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Chapter 926 - A king doesnt yield (Part 2)
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Chapter 926 - A king doesn't yield (Part 2)

Bryce was a master swordsman as well as a strong vampire, he was able to use his skills to block, dodge and repel the attacks. Cindy carried on using the skill that was similar to Paul’s. The attack was coming from eight different directions towards Bryce. Those that he couldn’t catch in time, his ability was able to take.

"Enough. I’m starting to grow bored playing with you." Cindy yawned provocatively as she gathered all of the eight balls together to create a large one. At the same time, blood was being pulled out from the bodys of the other vampires her earlier attack had injured or killed.

’This is my chance!’ Jin decided and threw his shield out.

However, Cindy had not forgotten about him. The second she saw him act, she lifted her arm and a series of explosions occurred. As the shield spun in place, a mixture of his own blood and the human blood exploded and when it finally stopped Jin was down on the ground.

Her other hand, Cindy moved downward to strike on top of Bryce’s head. Kyle, not letting his King die, threw the cape over Bryce like a blanket while still holding on to the very edge.

All of the blood started to light up, similar to when a Blood swipe would be used, and when it touched the cape, an immense amount of energy was let out.

"ARGHH!" Kyle screamed, feeling everything that went through his body. He only managed to endure it for two seconds, before he started to cough out blood. The red liquid escaped through his eyes and ears, until he too fell to the ground.

With that Bryce was the last one who remained standing, yet it wasn’t for long. All of Kyle’s blood didn’t go to waste and Cindy conjured them into several floating Blood swipes in mid air.

"You know, when I grew up, I looked up to you. One of the feats I was most impressed by was that you were able to survive dozens of Blood swipes without breaking a sweat. Now, as King, let’s see how you fare against a hundred of my Blood swipes." Cindy stated with a sadistic grin.

Bryce didn’t have a smart remark to this and even if he did, he was too busy calculating how he could block, evade, parry or at least minimise the damage from this onslaught of the next attack.

Helplessly staring at all of them in the air, floating about, ready to strike at any time, Silver just couldn’t imagine anyone getting out of something like this, and turning to her side, she could see Kazz gripping her fist tightly, to the point where blood was dripping from her hand.

It didn’t fall down. No, the blood was flying over to merge with all the Blood swipes in the air, as if there was a strong magnet attracting it.

"If you have any last words, now’s your final chance." Cindy proclaimed as she moved her hand down and all the Blood swipes came at Bryce at the same time. It was impossible for anyone to see anything. Only the sound of clashes and grunts could be heard, but soon the sound disappeared.

... and yet, the attacks continued in the same spot over and over...

Every single one of the Blood swipes had been used up in the attack. Cindy had not held back in the slightest, none had remained hovering in the air. It was a cruel fate for someone who would likely be remembered as the shortest lived King in Vampire history, if at all.

... so when all the Blood swipes disappeared everyone, including Cindy, were left speechless, when they saw the silhouette of a man still standing.

He was hunched over, having shifted most of his weight on to the sword he had placed into the ground to prevent himself from falling over, a multitude of wounds covering his body.

"No.....matter...what....I.."Bryce struggled to say each word, but they all could see the intensity burning in his eyes as his whole body had to be in tremendous pain. "A...King... never ... yields.."

"Y-You always were a stubborn old man. J-just die already!" Cindy screamed as she looked at him, a hint of fear in her voice, trying to fathom how it would be possible for anyone to survive such an attack.

Beneath Bryce Cain was a giant crater of blood. Even Borden was unsure if he would be able to survive, much less retain consciousness after being reduced to such a sorry state.

Kazz didn’t even notice that the tears had started to drop down her face as she watched her poor and battered father prop himself up. She knew that he should be the one most aware about his own body’s condition, yet pride did not seem to allow him to stop.

Eventually, he managed to stand up tall, with his back upright and strong. All of his clothes had been torn and disintegrated, now only partial rags covered him. As for his body, it was red, blood red and covered in scars from head to toe.

Bryce’s ability was supposed to do something to stop them once they got within a certain point. Sadly, these hadn’t been any ordinary Blood swipes, so they had been able to bypass his ability and penetrate through his skin.

"I...I..I.." Bryce continued to stutter, his eyes turning red as he slowly lifted the sword up in the air and with the last remaining bit of his willpower he let out a mighty roar. "I sentence you to death!"

Despite his declaration, he was devoid of any power and with nothing else holding him he was about to fall forward. Before he hit the ground, however, someone had caught him.

"That’s enough, father." Kazz whispered to him with a face full of tears. "You have done enough! Please, just rest!"

Bryce was unable to respond though, having passed out from the loss of blood. The only good thing was Kazz could hear his heart still beating. Slow and weak, but it was still there. He was a man with a strong will, and he wouldn’t let himself disappear from this world, not yet.

What surprised Kazz the most though, was when she looked up, she could see several people standing in front of her, protecting the duo with their own bodies.

"I’m literally crapping my pants right now." Nate revealed.

"If you’re lucky, she’ll spare your life on account of the stench." Fex jokingly said.

"As my brother, you shouldn’t have any part in this! You aren’t strong enough to help!" Silver stated, yet did nothing to send him away.

"I don’t think any of us are." Sam commented. "But there’s no one else left to fight her."

"We aren’t as weak as we look!" Linda added.

"Yeah, we’ve managed to defend the castle against two families, so what’s a single vampire to the combined force of us?’’ Wevil questioned, yet the look on his face revealed he didn’t believe his own words..

"Yeah, but it’s not just any vampire." Timmy stated.

"I don’t care if it’s a vampire, a human, a dalki or anything else. I will cut them down if they are trying to hurt us!" Erin declared, gripping her sword hard.

"Agreed." Layla nodded.

"Well, I can’t just let all you younglings fight while I stand back." Dennis added, punching his hand into his fists.

All of them knew how slim the chances were. None of them knew how they were going to do it, but they just knew it was up to them to pull off a miracle if they wanted to live.

Cindy saw everyone there, with their legs shaking, so scared she started to laugh.

"You, the tenth family has always been a crazy bunch, but you guys are even crazier than previous generations. Are all humans this stupid? You don’t even have any of your Vampire knights, or your le..." Just as she was about to say those words she noticed something.

"You guys did a good job, I’m sorry for taking so long." A voice from behind was heard, but when they turned their heads they could see no one. That’s when Sam noticed that the shadow dome that had been on the stage had disappeared.

"I’m glad that no one has died, you don’t have to worry anymore, so just stay back." Quinn said, as the shadow started to creep from his feet, and rise behind his back. It shook violently left and right, something they had never seen happen before.

It was as if the shadow was reacting to Quinn’s feelings. If it was, it was clear what he was feeling right now. Soon, it covered his entire back and made him look twice the size.

"I’m not a Punisher like Arthur.. I never asked nor wanted that role, but right now I see someone who needs to be punished and today I will gladly do the job in his place!"


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