New Age Of Summoners

Chapter 1780 Refining [Heaven’s Mandate Pill]
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"I will be waiting, Brother Ajax."

Twilight was happy to hear Ajax's words and looking forward to his Dark Region Adventures.

"Congratulations, Twilight."

"Congratulations, Little Brother Twilight."

Soon, Draven, Jaed and others congratulated Twilight with excited smiles on their faces.

Since Twilight was representing their Greater Jade Dragon World, it was considered that this world has won the trial this year and it was an achievement for the world and its natives.

"Twilight, you must be tired after working hard for the trial. Why don't you go and take a rest for now."

Ajax asked Twilight to rest for a day because he had some minor things he needed to talk about with the Jade Emperor.


Draven and others who watched Twilight's entire performance in the trial could not help but become speechless when they heard Ajax's words.

During the entire trial, Twilight worked hard for the first two days and on the last day of the trial. As for the remaining days, he was just sleeping without a care in the world.

Nevertheless, they still don't say anything because Twilight has won the trial and the other things, they don't have to think much about them.

"Yes, Brother."

Twilight didn't say that he was not tired; instead, he went along with Ajax's words because he wanted to make Ajax believe that he had worked hard in the trial to get first place.

So that, in the future, he could get good things and at the same time, Ajax would let him loose on their adventures.

"We will also take over leave, Your Majesty."

Along with Twilight, the upper echelon of the Jade Dragon World left after informing Draven.

"Ajax, the rewards from the Trial of the Divine Dragons will arrive tomorrow."

After sending everyone, Draven informed Ajax about the rewards and at the same time, he said, "Also, I have collected all the ingredients for the Heaven's Mandate Pill. If you have some free time, you can refine them."

"Already? Uncle Draven, it looks like your connections are good."

Ajax was surprised for a moment when he heard Draven already had the ingredients.

"Haha…I have lived long enough in the Dragon Region and was lucky enough to get some good connections. That's how I was able to get 10 sets of ingredients for the Heaven's Mandate Pill."

Even though Draven was old and was about to ascend, he could not help but brag in front of Ajax because he was really proud of his connections that no one in the entire Dragon Region had.

"What? 10 sets of Ingredients?"

Earlier, Ajax was only a little surprised; however, when he heard that Draven had collected 10 sets of ingredients, Ajax was thoroughly shocked.

"Don't worry, before I ascend, I will select a few close ones from those connections. With your resources, you can become really close to them in no time."

In this universe, for a cultivator, having connections would speed up their cultivation and in the time of crisis, those connections would help him…of course, a cultivator could also use the time of crisis to filter out their connections.

So, Draven thought about it and with Ajax's cultivation resources, he could exchange them for the other resources that he didn't have to increase his cultivation and strength.

Hence, Draven decided to help Ajax connect with some of his few trusted aides.

"Thank you, Uncle Draven."

Ajax thanked the Jade Dragon Emperor from the bottom of his heart because he really needed some good connections that he could trust.

"Of course, I still suggest you keep your identity a secret and don't reveal it so easily…at least until you become a peak-level Emperor Realm cultivator with more than 50 percent of awakening."

"With such a strength, even though it won't help you kill multiple cultivators at the same time, you can use that strength to escape. Anyway, I suggest you be careful until you have a 90 percent awakening of your Divine Rule. This universe is much more dangerous than it looks. You never know when the closest friend you trusted your entire life will backstab you."




Draven gave a few more warnings and suggestions to Ajax so that, Ajax wouldn't have a hard time after the Jade Dragon Emperor ascended to the Heavenly Bestial Realm. 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙬𝙚𝒃𝒏𝓸𝒗𝙚𝓵.𝙘𝓸𝒎

"Thank you for all your tips and suggestions, Uncle Draven. I will keep everything in mind."

Ajax nodded his head with a slight smile on his face and asked, "Shall I start refining the pills for you?"

With 10 sets of ingredients, Ajax believed that he would be successful in at least five of them and even if he could refine 10 pills per batch, it would be 50 pills.

Among the 50 pills, Uncle Draven said that he only wanted two pills, one for him and the other one for his wife.

So, with 48 pills, Ajax could help half of his old followers ascend to the Heavenly Human Realm.

"Let's go. I will guide you to the alchemy room."

Even though the rewards from the Trial of the Divine Dragons were good, for Uncle Draven, who was about to ascend to the Heavenly Bestial Realm, Heaven Mandate Pills were the only things that he and his wife needed.

As for his son, he had already made enough preparations and as long as he cultivated properly for a few dozens of years, he would easily ascend to the Heavenly Bestial Realm.

In the Alchemy Room,

After entering the Alchemy Room, Ajax cleared all the thoughts in his mind for a few minutes and started working on the first set of ingredients for the Heaven's Mandate Pill.


'This looks much easier than the pills I refined in the King Realm.'

In no time Ajax extracted the essence from the ingredients and cleansed all the impurities in them.

Soon, he created his cauldron which was made up of fire and followed the procedure in his head.


Just when he thought everything was going smoothly, there was an explosion as his fire cauldron exploded and the half-baked pill paste splashed everywhere.


The host failed in refining Heaven's Mandate Pill and gained one experience point.

Refining Experience: 1 / one million experience points.


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