My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1686 Slapping the Weapons Refinement Department in Public (3)
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Chapter 1686 Slapping the Weapons Refinement Department in Public (3)

Du He ignored him. After glancing into the deparment, he signaled Lu Zijia to start.

Lu Zijia didn't move immediately, but suddenly looked at Du He with a smile and said, "Dean, do you need me to refine pills for you?"

Du He glanced at Lu Zijia sideways and said angrily, "For free?"

"Of course not!" Lu Zijia denied it. "Dean, alchemy is a very arduous job. Apart from refining pills every day for ten years, it's also alchemy. One could imagine how difficult it was to become an alchemist. On account of my hardships, Dean, it won't make sense if you don't give me some remuneration! I believe that someone as mighty as you doesn't want others to say that you're an evil person who only knows how to order their students, right?"

Ah, ah, ah, she had no choice. With her all-element trash aptitude, she would definitely need all kinds of support to break through to the Golden Core realm.

And many high-level spiritual plants might not be able to be bought even with Spirit Stones. freewebnovel .com

So, she could only seize the opportunity to rob the dean a few more times.

The onlookers: "…" This good-for-nothing who specialized in all aspects actually said that alchemy was a job? She was simply insulting the noble alchemist profession!

"This person must be from a small place, right?"

"Definitely. Otherwise, why would they call the refining of pills that countless cultivators admire a chore? It's simply an insult to the respected alchemist!"

"Right, there was actually a rumor before that she was a high-level Mystic Rank alchemist. It's simply ridiculous."

"Tsk, if such a person who doesn't even have common sense is a high-level Mystic Rank alchemist, wouldn't I have already become a legendary Heaven-rank alchemist?"

"Hahaha… Your joke is really funny." fr

Hearing the undisguised discussions of the people around, Du He glanced around warily.

After those discussions completely disappeared, he glared at Lu Zijia angrily and said through gritted teeth, "I like to be an evil person!"

Lu Zijia: "…" Was it really good to admit that she was an evil person in front of everyone?

Just when Lu Zijia thought that she would fail this time, Du He threw her two sets of spiritual plants to refine the Spirit Enhancing Pills angrily.

Looking at the two sets spiritual plants in her hand, Lu Zijia blinked and stared straight at Du He, as if she was waiting for something.

Du He, who understood what Lu Zijia meant, was so angry that he blew his beard and glared at her. "Stupid girl, don't push your luck. If you embarrass me, go into seclusion for a year!"

The reason why Du He gave Lu Zijia three sets of spiritual plants at once last time was that he thought that Lu Zijia's success rate wasn't high either. He thought that it was already very good that one of the three sets of spiritual plants was successfully refined.

Unexpectedly, Lu Zijia refined them in one go, and there were ten of them!

So, after the first experience, Du He certainly wouldn't be stupid enough to give three sets of spiritual plants at once.

After all, high-level spiritual plants were not easy to get. Coupled with the fact that he was a poor dean, it was even more difficult for him to get high-level spiritual plants.

"Alright!" Lu Zijia said a bit regretfully.

Even though she would only get one set high-level spiritual plants, it was better than nothing, right?

With Mu Tianyan and Du He guarding her and so many people watching at the scene, Lu Zijia wasn't afraid that someone would ambush her when she was refining pills.

So, she sat on the ground very coolly and took out the Taiyi Pill Furnace from the space.

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