My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: Young Sister, Monitor the Underworld!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Today was Qin Yu’s seventh day of training Zhao Fanggang. Zhao Fanggang’s compatibility with the character template had reached 65%. To him, it could be said to be a complete transformation!

The sky was rather gloomy, and the heavy dark clouds hung low, as if an unusual downpour was about to happen…

In the afternoon, at 2: 30 pm, Qin Yu drove his sister’s car and appeared behind the weeds of Wuyang Martial Academy. Zhao Fanggang, who had spring hair, a black shirt, and a sharp gaze, was already guarding the door like a spear.

With a creaking sound, the rusted metal door was pushed open.

“Godfather!” Zhao Fanggang’s voice was passionate. He was completely loyal to Qin Yu.

“Go inside.” Qin Yu sized up Zhao Fanggang.

Now, in the field of qi, in his eyes and in the details of his movements, he was becoming more and more similar to the man called Mister Zhao.

Furthermore, in terms of physique and other hardware, he was superior. Qin Yu was the first to walk into the school building. His steps were calm and dignified.

Walking through the corridor, he walked into a clean classroom. Zhao Fanggang had already changed the place. Even though it was empty, if it was their first time here, they would think that the students had gone to a physical education class.

“Today is the last time I will teach you.” Qin Yu said in a low voice as he looked at Zhao Fanggang, who was sitting before the table.

Zhao Fanggang’s compatibility rate could only stay at 70% at best. The remaining 30% required him to enter this top international metropolis to unlock it with his own achievements.

In addition, there would be an additional reward when it reached 70%. It would be very useful for Zhao Fanggang!

At 60%, the disciples were already absolutely loyal, and the fierce tiger was already in this position!

Qin Yu looked at him. When he heard what he said, panic appeared on his face, but soon, he calmed down.

Zhao Fanggang revealed an undetectable smile. He knew that his godfather would probably send him to do something.

He could finally work for his godfather! It was time to test the results of his training!

Qin Yu did not say anything and continued to teach.

This time, under the Godfather Mode, Qin Yu mainly taught Zhao Fanggang vision, structure, and methods to subdue him.

[Match disciple:]

Life: Zhao Fanggang

[Compatibility: 66%]

[Compatibility: 68%]

[Compatibility: 69%]

[Compatibility: 70%]

Time slowly passed. When the night was completely dark outside the window, in Qin Yu’s eyes, the number above Zhao Fanggang’s head had stopped increasing.


[Congratulations to the host for completing the first disciple’s teaching! You are rewarded with a real estate company worth 10 billion! ]

[Will the host bind to you or the disciple? Or to the disciple? The system reward will naturally be registered under the name of legal procedures.]

“Bind to the Disciple Zhao Fanggang.” Qin Yu communicated with the system using his consciousness. He placed the seal in his hand to the side, and his thumb and index finger, which were stained with chalk dust, pinched it lightly.


[Binding successful!]

Qin Yu turned around and said to Zhao Fanggang, who had completely transformed,

“I have too many identities. I might be an official, or I might be the King of the Underworld… I might even be a normal delivery man in this city…

“Regarding my identity, you don’t need to know, nor do you need to explore, because what you can see is definitely what I want you to see…”

He paused for a moment before speaking in a deep voice.

“For your teachings, it was just a whim of mine. It brought hope to all the people in the darkness and ushered in a new dawn.

“You are not my first disciple.”

“And you won’t be my last disciple either…”

Qin Yu placed his hand on the podium and looked down at Zhao Fanggang.

These words came out of his mouth word by word.


Zhao Fanggang listened seriously. Every word that his godfather said was like a Bible in his heart!

The identity of the godfather was probably a dark side that he could never come into contact with! He could not even imagine it!

He had been living in the mud since he was young, and he had come into contact with too much information that could be real or fake. He had heard that the capital he was in, or the so-called underworld, was merely a shallow part of the underground world.

Zhao Fanggang took a deep breath and tried to slow down his heartbeat. He did not dare think too much or guess too much.

Checking the real estate company given by the system, Qin Yu was shocked.

It was Chenhua Real Estate. The familiar words reminded Qin Yu of the delivery.

Thus, an idea came to mind.

“Chenhua Company, you will work there tomorrow. That will be your legal identity from now on.”

“Chenhua Company.”

Even though Zhao Fanggang was mentally prepared, he was still shocked by Qin Yu!

He casually arranged for a top real estate company to fake his identity?

The godfather was indeed powerful. He did not doubt him at all, only sighed at his mysteriousness.

Why would a small fry from the underworld like him go to Chenhua? To sell real estate?

He did not know how. This godfather did not teach him either, so what should he do?

“Come here tomorrow at this time to report your work situation to me. I’ll give you a mission.”

Qin Yu’s voice was still low and deep. Zhao Fanggang’s eyes were filled with sincerity. When he heard that his godfather was going to give out orders tomorrow, his interest was immediately piqued.

“Report my work situation tomorrow and be assigned tasks… That is to see my performance tomorrow?”

Zhao Fanggang was trying to figure out Qin Yu’s hidden meaning, and he was crazily imagining it!

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