My Wife is the Asura Empress

Chapter 149 I Desire To Eat You Whole
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"Another day, Nyla..." Rio said once again even if he was agreed with her wise words.

"Have you and Big Sis already done that?" The girl asked with a mischievous smile.

"Why do you wanna know?" He questioned as he didn't like her question.

"You seem too shy that tells you haven't broken the empress castle yet." Nyla's voice was lively as she giggled outside.

"..." and once again Rio was speechless by her bold shameless statement.

"It's okay sweetie, we will discover the best way to do it at our bedtime. I will help you like a loyal wife so you can give Big Sis a good experience on her first time. I will teach you everything that I know about it and let you experience them with great detail.

To pay my tuition fees for this exceptional knowledge you just need to pay me with your enticing body as I desire to devour you whole."

She said in a casual voice as if the girl was going to teach him something great after they research on this topic.

"No, thanks." He replied as he was rubbing his forehead hearing her words outside. She had just become brazen after getting married to him.

He thought, "After knowing her this long, I don't doubt any of her words."

The boy sighed as water droplets fell on his body and made him feel relaxed.

His mind was drowning in peacefulness as the cold sensation of showering felt great.

With a happy smile, Nyla turned back to go to their bed to check her laptop for more information.

She took her phone and sent a few messages to some contact numbers as the girl wanted to get their AI watch as soon as possible.

After Rio finished bathing, he came out wearing his blue T-shirt and a white towel.

Nyla also took a towel in her hand as she stood up from the bed and stopped in front of the crimson boy.

He gave her a gaze as he wanted to dress up fully but the girl tip-toed to peck his cheeks before rushing into the bathroom.

The boy just had a feeble smile on his face as he found her loveable and liked her cute actions.

After twenty minutes, the door of the bathroom opened and the magenta-haired beauty walked out of it but she was wearing only a towel.

Rio turned around to look in her direction as he heard the footsteps were coming closer to him.

His eyes welcomed a creamy white body that had water droplets on it and was tantalizing due to being moist. She looked like a ripe voluptuous fruit that was ready to be eaten.

Nyla was walking towards him in a seductive way before moving her wet magenta hair to the left to scatter the water droplets on his face as he realized she was just teasing him with that look.

She bent her knees to reach his face and whispered in his ears, "I forgot to bring my clothes,"

Her hot breath brushed passed his ears and the boy felt his heart getting tickled as she did all this to seduce him.

Nyla gave him a playful smile before taking her clothes from the bed beside him and walking inside the bathroom once again.

After a moment passed, she came out wearing a pink top and black skirt. Her hair was wet and spread open as she gave Rio a vibrant look before walking to the mirror that she had placed earlier. She fixed her magenta hair and used cosmetics and kohl to get ready.

Rio realized that after he married Nyla the [Heart Sutra] didn't work against her as this was not usable with people who were truly close to him such as his two wives. It didn't help him to suppress his emotions fully among them as they both swore to never betray him.

"We are ready...we can go now, sweetie..."

The couple walked together outside the apartment as it was afternoon on earth. The sun was gleaming brightly in the sky as its reflection was falling on the pond near the Grand Dew Garden.

The moist air was filled with the sweet scent of blooming flowers that were planted around its periphery. Birds chirped in the trees as a gentle breeze rustled through the leaves and the students strolled around the campus at Golden Seal Military School.

Nyla and Rio walked ahead of the teaching building, passing the shopping area as they reached the gate.

"Wait here for me." The magenta-haired beauty said, giving him a mysterious smile.

"Why?" He asked, raising his eyebrows but she only gave him a mysterious smile and walked away.

He waited and thought about where she had gone.

After two minutes, A racing blue car came slowly towards him as it stopped beside him. The window glass slid down to reveal a beautiful face that was indicating him to come in.

"You could've told me," Rio said in a calm voice.

"But I wanted to see my darling's cute expression. I'm going to take you to our first drive." Nyla said in a delighted manner.

She continued, "Come inside, sweetie."


The lively girl smiled and gestured with her hands to invite her for a ride. Rio got into the car as he didn't expect her to ask him to wait for this.

Nyla started the car as its engine roared to announce their first ride together.

"Although we are going to the hospital to meet Sophia and Lucas but it still feels great to ride with you. I'm so happy" Nyla said with an excited voice as she began to drive It out of the Golden Seal Military School periphery.

The girl drove with a vibrant face, passing through the bustling streets of the city. Rio couldn't help but look at her eager expression as he enjoyed riding with a beautiful personal driver.


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