My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 8
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Chapter 8: Young Sister, Monitor the Underworld!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The lightning was like a dragon roaring in the dark night sky!

Rumble! The dark clouds had clouded the sky for the entire morning. The rain that had not rained yesterday seemed to have finally been vented today.

Amidst the heavy rain, the brush kept moving.

Qin Yu drove a black Volkswagen Santana at high speed through the road that led to the east of the city. It was a second-hand Santana that had been purchased through a second-hand car dealership in the western suburbs. Qin Yu had purchased three of the same model.

Three identical Santanas, from the western suburbs of the city, to the western part of the city, and then to the eastern part of the city, crossed almost half of Malang City.

The car passed through the tunnel under the river and entered the eastern district. Qin Yu gradually slowed down. When he passed the White Orchid Square, he drove into the underground parking lot.

Qin Yu took off his black windbreaker and changed into his usual delivery man clothes…

Turning on the ceiling light, Qin Yu looked at himself in the mirror. The corners of his lips curled into a gentle smile.

In the underground parking lot, he changed into his sister’s pink Mini Cooper and started the engine to drive home.

At 12 pm, Qin Yu returned home after delivering a few orders. When he reached his door, he had just taken out his keys when he suddenly stopped.

The detective ability obtained from Mister Zhao’s template played its role.

His gaze focused, and he glanced at the electron under his feet. Then, his expression turned gentle, and his presence slowly disappeared.

Opening the door, he saw his sister Chen Zhi’s high boots on the shoe cabinet.


The door to the bedroom was pushed open, and a clear and pleasant voice called out from inside the bedroom. The footsteps were light.

“You’re that free to come back for lunch today?”

Although Qin Yu was complaining, his eyes were filled with tenderness. Chen Zhi leaned on the door and looked at her brother with a pained expression.

“I just came back to make sure that you eat properly!”

Chen Zhi had always been talkative with her brother.

“Who doesn’t know? When you start working, you forget to eat. I realized that you didn’t even eat much of the cake that I made. Plus, I left it for you to eat for lunch, but you only eat it at eight or nine at night!”

As Qin Yu changed into his shoes, he looked at his sister. He was surprised that she had discovered that the cake had been eaten at night.

“How did you know I didn’t eat lunch?”

Under the warm light, his sister, Chen Zhi, was wearing a set of loose beige pajamas. She looked bare-faced.

Normally, her ponytail would fall naturally on her shoulders.

However, the police watch on her wrist still had an emergency communication function. This was her habit, and it was the same at home.

She pouted and said, “That’s simple!”

“With your appetite, you should be able to finish one meal. There won’t be any leftovers until today! I’m not worried that my brother won’t like my cooking.

“But you warmed it up again this morning. You’re obviously too lazy to cook and eat it as breakfast. Hmph! Lazy pig!”

Qin Yu was completely convinced by her meticulous observation. Was she a genius?

Did she not have to rely on the talent of the system at all?

Genius sister, good-for-nothing brother. Qin Yu realized that these two descriptions could be used to describe him and his sister.


“Let me see, are you missing an arm or leg?”

Having been seen through, Qin Yu could only change the topic. He walked to Chen Zhi, opened his broad palm, and placed it on his sister’s head. He shook it left and right.

With his other hand, he grabbed his sister’s arm, put it down, and grabbed the other arm.

“Yeah, you seem to be okay.”

At this point, he felt much more relieved. He sighed in relief, but there was not much expression on his face.

“Brother, do you need to check every time? Are you so worried about your sister? I’m the country’s number one grappling champion!”

As Chen Zhi spoke, she even gestured with her pink and white fists.

Her bright eyes stared at her brother quietly. She felt that something had changed in him since she had not returned for a few days.

Although it was still the same as before, cooperating with her brother to check her body…

However, there was something different which she could not say.

“Your clothes are all wet. Go take a shower and change.”


Qin Yu answered his sister and walked to the wardrobe.

“Brother, I’ll get it for you. Go wash it first.”

Qin Yu saw that the floor he had walked on was dripping with water, so he could only accept Chen Zhi’s suggestion.

Chen Zhi thought that her brother would reject it, but he actually accepted it.

Normally, she was confident that when she returned from her mission, the siblings would have similar interactions, such as physical examinations.

However, she could feel that as she grew older, the rift between her and her brother grew bigger.

The main thing was, she was too shy to be so close to her brother.

Her brother did not hug and kiss her like before.

But this time… the two of them seemed to have returned to the state of how they felt before?


The showerhead in the bathroom opened, and Qin Yu took a shower inside.

Chen Zhi picked up the clothes and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Brother, the clothes are here. Open the door!”



The door opened, and a large hand covered in water grabbed the clothes from Chen Zhi’s hands.

Chen Zhi did not look inside. She leaned against the wall next to the bathroom, and Qin Yu did not see Chen Zhi.

The two siblings were not close enough to look at each other’s bare bodies…

At the dining table, Qin Yu’s stomach was already growling from hunger! “What delicious food are you making today? Bring it to me!”

Qin Yu gulped. He looked extremely childish!

“I’m cooking some noodles for you! It’ll be ready soon.”

Chen Zhi responded, and Qin Yu only saw her busy figure in the kitchen.

Soon, she brought out two bowls of steaming beef noodles!

“If it’s not enough, there’s more in the pot. If it’s not enough, you can add more meat sauce!”

Chen Zhi opened a metal can, which was filled with a tin of minced meat. The aroma filled the air!

“Holy f*ck! It’s perfect for beef noodles!”

Qin Yu could no longer hold it in and started eating.


The sound of slurping noodles drowned out the pouring rain outside!

In comparison, Chen Zhi’s table manners were hundreds of times better.

After a few mouthfuls, Qin Yu could not help but start to praise: “Little sister, the noodles you cook are delicious!”


Chen Zhi called softly.


She paused and answered.

“I’ve been promoted, and there has been some change to my work!”

Chen Zhi’s face gradually turned serious. Because of the nature of her job, Grandmaster Qin Yu had been worried about his sister’s safety. Therefore, after completing her missions every day, Chen Zhi would choose something that was no longer a secret to share with his brother.

“In the past, I was considered a basic worker. When I encountered a mission, I had to rush to the front lines with my teammates.

Qin Yu said nothing. He knew that Chen Zhi had not finished.

“Now, I’ve been transferred to the management tier.”

After Chen Zhi said that, a look of reluctance appeared on her face. Under the light, she scratched her head. Her willowy eyebrows were furrowed, as if she was conflicted about how she should say that she should not violate the confidentiality regulations.

As she gestured, she continued to explain.

“That means...that means uh...”

Chen Zhi stretched out her index fingers and drew a circle in the air. “What I’m doing now is supervising and then… analyzing information…”

Qin Yu stared at her. He finished the last mouthful of noodles in the bowl and continued to drink the remaining soup. Before he even swallowed, he already wiped the corner of his mouth with a napkin.

“Brother! Slow down!”

“Monitoring the underground world?”

Before Chen Zhi could finish speaking, Qin Yu asked back. Chen Zhi’s eyes froze, and she shut her mouth tightly.. She did not reply.

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