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Chapter 834 - Unknown Call: Meet Ye Junci
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Chapter 834: Unknown Call: Meet Ye Junci

The end of each document was signed by the special researcher or expert team who was responsible for it. Hundreds of researchers were involved.

Gu Mang read over 1200 pages. When she flipped to the next page, eight years had passed in the research log.

The date indicated that the entries were made at the end of August of this year when she had just come back from Red Scorpion’s military training.

When she reached this point, Gu Mang had her suspicions confirmed. Lu Chengzhou had looked at the medicine that she sent to Gu Si.

The blood samples that the Blood Institute examined belonged to him.

She kept reading until she reached the last page. It was a comparison of the composition of a medical herb called Qingsu. The experiment was still ongoing.

Now she could see the relationship between a lot of things that she could not understand before. He had spent top dollar to look for the Miracle Doctor because of her.

He had also resumed the research project at the Blood Institute because of her.

He had recruited her master for the Blood Institute because of her.

He had taken all of the territory on Jijing Island’s black market at great cost because of her.

He had made a deal with Brahma and let go of 20% of the territory he had captured for her as well.

Everything was because of her...

Even Granny was poisoned because of her...

Gu Mang stared at her computer screen, unblinking.

Outside the window, the sky was beginning to brighten. The sky in the east was glowing red and the sun was starting to break through the clouds on the horizon.

Gu Mang had sat stiffly in that position for an entire night.


Meanwhile, at Lu Chengzhou’s side.

Qin Fang, He Yidu, Yu Mufeng, and Jiang Shenyuan were at Gu Mang’s apartment in the North Shore District.

Even Ji Heng rushed over from Ming City. They were all gathered there. Some of them sat on the sofa while some of them were around the dining table.

The smell of cigarettes wafted throughout the house.

Lu Chengzhou was holding a cigarette in his hand but he did not move to light it up.

“We’ve searched everywhere that we can. There aren’t many places that the Little Grandmaster can go to without someone seeing her.” Yu Mufeng had not slept for the entire night. His voice was a little hoarse.

Qin Fang looked at Lu Chengzhou. “Brother Cheng, could Gu Mang have been taken back by the Elders’ Association and the Gu family amidst the chaos?”

“Leng Xuan is here.” After Gu Mang disappeared last night, Lu Chengzhou asked Lu Wu to detain the medical team from Jijing Island.

“We have searched the entire capital and we still cannot find her.” He Yidu knew that Gu Mang had great computer skills and she also had Lin Shuang and Gu Si to back her up. Gu Mang was nowhere to be found on any security footage. Perhaps the cameras had all been hacked.

Lu Chengzhou folded his cigarette and threw it on the coffee table. Then, he got up and left.

Lu Yi motioned for some men to follow him.

Lu Qi stayed in the apartment.


The glaring sunlight shone through the floor-to-ceiling windows onto the floor.

The light illuminated part of Gu Mang’s face. Half of her face was illuminated and the other half was shrouded in darkness, but she remained motionless and looked dead.

Gu Mang looked around and moved a bit. She picked up her phone and dialled a number on the keypad. Then, she made a phone call.


Ye Junci had just exited the capital’s airport. Her phone rang. It was from an unknown caller.

She bent down to get into her car and she hesitated for a moment before picking up the call.

A low and hoarse voice came from the other end. “Madam Ye, it’s Gu Mang.”


When Ye Junci arrived at a compound near Capital University, an hour had already passed. There were strict checkpoints all over the capital now.

Her son had flipped the entire capital upside down just to look for her.

Yet, the person of interest was in the apartment that her son had prepared for Gu Mang so that she wouldn’t have to live in a stuffy dorm.

Who would have expected that?

Ye Junci looked at Elder Ye. “Wait here, I’m going to meet Gu Mang.”

“Alright,” Elder Ye answered respectfully.

Ye Junci was not in the mood to look around the surroundings of the compound. She got into the lift with a heavy heart. Once on Gu Mang’s floor she walked to her apartment and reached up to press the doorbell.

Gu Mang was standing on the porch when the bell rang. She walked over and pulled the door open.

Ye Junci was not prepared for the meeting. Her eyes met Gu Mang’s.

The girl’s eyes were bloodshot. Her face was also pale.

She did not seem to be in a good mental state.

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