My Soul card is a Reaper

Chapter 568 Arcana Festival: Day 2 (Part-4)
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Azzy quickly got to her in a jiffy as the proctor prioritized checking upon Dane, who spurted our blood from his mouth and crashed onto the ground earlier.

After applying for the instant healing card, he grabbed her hand and closed his eyes, checking her condition inwardly.

His facial expression changed as he realized something. There was a crack on her soul orb, which couldn't be healed by the Healing card.

It was then the Reaper's words echoed in his head, "Don't worry. It's a blessing in misfortune."

"I know. I have seen it before, Chronos," replied Azzy while remembering his best friend. He then added, "But, she is still my friend's daughter."

"Then, help her instead of uselessly worrying," said the Reaper.

Meanwhile, Raydon finally dismissed his shadow form and slowly walked toward both of them.

Picking up the girl, Azzy rose to his feet and then slowly flew away toward the infirmary without saying anything to Raydon. The latter raised his head and stared at Azzy.

After a while;

At the infirmary, Azzy was seen sitting beside the unconscious Serestia.

Raydon and Navi entered the tent with Aaron to check on her. The latter is the vice principal and the former was worried about Azzy's anger.

Aaron asked, "How is she, Mr. Gary?"

Azzy replied without looking at her, "I think your eyes can see her condition more than any other person, Mr. Aaron."

The nurses who were free around thought that Azzy was trying to be rude to this white-haired fellow, but then, they saw the latter's eyes glow for a second and heard him reply in a serious tone, "Her soul orb is damaged?"

Raydon was stunned for a second and he looked at Serestia again. A sense of guilt slightly took over him.

Azzy didn't comment on Aaron's statement and asked about the tournament.

Aaron informed him about the withdrawal of Team RS from the competition for the final and also the loss of the group battle in the finals against the Dragon Academy's team.

"The teacher's round is only left. We'll stay here to look after student Serestia." Aaron asked him to go to the arena for the duo battle. He registered with Snivy as a duo for the teacher's tournament.

Azzy replied, "Navi, you stay here. And Mr. Aaron, you must be with the other students. Did you forget what happened on the way? We cannot compromise on the security of the students at any given moment."

Azzy might have given a logical explanation but in reality, he just doesn't trust Aaron with Serestia. He would rather put her life in the hands of the guy who was indirectly responsible for this situation. Thankfully, there's Serestia's best friend here. Hence, he gave her the job.

Because he showcased his strength against a supreme being, Aaron also didn't intend to go against Azzy's instructions either. He followed him, leaving behind the two students.

Raydon looked like he wanted to say something, but Azzy has already flown away without giving him an opportunity to explain. π“―π’“π’†π’†π’˜π’†π’ƒπ“·π™€π’—π’†π™‘.𝓬𝙀𝙒

Upon returning to the arena, Azzy went straight to the field, joining Snivy as the other duo battle just started.

It was a high-intense battle with the students watching it in silence and their faces are filled with amazement. Surprisingly, almost everyone above rank-4 could watch the battle as the adults were battling with their suppressed strength.

The shockwaves from their collisions weren't even reaching the audience.

Azzy, however, was quite bored as he saw nothing but flashing techniques. It's as if the four men were putting up a performance.

It went on for another half an hour before the Heavenly Academy claimed the victory.

Azzy and Snivy were then called onto the platform. On the other side, the proctor Ricardus teamed up with Alan, replacing the other fellow.

The principal of the Dragon Academy appeared out of nowhere and volunteered to be the proctor.

Looking left and then the right, the old man said, "I hope the students will learn something from your battle too."

"They will, Mr. Principal," replied Ricardus as he meaningfully stared at Azzy.

As the principal floated higher, Alan took the initiative to converse with Azzy, "Mr. Gary, I see that you suppressed your soul realm to mortal. Should we go with a physical fight?"

Snivy tilted her head to look at Azzy for the answer. He is the boss here.

Azzy replied, "No need for restrictions."

Alan frowned at his statement, "If we go all out, there will be casualties, Mr. Gary."

In response, Azzy simply raised his head and smirked, "It should be the job of the proctor to prevent such disasters. And if you want the students to learn something new, I think it is best if they understand why adults would like to suppress their strength. Don't you think so?"

"Hmm, I guess you are right." Alan agreed with Azzy while Ricardus stared at him in silence.

As if the principal agrees with Azzy's words, without any warning, he unleashes a barrier in the next second, covering the battle platform.

Followed by the barrier creation, his voice echoed in the surroundings, "Now, if the participants get ready, we'll proceed with the round in about 15 seconds."

Ricardus and Alan quickly summoned their respective Arcana. While the former's sword is in gold grade, the latter's Arcana surprisingly is a giant Ax.

"What happened to his Minotaur?" wondered Azzy.

Snivy didn't appear finding it any strange and proceeded to summon her soul card.

"Azrael, let's do this…"

Just as she was about to pour her soul energy into it, Azzy stopped her from proceeding further. He asked her to leave this battle to him.

"Fine, you owe me one." Snivy nodded and stood aside, perplexing the spectators. Many thought that Azzy and Snivy were too arrogant while some were looking forward to seeing their real strength. The principal was also one of those people.

Spreading his feet slightly apart, Azzy stood straight and looked at his opponents.

15 seconds are up and the proctor announced the start of the battle.

Azzy raised his right hand and motioned it back then forth with his palm facing the opponents.

In just an instant, a giant translucent hand filled with natural energy appeared before Azzy and Snivy, shocking every spectator.

"Ho!" The supreme realm expert looked at the giant hand in curiosity. It was so big that its width covered the platform. There was no space to dodge here. Alan and Ricardus felt that they can only block it.

Both of them tightly gripped the handles of their weapons and rushed forward as the divine hand made its way toward them.

Just as they were about to collide, all of a sudden, the giant palm disappeared alongside the weapons in the hands of Azzy's opponents.

The old geezer floating in the air suddenly crashed onto the platform at a rapid speed. Alan and Ricardus put brakes to their feet with a look of surprise on their faces.

"What the f*ck is going on…" cursed Snivy as the soul card in her hand disintegrated into specks of light.

Their surroundings changed. A dark-reddish-colored barrier in the form of a dome enveloped the platform, blocking everyone's vision on the platform.

"Domain?" mumbled Azzy as he looked around. He experienced this situation once. Hence, he could recognize it.

However, the Reaper shocked him with his reply, "It isn't just a simple domain, Azrael. This is the multilayered domain. I sense three of them. It is time for you to fight with everything you have got."

Azzy's facial expression darkened.

And within no time, two figures appeared on the platform while a towering giant filled with flames appeared outside of the platform, causing chaos among the spectators.

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