My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—

Chapter 311 The Chosen One
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Even though Grado could still escape the sticky situation, he chose not to since Satoshi cornered him fair and square. On the other hand, Satoshi thought that his grandfather would concede right then and there. After all, he was already caught off-guard, freezing up as soon as Satoshi pressed the chainsaw on his neck.

For a couple of seconds, the two of them stayed still. Satoshi was at an advantage, but he didn't budge even then. His grandfather might catch him off-guard when he moved, so he remained utterly still. He even went as far as to hold his breath, so he really won't budge.

A chuckle came out of Grado's mouth as he deactivated his superpower. Raising his hand, he turned towards Satoshi. "I forfeit," He said. Despite his defeat, the sparkles in his eyes were evident, as if he was the one who won the match.

Then again, Satoshi realized that his grandfather just gave him the win. He could've moved out of the way when he put the chainsaw on his neck, but he chose to stay there. A part of it was because he was surprised by Satoshi's action. He did just cut his left arm off in front of his grandfather.

"Teleportation, Regeneration, Blue Flames... or was it lightning?, Dark Energy, and Metal Manifestation... How many superpowers do you have, Satoshi?" Grado exclaimed in delight as he again held his grandson by the shoulder.

At this point, Satoshi had already reverted to his standard form, bringing all his familiars back to Orb Oboros's unique dimension. "I... I only have one superpower." Satoshi called out.

"What?!" Grado couldn't believe it at all. It didn't look like his grandson was lying, so that was probably the case. However, he couldn't quite grasp what Satoshi had just said since he clearly witnessed Satoshi using a lot of different superpowers.

"I am a Beast Tamer." Satoshi vaguely explained. Now, he still had not decided what to call his superpower, so he decided to stick with the basics. While calling his superpower a beast-tamer type, it's not far-fetched from the truth itself.

"So you're a beast tamer... but a beast tamer could only integrate with one beast... right? Or was it two? I've seen someone who could integrate with two beasts... in any case, how many beasts can you integrate with at once?

"I can integrate with all my tamed beasts," Satoshi answered. He didn't feel like lying to his grandfather.

"All of them? And right now, how many tamed beasts do you have?"

"About fifteen of them..."

"So, in total, you have fifteen overpowered superpowers... wow, who would've thought," Grado called out. "Tell me, grandson, did your dad train you how to fight?"

Satoshi nodded. While a considerable part of his training was just him learning by himself, his dad did train him. It was only recently that he started receiving training from his dad, so Satoshi wasn't sure whether his combat capabilities were all thanks to his dad.

Upon hearing Satoshi's reply, Grado rubbed his nose with pride. "Of course, I taught your father how to fight... it is only fitting that he passes on the knowledge to you. How was it? Your grandpa's pretty good at fighting, right?" Grado continued as he nudged his grandson's side.

As the two of them walked towards the house, Grado realized that Lize was actually outside by the front porch, sitting on one of the benches there while she watched the fight. Now that the fight was over, she stood up and decided to meet with the two of them halfway. "You took it too far. All the windows of the house are broken." Lize informed him. She tried to remain as calm as possible, but Grado could tell she was annoyed.

Out of impulse, Grado stepped back, inadvertently letting go of Satoshi when he did so. Lize finally seized her chance to get close to her one and only grandson, giving him a warm hug before pulling her away from Grado. "Now, don't be affected by your musclehead of a grandfather." Lize pouted, turning around.

Even though Satoshi was significantly stronger than his grandmother, he felt a specific force from behind him urging him to follow her against his will. What he didn't know was that her grandmother was actually using her superpower at the moment; he just couldn't sense it.

"You saw our fight, right? I'm going to train my grandson." Grado puffed his chest. "What do you think, Satoshi? Do you want to train under me?"

"Yeah, keep acting like that, and you won't have a son or a grandson to visit you." Lize pointed out. "Regardless... I thought our grandson didn't have a superpower.. turns out he's just a late bloomer." Lize warmly smiled.

The first thing that greeted Satoshi when he entered his grandparents' house was the old grandfather clock on the room's left side. There was a piano beside it, and couches surrounded a small table in front of that said piano. It was a typical countryside setting, and Satoshi immediately felt comfortable as soon as they entered.

Even though this was the first time Satoshi met his grandparents, he already felt the familial bond he had with them. There was no need for introductions, nor was there no need to be uncomfortable around them. He felt right at home; somehow, he felt as if he had discovered another part of his identity that had been missing all these years.

After all, it was only relatively recently that he learned about his grandparents' existence. If it weren't for their sudden trip to America, he wouldn't even know that he has grandparents.

"So, you're a beast tamer, huh... power really runs in the family. How did you know you awakened it?" Lize asked.

As soon as his grandmother asked, a specific familiar appeared in front of her, much to her surprise. It was none other than Dex. Satoshi summoned him since it would be easier to explain to him around. And since their minds were connected, Satoshi didn't feel the need to voice out his order. In the blink of an eye, Dex reverted to his usual form— that of a retro computer where Satoshi plays his game.

"What?!" Grado's eyes widened in surprise as he saw the familiar computer that Satoshi held in his hand. "Isn't that my computer? Wow, who would've thought that it's still up and running? This brings back memories." Grado said to himself, admiring the retro computer.

"This is my first familiar." Satoshi then explained how a lick of flame suddenly manifested in his hand, floating towards the retro computer. "And then it transformed into Dex before I knew it. He calls himself a Representative, which is one of the high-class beasts out there. I still have no information regarding him... but he's been with me since the official start of my awakening."

Grado's eyes were still fixated on the retro computer when it transformed back into Dex. He couldn't believe that the retro computer he had when he was still a teenager would be passed onto his son... and now to his grandson. Somehow, he felt like he was part of Satoshi's awakening and even prouder towards his grandson.

"Wait... I'm curious..." Lize's face turned into a slight frown as she trailed off. "Can you tell me the second beast you tamed?"

Satoshi didn't feel the need to hold back information, so he summoned his nailgun familiar, Nailgun. Four caskets made of shiny metal then floated in front of Satoshi. "It's not really a familiar... it's a nailgun I bought from a hardware shop."

"And your third one?"

Satoshi brought out his White Lion. Grado recognized it a little since Satoshi integrated with it during the fight.

"I knew it..." Lize muttered. "Grado, remember those weird dreams you had in the past? The one with the... what was it... a black man sitting behind a desk?" Lize asked.

Everyone present in the room was currently preparing the table. Still, when the atmosphere suddenly got darker, all of them stopped what they were doing to listen. Grado felt a bit flustered when everyone's attention was suddenly directed toward him. "Yeah, that was the dream I dreamed before I awakened my superpower," Grado replied.

"Yes, that one... he told you something, right? Do you remember what he told you?" Lize asked another question.

"No... I don't think I—"

"He told you that he has chosen a disciple, right? And that disciple would be the chosen one, right?" Lize asked. "Come on, dear, you should know this better than I do... they're your dreams!"

"I... it was a long time ago. I'm surprised you still remember those. I only ever mentioned it once to you." Grado answered, scratching his head as he turned towards Satoshi. He shrugged, wondering what his wife was talking about.

"I think... he's referring to our grandson, Grado... whomever that person was in your dream." Lize then turned towards Satoshi, her eyes a clear greyish color that bore deep into Satoshi's windows of the soul. "Our grandson, he's the chosen one."

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