My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1223 - Second Uncle Chis Authority
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Chapter 1223: Second Uncle Chi’s Authority

“Second Uncle, your cooking is amazing.”

Chi Zeyao smiled elegantly. “As long as it suits your taste. By the way, what does Da Bai like to eat?”

“It only eats steak made of ribeye meat of top-grade felit mignon,” Feng Shengxuan replied.

Chi Zeyao shifted his gaze at Da Bai and extended a hand. Da Bai could feel a powerful pressure being exerted on it. Even though this ultimate Demon King extended his hand to its mouth and rudely flipped its mouth open, Da Bai did not dare to scream. Not only did it not dare to scream, but it even clamped its tail between its legs tightly, afraid that the Demon King would break its teeth.

Feng Shengxuan’s pupils constricted again when he saw this.

He was aware of Da Bai’s speed. A typical mercenary was not even a match for this ferocious beast. However, Chi Zeyao, who sat in a wheelchair with nearly all his joints deformed, was able to dodge Da Bai’s pounce. Not only that, but he also made Da Bai extremely fearful of him.

Other than Nuannuan and Bai Liyue who fed Da Bai, Feng Shengxuan had never seen anyone who could get close to Da Bai and touch it like this, much less pull open its big mouth and look at its teeth. Even if Feng Shengxuan touched Da Bai himself, Da Bai would not let Feng Shengxuan do so willingly. However, Da Bai was currently as docile as a golden retriever in front of Chi Zeyao.

Feng Shengxuan decided that before he launched his attacks on the Chi family, he must find out everything about Chi Zeyao’s identity.

It did not seem likely that a person like him was a good-for-nothing who stayed at home for a leisurely life surrounded by plants and flowers.

After taking a look at Da Bai’s teeth, Chi Zeyao said disdainfully, “You’re a wild beast, not a domestic pet. As a wild beast, I’ll disregard the fact that you don’t even need to hunt for food since you’re constantly fed. However, if you can’t even maintain a balanced diet, your teeth will fall off early, and one day, even a cat’s body will be more nimble than yours. When that happens, what’s the point of living in the future?”

Feng Shengxuan, “…”

Da Bai, who was worse than a cat, “…”

Ignoring the dismay in Da Bai’s eyes, Chi Zeyao continued, “Since you’re Nuannuan’s pet and Nuannuan is our granddaughter-in-law, I’ll be responsible for your meals from now on. You can stay with me from now on.”

Feng Shengxuan, “…”

Da Bai, who would have to be under the ultimate Demon King’s care in the future, “…”

“Uncle Fu, please give me another bowl of rice.”

Unknowingly, Feng Shengxuan had finished his meal. He wanted to add more rice, but his request was rejected.

“Your stomach isn’t in a great condition, so you should ignore eating too much fish or meat, or skipping meals. It’s best to eat regularly and on time. I’ll find a way to increase your appetite and make more food that suits your taste. However, since Nuannuan has her hands full, you should listen to everything she says as a patient. Avoid disappointing Nuannuan while she eagerly treats you. As you’ve moved in, you can leave your health to me. I believe Nuannuan agrees with me.”

After accompanying Feng Shengxuan for his meal, Second Uncle Chi switched back to his Manager Mode. Without giving Feng Shengxuan a chance to react, he turned to Da Bai and said, “Let’s go. I’ll put some medicine on your claws and teach you some rules.”

With that, the wheelchair rolled forward slowly.

Feng Shengxuan, who got lectured before he could eat his fill, “…”

Da Bai, who got criticized to be more inferior than a cat even though it had an injured leg, “…”

“That was the dining room earlier, and this is the living room. This door leads to the kitchen, and the bedroom is upstairs. Without our permission, you can’t enter.”

Da Bai, “…”

“The garden is outside. You can stay there and enjoy sitting in the sun, but you can’t pounce onto the flowers. If you dare play with the flowers, I’ll cut off all your nails…”

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