Necromancer Of The Shadows

Chapter 484 Damian (Part 2)
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Chapter 484 Damian (Part 2)

"That Motherf*ker" Nathan gritted his teeth in anger after hearing Evan and he lost control over his aura for a moment.

When Evan heard Nathan, who always acts like a dignified old man, cursing, he pursed his lips and decided not to comment on it.

But suddenly something clicked in Nathan's mind and a frown appeared on his face.

"You said Amanda was killed by Damian, right?" he looked at Evan and asked.

"Right," Evan nodded his head.

The frown on Nathan's face deepened after hearing Evan, "When Sera was fighting against you, she was using Amanda's skills.."

Nathan said in a low voice, looking at Evan.

At first, Evan didn't understand what Nathan was trying to say, but when he finally understood what he was saying, his eyes opened wide.

That's right!

Sera was using Amanda's skills while fighting against him.

'Does it mean she has a way to steal the skills of other people?' Evan thought with a serious look on his face.

But suddenly he remembered Sera's appearance before she disappeared.

Three heads!

And among those three heads, one head was of Amanda's.

Then Evan thought about Carlos who attacked him and Valery outside of the Frozen World Dungeon.

'That guy could use the skills of the wind wolf... ' Evan muttered inwardly, remembering how Carlos could use the skills of the wind wolf.

After Carlos's death, his body was sent to the research facility of the Silver Star Guild to find the reason behind his strange transformation and according to what Valery told him, the results of the tests showed that someone merged a wind wolf with Carlos using a strange method.

"Could it be that Sera had merged Amanda with herself, just as Carlos had merged the Wind Wolf with himself?" Evan muttered in a shocked voice and felt a chill running down his spine.

'If this is true then doesn't it mean that bi*ch was holding back while fighting against me' Evan thought and his expressions turned ugly.

During the entire fight, Sera only used skills of Amanda and didn't show any of her original skills.

'Why do I feel like she was treating me as a test dummy to test the powers of Amanda's skills' The more Evan thought about this matter the uglier his expressions became.

Now he was feeling like Sera was just playing with him during the entire fight and didn't take him seriously at all.

this was the first time something like this happened to him so he did not know how to react.

Nathan was looking at Evan so he clearly saw his expressions that were rapidly changing.

Looking at his changing expressions, he could guess that Evan knew something about the fact that Sera could use Amanda's skill, but he didn't ask him immediately and waited for a few minutes before Evan's expression returned to normal.

After his expression returned to normal, Nathan finally asked him what does he knew about this matter.

Evan had no reason to hide anything from him so he told him about Carlos and how someone merged him with a wind wolf.

"So that Sera somehow merged herself with Amanda and got her skills.." Nathan said in a voice full of disbelief.

He was almost two hundred years old and he never heard anything like this so it was natural that he would feel shocked after hearing someone can merge themselves with other hunters to receive their skills.

"Although it is just a guess, I am ninety percent sure this is the reason why she was able to use Amanda's skill" Evan nodded his head after hearing Nathan.

As Evan told Nathan about his guess, he couldn't help but think about his 'Shadow Possession' skill.

After using shadow possession, he can merge a shadow undead with himself and get all of its skills and power.

'Why does Sera's method seem very similar to my shadow possession skill?' Evan thought to himself and fell into deep thought.

But he soon shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

Even if he thinks about this matter the whole day, he knows that he won't reach any conclusion. He still needs to gather more 'Now I can roughly guess why she wanted to capture me and Valery' Evan thought inwardly and shook his head.

information about Sera if he wants to compare his shadow possession skill with her.

'Now I can roughly guess why she wanted to capture me and Valery' Evan thought inwardly and shook his head.

He was always curious as to why Sera wanted to capture him and Valery, and now he finally received his answer.

But suddenly his expression changed when another thing came into his mind.

'Wait...something is not right' Evan frowned and closed his eyes for a moment.

'According to Kazil, Amanda was killed by Damian and he gave her body to Sera. Now Sera has all of Amamda's skills which means she successfully received all of Amanda's skills by using her dead body' Evan thought and his eyes flashed with confusion.

'As far as I knew, Sera always wanted to capture me and Valery alive. If she can receive skills using dead bodies, why did she want to capture me and Valery alive.'

If Sera wanted him dead, he would have died the moment he was captured by Layla in the Aquaville City. But because Sera wanted to capture him alive, she asked Layla to not kill him after capturing him.

'Is there a reason why she wanted to capture me and Valery alive?' Evan said inwardly and it did not take him long to realize what was different between Amanda and him.

'Both Valery and I have unique physiques. Does she want to capture us alive because of this? 'Evan thought to himself and felt that it was most likely the case.

Just as Evan was thinking about his physique, he suddenly received a message from the Miss Spider whom he sent in search of the Titan Elephant and Stone Buffalo. π˜§π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘’π“Œπ‘’π’·π˜―π‘œπ˜·π‘’π“.π˜€π‘œπ“‚

Evan immediately stopped thinking about Sera after receiving the message from Miss Spider and looked at Nathan.

"Hey Old Man, want to stretch some of your muscles?"

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