Mythical Era: My Evolution into a Celestial Beast

Mythical Era: My Evolution into a Celestial Beast

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    Above the firmament, a giant Kun, stretching thousands of meters long, flew over the city, ignoring the barrage of missiles.

    In Australia, an apocalyptic serpent, thousands of meters long, destroyed cities and devoured millions, leaving slowly after the detonation of several nuclear bombs.

    In this perilous world, Chen Chu, who unexpectedly acquired the avatar of a six-horned salamander, felt somewhat bewildered.

    What could a palm-sized salamander do? Record videos to gain traffic? Catch shrimps in a creek? Or... evolve into a colossal beast?

    A six-horned salamander, also known as the six-horned dragon, with the ability of infinite evolution, was gradually evolving into a mythical apocalyptic beast.

    Its body length extended to hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of meters...

    And with the characteristic of synchronized enhancement, Chen Chu's own body also grew stronger, with increasing power and speed, and even...

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