My Wife is a Psychic

Chapter 276 - 276 A City Full of Exotic Fragrances
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276 A City Full of Exotic Fragrances

When Zhao Panpan heard the emperor’s voice, her entire body trembled. Even though her face was covered in blood, one could still see her pale face.

“Bring that pair of little beasts out.” The emperor looked at Zhao Panpan, his expression unchanged. Zhao Panpan’s expression changed and she stumbled to the emperor’s side. “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, those are your children. They are all your children. What do you want to do? They are still children!””

Zhao Panpan wanted to hug the emperor’s leg but was kicked away. Not long after, the pair of little princes were carried out. Jiang Si’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the pair of children from afar.

“If you don’t tell me today, then this child will be the price for your mistake. I’ll give you one more chance. Who did you have this child with?” The emperor ordered his servants to raise the child high up.


Silence. The entire place was silent. At first, it was just a beheading of the Zhao family, but later it became the revenge of the phoenix, and then it became the real and fake princesses, and now they were trying to capture the adulterer… This could almost be called the number one show of the year!

Zhao Panpan covered her eyes and screamed, as if she was on the verge of a mental breakdown, “Come out, come out, come out yourself! Jiang Si, step forward! Look at our children, please save them, please save them!” Now that Zhao Panpan had lost her eyes, she was randomly bumping around on the stage. She looked a little pitiful, but the words that she shouted shocked everyone.

“Jiang Si? Jiang Si is the children’s father? Isn’t he Zhao Panpan’s biological brother? Shouldn’t he be the children’s uncle?”

The emperor was cheated on! Song Yun was sneaky and overjoyed. Even Yang Fen took a step back and looked at Jiang Si and Zhao Panpan in shock. She suddenly recalled that someone in the residence had once said that Jiang Si had a female friend who did not come to the residence often. However, the moment she came, Jiang Si would clear the place and only the two of them would be left in the residence. They lived a shameless life in the residence, and when that female friend came, Jiang Si would be happy for a long time.

Yang Fen thought about it again. It seemed that every time Jiang Si’s friend came, it was when the Pure Consort left the palace! Yang Fen shivered and had goosebumps all over her body. She rushed up and tiptoed to look at the baby in the swaddling clothes. What she saw scared her out of her wits. She wailed and sat on the ground. Please visit f𝘳𝚎𝗲𝘸e𝐛𝑛𝐨𝘃𝘦𝚕. co𝚖

“That’s impossible. He’s my grandson. How did he become my grandson…” Yang Fen could not believe it and stuttered.

“That’s nothing. Jiang Si suddenly became their father. Don’t you think it’s scary? ” Zhao Yingying mocked from the side.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Who knows which man’s bed you’ve slept with and even had a child with? Are you trying to frame me?” Jiang Si turned to look at Zhao Panpan and said through gritted teeth, “Your Majesty, the Pure Consort has already gone crazy. The most important thing now is to find the princess. The Pure Consort is crazy and should be locked in the cold palace to spend the rest of her life alone.” Jiang Si glared at Yang Fen, his eyes full of killing intent. Yang Fen was so scared that she did not dare to move again.

“I’m crazy? You were the one who said that as long as we kill enough children of the five elements, we can save our child. You were the one who said it!” Zhao Panpan’s eyes were filled with tears of blood. In her heart, only her own children were children. Other people’s children were like grass.

Everyone’s expressions changed when they heard this.

“Your Majesty, this adulterous couple must be drowned! Such a thing is against human ethics, and they didn’t care about blood and family. Such people must be severely punished!” The admonisher knelt down with a cold face.

“Sink them into pond! Tie stones to their bodies and sink them into the pond!” The commoners shouted in anger. With children being killed one after another, the entire Jing City was in a state of panic. Who would have thought that Zhao Panpan was the who wanted to change the fate of her own child?

“Then, isn’t Miss Jiang Xi framed? What do you mean by changing General Zhao’s fate? It was clearly Zhao Panpan who wanted to change the fate of her own child!” Someone reacted and started throwing rotten eggs at Zhao Panpan and Jiang Si.

“That’s not right. Where’s the real princess? If there’s no real princess in the snow, then what about the real princess?” One of the officials stood out.

After this matter, the emperor’s prestige would be greatly reduced.

Jiang Xi put her hands behind her back. Jiang Shan looked at her and smiled honestly. Although he had lost his intelligence, his love for his sister was still the same.

“Today, I will give the princess justice.” The emperor sighed deeply. The current situation was unforgiving. He was afraid that these old fellows would not forgive him.

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