New Eden: Live to Play, Play to Live

New Eden: Live to Play, Play to Live
English Novel

New Eden: Live to Play, Play to Live

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    In a world of constant competition, one man aims for the top. In this new genre VRMMORPG, he plans on becoming the strongest at all costs.

    The classes, the races, the starting zones, everything is a mystery in 'New Eden'. This game is coming out without a shred of details. The only thing that was promoted was the freedom of skill choosing.

    Our protagonist Alexander, gamer tag Astaroth, has always dreamt of becoming an E-Sports athlete. His parents supported his dream, but they are no longer of this world. He fully intends on making it in this new game, if not for him, then at least to honor their memory.

    With no idea how he wants to play his character, Alexander chooses the most mysterious starting race. Will this be his road to success or his downfall? The game assistant certainly thought the latter.

    “Do as you wish, young adventurer. I only wish to add this. Do not come back with complaints when you realize you have made the wrong choice. ” The elf said, looking at him with clear hatred.

    “We will see about that.” Alexander flatly replied. “I love challenges.” He added.

    “Very well!” The elf harrumphed. “Have the adventure of your lifetime, as short as it will last.” He sarcastically added.

    Ahead of him lies an uncertain path, filled with trials and hardships.

    But one thing is clear in his eyes. He will become the strongest player in the game, even if he must step over mountains of corpses to do so.

    Over are his days of working hard for nothing, it's make or break now!