine light supported all the astronomical killing intent and blocked them all in the sky.

No matter how they exploded, they couldn’t penetrate at all!

The terrifying astronomical phenomenon disappeared in less than three seconds without harming a single blade of grass or tree in the Dragon Burial Valley.

“Huh?! How can this be?!”

Even Gu Yan was stunned by this scene.

The Heavenly Development Technique was his trump card, a forbidden technique. This move just now was even the top-notch killing move of the Heavenly Development Technique, the Heavenly Elephant Tribulation.

The power of an astronomical phenomenon was comparable to a strike of lightning tribulation.

Unexpectedly, such terrifying killing intent was actually resolved so easily!

Gu Yan wasn’t stupid. He had a strong premonition that a super terrifying powerhouse had appeared in Muping Kingdom!

At this moment, a white light appeared in the sky above the Dragon Burial Valley.

Everyone looked up and saw a handsome young master.

In his arms, there were four extremely cute little girls.

Immediately after, another group of people appeared behind him.

He Jiangshan took a closer look. One of them was their king, Yuan Shanhe.

Looking straight at Gu Yan, Yuan Shanhe berated loudly,

“If you want to destroy my country, ask the Consort first!”

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