Net Game: All My Pet Beasts Are Goddesses

Chapter 27
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Chapter 27: Jiang Bai’s Scheme! Doubt!

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Jiang Bai moved his hand and added the 10 potential points that he had gained from leveling up to his strength attribute.

He then looked at the time and realized that he had been online for almost 10 hours.

After thinking for a moment, he decided to log off after completing the quest.

With that, Jiang Bai, Su Muxue, and Ickes continued to rush towards the depths of the bamboo forest.

In the process, a few more waves of players attacked again.

Jiang Bai did not hesitate to kill them all!

After all, these people were clearly coveting his equipment. Jiang Bai did not intend on letting these people go.

Only by killing these people would Jiang Bai’s future path be smoother.

As such, he did not show any mercy and killed them all!

In an instant, Jiang Bai became famous!

The players in novice village no.9527 left frenzied messages on the regional channel.

Those who had been wiped out by Jiang Bai, in particular, sent out his information directly.

With that, almost all the players in the novice village knew that Jiang Bai had switched classes to become a Beastmaster!


Although they didn’t know what the Beastmaster class was exactly, judging from the literal meaning of the class name and the fact that they only saw Ickes make a move every single time, they deduced that the Beastmaster class was most likely a special class that focused on familiars as the main combat force.

That black-winged woman in black was, as such, definitely the so-called familiar!

In other words, as a Beastmaster, the other party’s combat strength was definitely very weak.

Even if he obtained a class skill, it would definitely have something to do with his familiars!

Otherwise, his combat strength would be ridiculous!

There would definitely be some adjustments made accordingly to balance it out!

Everyone’s discussions lead to this conclusion. From their point of view, Ickes was the only one with strong combat strength in the party.

If someone were to pin down Ickes, Jiang Bai could be considered dead.

Even if they were only able to stall Ickes for a few seconds, with Jiang Bai’s class as one that focused on the familiars’ combat strength, the person with such a class would definitely be able to deal little to no damage, so they believed that any warrior class player would be able to kill Jiang Bai in close combat.

Even if their levels were not as high as his, if their attributes were higher, they could still easily crush him!

Everyone thought this way and came up with a plan based on this.

They believed that if they followed these plans, Jiang Bai would definitely die!

Just as the players from the novice village were rushing toward Jiang Bai’s location, their target was picking up the newbie equipment that had been dropped by the players who had come to throw their lives away.

Not long after, Jiang Bai’s backpack was full.

After all, each player’s backpack only had a capacity of 100 slots.

Compared to the majority of materials and tools that could be stored as an assembly, each piece of equipment would occupy one slot.

Jiang Bai felt very regretful about this.

However, letting the other party get their weapons back wasn’t exactly what Jiang Bai wished for wither.

Therefore, he went to a valley near the bamboo forest.

Unlike the path that the wandering witch was on, this place was more like a wilderness area that was like a valley.

Jiang Bai remembered clearly that this was actually a spawning point for a boss in the novice village.

He remembered that the boss was called the “wild boar king”, a wild boss that looked pitiful but was quite annoying to fight.

This was because the monster wouldn’t drop anything at all.

Moreover, its HP was extremely high, and its combat strength and damage were also very shocking.

It was a waste of talent for it to be placed in the novice village.

However, at this moment, Jiang Bai thought of a good idea.

His idea was very simple. He would put all the novice equipment he had into the wild boss’ territory.

Once someone dared to invade this place, the wild boar king would instantly attack the other party until they were dead!

However, the strange thing was, there was no sign of the wild boar king anywhere.

Rather, not only did he not see the wild boar king, but he did not even see an ordinary wild boar monster.

“Strange, could it be that it hasn’t respawned yet?” Jiang Bai was very puzzled about this, but he did not blindly walk up. Instead, he walked to a steep slope and slid all the novice equipment in his hands down the steep slope.

When Su Muxue saw Jiang Bai’s actions, she suddenly understood.

For a moment, she couldn’t help but be amazed at how Jiang Bai’s idea was genuinely smart and evil.

It was hard to imagine how long it would take for those players who didn’t have any weapons and endured the death penalty to level up to level 10 and head to the town.

They probably hadn’t even reached level 10 before they would be killed by the monster twice because of their low combat power.

After finishing what he wanted to do, Jiang Bai returned to the original path and continued to pick up the novice equipment.

What he didn’t know was that after they had long left the valley, a huge wild boar led a group of wild boar monsters out of the valley vigilantly.

It kept scanning its surroundings, looking very nervous.

When it looked in the direction Jiang Bai had left, it actually let out a terrified cry, its eyes filled with terror.

Of course, this was something Jiang Bai didn’t know.

At this moment, he felt extremely depressed, “Damn it! Could it be that I’m not fated with the monsters? Why are all the opponents I’ve killed so far all players? There hasn’t been a single monster!”

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