My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 1008 - You Cannot Abandon Me
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Chapter 1008: You Cannot Abandon Me

Most people envied the ‘Big Brother Chi Yang’ that Nuannuan mentioned.

However, at the Nangong family’s press conference today, there were many military and political big shots in the Nangong family’s guest list. When they heard the phrase, ‘Big Brother Chi Yang’, the big shots who had been calm the entire time widened their eyes and looked at Zhong Nuannuan with increasing austerity.

Chi Yang...

Could it be?

No wonder he had not made many appearances recently. So, he had gone to Jiang District.

No wonder things got so lively in Jiang District recently.

In their military base, other than the Commander-in-chief, all the major generals had been arrested.

As expected of the God of Death himself.

Wherever he went, a bunch of people would fall.

So, Zhong Nuannuan was Chi Yang’s fiancée?

However, at least half of the big shots present wanted to introduce their granddaughters or girls from their families to that man!

They had just been delaying it because they heard that the man kept a distance from women, and might turn out gay.

Then, was it true that he and Zhong Nuannuan were engaged?

The big shots decided to inform their children about this piece of important news when they returned.

Zhong Nuannuan did not know that she had poked a hornet’s nest by calling him ‘Big Brother Chi Yang’.

Then again, even if she knew, she was not afraid.

What was a hornet’s nest to her?

She would not be afraid even if a group of jackals or tigers came baring their teeth at her!

Big Brother Chi Yang was hers. No one was allowed to snatch him from her!

She would chop off the hands of whoever dared to snatch him away!

Those hornets... would have their stinger pulled!

Zhong Qianqian gritted her teeth and glared at Zhong Nuannuan with hatred in her eyes. As she listened to the crowd’s insults—humiliating and mocking her—waves of anger roared like a tsunami in her, yet she could not do anything to Zhong Nuannuan.

Arguing with Zhong Nuannuan? She could not win. Fighting Zhong Nuannuan? She could not win either. Family background? Zhong Nuannuan had a stronger background than her. Now, even her husband was on Zhong Nuannuan’s side.

She... had really been forced into a corner by the slut, Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Qianqian’s heart was already filled with hatred. For her to have already reached such great heights in her life, and now, she was made to become a nobody. Even if her family could still depend on the will that Nangong Yu left behind, Zhong Qianqian would not accept this fate.

Seeing that Zhong Nuannuan humiliated Gu Mingzhe, Zhong Qianqian crawled over like a dog.

“Brother Mingzhe, look at Zhong Nuannuan. She doesn’t care about you at all. You...”

“Get lost!”

This time, before Zhong Qianqian could finish her sentence, Gu Mingzhe kicked her and sent her flying.

“Zhong Qianqian, we had a marriage agreement. Since the agreement is now null and void, and I can’t get the 200 billion, our marriage won’t happen. The wedding today is canceled. Excuse me, everyone.”

With that, Gu Mingzhe strode away.

“Brother Mingzhe! Brother Mingzhe! Wait for me! I’m your lawful wife, you can’t abandon me like this!”

Zhong Qianqian’s stomach hurt after receiving Gu Mingzhe’s kick, but she could not afford to pay it too much attention. She endured the pain and immediately followed after him.

“Zhong Qianqian, what are you doing? I’m telling you, you’re not allowed to pester my Mingzhe, you b*tch!”

Mrs. Gu hurriedly chased after her.

Mr. Gu was too embarrassed to stay any longer and left as well.

Zhong Nuannuan smirked as she watched the group of clowns leaving in their own dramatic ways.

Did they think that was all there was to this?

In their dreams.

To Zhong Qianqian, this was only the beginning.

Everyone would assume that the Huang family would leave the first second they could too.

Unexpectedly, after the Gu family left, Mrs. Huang, who was also Selina’s mother, Gu Mingyan, walked over to Zhong Nuannuan with a friendly smile on her face.

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