Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses

Chapter 5
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Chapter 5: Soft Snow! Successfully Obtained!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Facing Jiang Bai’s question, Su Muxue placed her hands on her hips, her face full of pride, “Ahem, don’t look down on me. I’ve played some online games before. I’m really good at playing mage characters. I wonder if you’ve heard of my ID, Soft Snow?”

“Soft Snow?!” Jiang Bai was shocked!

Before he could react, the real estate agent next to Su Muxue quickly patted her on the shoulder, “Xiao Xue, let’s not talk about games anymore. Let’s get down to business.”

“I’m sorry, sister Mei,” Su Muxue rubbed her head awkwardly and stuck out her tongue, looking very cute.

It was obvious that her behavior just now had somewhat debunked her character.

Sister Mei, who was at the side, revealed a helpless smile.

Xiao Xue was Su Muxue’s pet name. Normally, only people who were very familiar with her would call her that.

After the two completed the handover procedures, Jiang Bai finally came to his senses from the shock just now.

He watched Su Muxue and Sister Mei leave, still very surprised in his heart.

“Su Muxue is actually Soft Snow? Could this be a coincidence?” Jiang Bai couldn’t help but frown.

Soft Snow!

Although this name sounded very feminine, in his previous life’s memories, a player with extraordinary strength called Soft Snow had also appeared in the world of Sword and Magic!

The player had been of the mage class and was also a woman.


Not only had she risen to the top in the early stages of Sword and Magic, but she had also created the largest mage guild in the game.

One could even say that the ID “Soft Snow” had been very popular at that time. Even Jiang Bai, who had returned to the real world back then, heard it a lot!

Especially after the invasion of the game world into the real world, the other party helped stabilize the situation in Dragon Country very quickly.

When the other countries were still fighting civil wars for power, she was the main reason why Dragon Country could be stabilized so quickly!

Moreover, according to the rumors at that time, Soft Snow seemed to have a great relationship with the upper echelons of Dragon Country!

“Could it be that Su Muxue is the same Soft Snow that I know of? If it really is her, then have I just saved her life?”

He thought of Su Muxue’s innocent expression just now. Even though she gave off the image of being a gentle, well-mannered, and well-educated lady, she could still be as lively and mischievous as a child.

Jiang Bai couldn’t help but find her a little cute in his heart.

The contrast made his impression of Su Muxue even more profound.

However, he immediately shook his head. Right now, he could be said to be penniless. All he had left was money.

How could such an outstanding girl like Su Muxue fall for someone like him?

After casting aside the fantasies in his mind, Jiang Bai’s gaze became firm again. He hurriedly headed back to the internet cafe.

He clicked open the auction house in the game again and saw that many divine beasts, as well as all sorts of dream-tier equipment, were being sold.

Unfortunately, the Familiar Encyclopedia still didn’t appear.

Jiang Bai wasn’t discouraged by this.

He bought all the divine beasts and dream-tier equipment.

Then, he posted another message on the world channel saying that he would collect as many divine beasts and dream-tier equipment as offered at a high price!

For a time, all the players in the online game went crazy.

Countless players scrambled to sell the dream-tier equipment that they had collected.

The news that someone was purchasing dream-tier equipment in the game spread through the exclusive forum of the game.

In an instant, countless players who had gone incognito or even left the game appeared again due to this “deep-water bomb”. All of them hurriedly logged back into the game, afraid that they would not be able to get a share of the loot because Jiang Bai had gathered enough equipment.

Facing this situation, Jiang Bai’s heart was filled with joy.

After all, as long as the news spread, the chances of him retrieving the Familiar Encyclopedia would increase!

With this, he didn’t plan to move around anymore. He just sat in front of the computer, waiting for the player who had the Familiar Encyclopedia to appear!

In the process, he conveniently added another 10 million into the game, causing the players to be so shocked that they called him ‘daddy’!

The developers of the game, on the other hand, were extremely happy with Jiang Bai’s actions.

After all, the game was about to be terminated, and the amount of money that Jiang Bai had spent on the game was enough for them to develop a new game in the future!

As for extending the life of the game, they hadn’t even considered it.

After all, this game was just a web page-based game, and its life had come to an end. They would just get whatever they could at the last moment.

Jiang Bai didn’t think too much about it.

Time passed by, and soon, it was nighttime.

Jiang Bai had lost count of the number of divine-tier pets and dream-tier equipment that he had collected, with the former probably exceeding a staggering amount of a hundred thousand!

However, the Familiar Encyclopedia seemed to have vanished from the face of the Earth. No matter how much Jiang Bai barked in the world channel, there was no trace of it.

“Damn it! Could it be that I’m not fated with the Familiar Encyclopedia?”

Seeing that his funds were gradually running out, Jiang Bai was still unwilling to give up. He spent the remaining few million in his hand in the game as well, but it didn’t even give him a splash.

The closing time of the game server was approaching, and his few million was gradually running out.

Just as Jiang Bai was considering whether to give up on buying the Familiar Encyclopedia and asking customer service to customize one for him, his phone suddenly rang, notifying him that he had received five million in his bank account!

“Who the hell sent me money at this point? Forget it, one last spurt. Whether I’ll succeed or not depends on this!”

At this moment, he had no choice but to shoot the arrow at the bowstring.

Although Jiang Bai had some doubts in his heart, he still charged another four million into the game, leaving behind one million.

After all, he needed money to buy the game helmet and even rent a house!

He needed some money for himself.

Following this sprint, he once again announced on the world channel that this was his last spurt of buying the in-game items. If there weren’t any left, he would be stopping now!

Once these words were posted, the online players in the game became even crazier.

Even the remaining players, who were still hesitating, no longer persisted in keeping their items.

Under the impact of this wave of excitement, Jiang Bai didn’t slack off in the slightest. He kept refreshing the auction house’s interface with the mouse in his right hand.

As the closing time approached, he opened the customer service window at the side, preparing to have the other party customize a Familiar Encyclopedia for him.

But right at this moment, along with Jiang Bai’s click of “refresh”, a piece of dream-tier equipment that looked very much like a magic book suddenly appeared!

“Dream-tier equipment: Familiar Encyclopedia!”

Jiang Bai’s eyes instantly lit up!

He cried out in his heart with incomparable excitement!

The Familiar Encyclopedia had finally appeared in the auction house’s interface!

He immediately bought it and equipped it as quickly as possible, pulling all the divine beasts he had bought into it.

He even set the equipment to lock on.

For a moment, Jiang Bai let out a long sigh of relief.

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