My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: Qin Yu’s Teachings

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation




In Marang City, near the eastern suburbs, in the abandoned track of the Wuyang Martial Academy Arts, Qin Yu was wearing a black windbreaker and was in Godfather mode.

He held a thin black whip in his hand, and every time he brandished it, there would be the sound of flesh cracking!

He waved the sturdy black whip expressionlessly. In front of him was Zhao Fanggang, who was practicing a fighting technique.

Because Mr. Zhao’s foundation was average, he needed to strengthen his body to ensure that he would be able to develop like a fish in water.

At that moment, Zhao Fanggang’s entire body, between his limbs and bones, every muscle and nerve tissue was marked by different colors and displayed in Qin Yu’s brain.

Every fist and every tiny movement he made… in Qin Yu’s eyes, there were green ‘corrects’ and red ‘mistakes’!

Whenever a red ‘mistake’ sign appeared…

The black whip in Qin Yu’s hand landed mercilessly on his body!

He turned into a black shadow and lashed at his muscles and limbs, causing black lines to flash!

A crisp, dull sound rang out before the track.

The crisp sound came from the black whip, and the dull sound was Zhao Fanggang’s painful groan…

“Steps, steps…”

“Watch the rhythm!”

“Left hook punch to the chin! Right hook punch to the abdomen! Speed, not strength.”

“Raise your hands to protect your chin and counterattack with your side fist. Don’t let your fists be soft, clench them tightly! Your wrists must be straight, or else your fists will break…”

“Whip like a whip!”

“You may not have any technique, but you have to have your own rhythm. Don’t be dragged into his rhythm.”

“Alright, that’s it for now…”

Zhao Fanggang panted heavily as his mind was filled with thoughts.

He was originally wearing a white shirt, but now, his entire shirt was soaked in sweat and blood!

The white color no longer existed, and the originally undamaged clothes were also whipped into tattered strips by the black whip in Qin Yu’s hand.

Behind the cloth was the open flesh of the shepherd…

Fresh blood kept flowing out from the more serious areas.

Zhao Fanggang was covered in blood!


“It hurts!”

“My whole body… muscles… skin… Ah… it hurts!”

Zhao Fanggang, who had stopped, lost the stimulant. The excruciating pain started to spread throughout his body, and he could not bear it.

Whenever Zhao Fanggang was in so much pain, Qin Yu would lash out again!

He could wake up instantly, except for the pain.

What made Zhao Fanggang ecstatic was the ‘unbelievable’ speed of improvement!

He could clearly feel that under the guidance of his godfather, he seemed to be in a completely different state…

His five senses were heightened, and his mind became more agile!

Ordinary people would need to spend a day or a year polishing their skills, but he only needed to practice it a few times!

Those questions that he had not thought through before suddenly flashed through his mind. For example, how did Hua Qiang give him the slip yesterday that caused him to be afraid to accept this batch of goods, and how did that thief find out?

Zhao Fanggang deduced this process in an instant. He could even clearly see what he had done wrong.


“So cool!”

“I like this feeling. Every second, every second, I feel myself improving and becoming stronger!

Zhao Fanggang was like a masochist. On one hand, he experienced pain and pain; on the other hand, he felt incomparably satisfied and satisfied!

Template: Young Master Zhao

Name: Zhao Tai

Rare Rank: B (Normal)

[Matched School of Martial Arts: Zhao Fist]

Name: Zhao Fanggang

[Sticking Level: 15%]

[Sticking Level: 19%]

[Sticking Level: 23%]

[Sticking Level: 28%]

Another whip lashed out from the side. Qin Yu looked at Zhao Fanggang expressionlessly. In his eyes, the B-rank mission template had transformed into a phantom image that stood behind Zhao Fanggang, following his every move and practicing together…

Furthermore, above Zhao Fanggang’s head was a string of red percentage numbers. It represented the progress of the other templates. This number was not growing too slowly.

Qin Yu was still happily feeling the changes in his body because he realized that with Zhao Fanggang’s improvement, even if he turned off the Godfather mode, the enhancement was still increasing.

This meant that the results of Zhao Fanggang’s training, which he had risked his life for, were now on him!



[Your disciple has reached his physiological limit!]

A warning suddenly sounded.

“Done,” Qin Yu said in a low voice as he looked at Zhao Fanggang. Hearing his godfather’s words, Zhao Fanggang slowly withdrew his hand…


The excruciating pain became more obvious after he took a deep breath. Zhao Fanggang finally swayed and fell to the ground.

“Go to the classroom.”

Under the ‘godfather mode’, Qin Yu had excellent control over his emotions and facial expressions. He did not show any excessive emotions.

With just one glance, this was a powerful order for Zhao Fanggang. He did not need to say anything personally, and he carried it out without hesitation!

“Is a 28% fit really that loyal?”

Qin Yu thought to himself, This is indeed a pleasant surprise!

With the addition of the ‘Character Mode’, the disciples could enter a state of high-speed learning. At the same time, they would enter high-speed metabolism, and their physiological recovery speed would be greatly increased.

Zhao Fanggang looked miserable, but in reality, he was not injured at all. Instead, the healing process was a good strengthening process.

Qin Yu walked into the classroom and quickly swept his gaze across the classroom. This flying classroom was filled with desks and chairs. One of the chairs had been wiped clean. Right below the podium, he walked to the podium. Behind him was a wall of blackboards.

Zhao Fanggang appeared at the door of the classroom. His body had almost fully recovered. His eyes were filled with passion!

He looked at Qin Yu and called out in a hoarse voice,



Zhao Fanggang was as obedient as a primary school student.

Qin Yu took a glance at him and then looked away. He wrote on the blackboard and said, “I will teach you investigative and anti-reconnaissance techniques!”

“Firstly, you need to have a good understanding of the area you’re in. For example, where to turn, how many routes you can take to reach your destination, and so on. Before any action starts, you need to have a clear ‘map’ in your mind. The best would be to have at least three retreat plans…

“Two, focus on developing your sense of direction and sense of direction…”

“As for accommodation, choose a safe and reliable place to rest, observe, retreat, and counterattack…”

Qin Yu’s deep and deep voice quickly and clearly rang out.

With the addition of the template, Zhao Fanggang felt like his godfather’s every word was wrapped around the image and scenario, allowing him to quickly immerse himself in it and play it in his mind like an image.

“Has my imagination also improved?” he asked himself.

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