My Wives Are Too Overpowered

Chapter 94 Purchasing Properties
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Chapter 94 Purchasing Properties

Thankfully, the Jinx's bad luck didn't appear when Alex was cruising through the streets of Austin in Nix's Supra. He had tormented her enough to have her fate lean towards the positive side.

The ride was really enjoyable. The beast of a sporty coupe with its wide-body frame and heavy modifications brought out a whopping 1500 bhp, going as high as 9,000+ rpm.

Of course, Alex didn't abuse the car or violate nahi traffic rules. He just enjoyed the ride as much as he could and even ended up going 200 mph outside Austin on the freeway for a few minutes.

The Jinx Linc was holding onto her dear life. This was truly an astonishing speed and she felt her heart would jump out of her chest any moment.

The terrified look on this little butler may sadden others, but not Alex. It was good that Linc suffered, at least there won't be bad luck coming to him.

Finally, when Alex felt it was enough fooling around, he switched seats with Linc and let the butler drive.

It was a pity to not be able to drive anymore, but it had to be done. Linc had to learn how to be a proper butler soon.

Linc was terrified. She had never once rode a bicycle, let alone drive a car.

Thankfully, her coordinations were proper and with a few instructions from Alex, she managed to get the hang of things and drive.

A newbie would be really scared to drive a high performance car like this. The newbie also won't understand traffic rules and regulations, but surprisingly Linc learnt everything Alex threw at her and in just an hour, steadily drove the car.

'Good girl, I mean, guy,' thought Alex. He had to pretend Lin was Linc, and fake it till he made it. This was necessary as a slip of tongue was lethal in public.

Alex complimented her internally but didn't say it out loud lest the Jinx became happy and the car broke down in the middle of the road.

No further complications occurred and the drive was smooth.

Many people gazed at the car and even took pictures. Austin had its fair share of super cars, but it wasn't anywhere as crazy as LA, Miami, Tokyo, London, or Dubai. Hence, a car like this on the street was a delight for everyone's eyes.

This thing was good. Alex needed some bling for his upcoming task.

Linc stopped the car in front of a real estate agency and Alex asked her to go get the door.

Reluctantly, she got out of the car and got the door. She still wanted to drive some more as she got the hang of things and was loving it.

Alex could feel this and knew it was bad news. He would punish Linc later in some way to negate this effect.

Before Alex could go in, the agency's staff came out themselves when they saw the car and greeted him.

They started spewing some buttery words and this was good. Alex needed them to butter up to him.

Once he went inside, he met the main agent of the company and had a chat with him.

Eventually, Alex got to the point and said, "I want an office in the 4th Street District."

The agent smiled and said, "that's a bit difficult, sir. That area is already occupied by the LCB group."

The LCB stood for Liberty Commerce Bank, one of the biggest banks of the world. Not only did it rank top ten in terms of assets, their services rivalled even the best of Swiss banks.

The bank's main headquarters was in New York, but the one handling domestic affairs was surpassingly here in Austin.

Alex looked at the guy and smiled. "It's difficult, not impossible, right?"

The guy laughed softly. "That's right, sir. I am assuming you're aware of this and specifically want your office close to the LCB, right?"

'Sharp guy,' thought Alex. That was indeed his goal. He had a lot of money laundering— cough, investments to do. Making a connection with LCB was necessary.

Alex nodded lightly and the guy smiled in response.

"We have the sixth floor in the LCB building along with one level of underground parking. Sadly, it's not up for rent."

This guy's intentions were clear. He wanted to make it big by selling this place instead of giving it for rent.

While rent could cost anywhere from $80k-100k a year in this place for such a space, the cost of buying it would be even higher.

Alex didn't comment on the guy's statement or show any interest or disinterest. He just nodded lightly and asked, "I need a warehouse. A run down warehouse, nothing fancy. Somewhere around Downtown."

"Ah, we have one such in the Downtown Warehouse District." The guy answered. "It's available both for sale as well as rent. In my personal opinion, buying it is a better deal than renting. One has to pay sixty grand a year for this rundown building, but to buy it, it's just half a million dollars."

Alex just nodded and said, "I want a three story building, big enough to open up a hospital in Downtown as well."

The agent couldn't help but unconsciously lick his lips. This party was truly a big fish, he would be making a big cut from him.

The agent quickly pointed at the expensive places with visible greed and knowing he was just getting scammed at this point, Alex nodded and said, "alright, thanks for the help."

Alex got up and left, dumbfounding the agent.

"S-Sir…" the agent hurried to Alex's side. "Are you not satisfied with our service?"

"I am, I just have some work." Alex made an excuse.

"Sir, please wait. There are more places I can show you. Even better deals than this." The guy said, trying to keep Alex's interests.

At this point, Alex turned around and said calmly, "haven't you exhausted your deals?"

The agent made an awkward smile. There was no way he was going to say he didn't show his cheapest deals on purpose.

"What I told you was what I knew, sir. There's more places, I just need to go through our database to brush up my knowledge." The guy answered.

He was bullshitting, but Alex nodded and got along with it.

The two went in and thirty minutes later, Alex once again got up and decided to leave.

"Sir!" The guy rushed behind him again.

"What now?" Alex made an annoyed face.

"Sir… you… the deals… are you not interested?" He couldn't help but ask.

"I'll contact you later. I have a meeting." Alex said with annoyance and left.

He had texted Linc to get the car ready and she was already at the entrance.

Alex didn't bicker more with the agent and got into the car.

"Sir! Sir!" The agent called out.

"To the 4th Street District." Alex instructed Linc, who nodded and revved up the car, causing the twin turbos to emit fire and startle the agent.

With the loud sound of the engine firing up, the car zoomed past the agency, making the agent fall down in his butt and stare with a stupefied gaze at the car.

The only reason Alex put up with this guy was to collect information about the places.

Putting up a busy rich guy's act let the man spout all the good deals to him, now all that was left was to get the places mentioned.

Alex had around twenty million dollars on him. This should be enough to buy him three places here in Downtown Austin.

The first place Alex went to was a shady place in the Downtown Warehouse District. There he called on the number stated on the sale sign and got connected with the owners.

Alex closed a deal on $375,000 which was much less than what the agent was offering.

He asked the guy's for online registration, they agreed, and in a few minutes, Alex got a document on his phone.

Signing it and paying the money, the property was now Alex's.

Warehouse, bought.

Alex then went to the second place which was a thirty minutes drive from the 4th Street District. 𝘧𝑟𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝒷𝓃𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓁.𝒸𝑜𝘮

This place was more of a residential area than a commercial area. Nixie's house was a ten minute drive from here.

There was no sale board, but searching online, Alex easily found the number of the owner.

Contacting the owner, he talked it out for a good hour and finally closed the deal at a whopping $5,250,000 dollars.

This was a big purchase, but it was necessary. Alex not only got the building, but he also got the land in this place. He could pretty much do whatever he wanted here.

The same was the case with the warehouse as well. He got the land rights of that place too for a much cheaper price.

When the talks were over, Alex did the same as the warehouse and signed the contract online.

Hospital building, bought.

Now all that remained was the Liberty Commerce Bank's property.

Knowing it wouldn't be proper to go in a sporty car to the bank's area, Alex asked Linc to go park the car somewhere and wait for him.

He walked on foot and just as he reached the bank building's entrance, he froze in his tracks when he saw two beautiful ladies walk out of there, and towards his direction.

'Damn… what luck is this?' Thought Alex, as he felt himself to be the most unlucky lucky man.

The two beauties walking in Alex's direction noticed him. Of the two, the slightly older lady couldn't help but wave and say happily,


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