My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 38
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Chapter 38: Professionals Meeting Each Other!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A middle-aged man reported.

The information was projected on the large screen before them.

“This spear technique…”

The cold light from the screen reflected on Chen Zhi’s face. Her eyes narrowed as she studied the picture through the floor-to-ceiling window.

There was only one hole, and then there were fine cracks.

“At least an A-rank agent.”

He whispered.

In the inner world, a Grade A agent referred to the evaluation criteria of a special agent after multiple tests such as strength, neurological reaction, skills, and so on. It was a special agent. In the inner world, any secret organization or research institute would undoubtedly be considered rare and precious resources!

It required a lot of manpower and resources to nurture one.

[A] class, [S] class, [SS] class, and even the most important criteria to measure the threat posed by the organisations in the world…

The last S-rank agent stood at the top of the field of agents. It was just a concept that had not appeared for decades.

Jack was wearing a waiter’s uniform and carrying a tray with a pair of white gloves. He was walking at the financial conference venue with extremely high security standards.

From the corner of his eye, Chen Jianwen, the third-in-command of the Chen family, the biggest banking conglomerate in Malang City.

Sitting on the podium, dressed in a scholarly outfit, he chatted with the reporters and his peers.

In Jack’s investigation, the person who had given Jiang Tao advice was Chen Jianwen’s only son, Chen Kai.

A father pays his debts.

At this moment, if Qin Yu was beside him, he would definitely be able to see that behind this disciple of his, there was a shadow wearing a colored windbreaker and had long silver hair. His face was always covered by a hat and fringe, and his pair of dark green eyes were also staring at Chen Jianwen. The corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

Jack returned to the lounge. He strolled into the monitoring room, and a minute later, he walked out again…

Soon, all the lights in the hall went out!

Jack pushed the trolley to a corner of the hall. He looked into the distance and pushed the trolley forward.


It hit a chair in the dining room; the white cloth fell off.

Inside the cake, a red signal light quickly flashed…

Fear and panic instantly ignited the entire financial summit!

One by one, the shining elites rushed out!

Jack blended into the fleeing crowd and kept approaching Chen Jianwen who was surrounded by security guards.

Not far away, Jack tore through the security and stabbed a sharp dagger into Chen Jianwen’s chest!

[Matching Disciple:]

[Name: Qin Xiong]

[Compatibility: 77%]

Underground, secret department, small regulator hall.

“Behind Zhao Fanggang and Mu Qing is a fearless madman!”

Chen Zhi looked at the video on the screen and cried out.

He only saw it.

“The shadow under the godfather’s command has been killed for you: the director of Leqi Media, Jiang Tao.”

West District of Mlang City.

The safe house that Zhao Fanggang had prepared for himself was located in the middle-class residential area of the city center. The curtains were drawn on all sides. He was wearing a black suit, and his face was serious. He stood at the corner of the window and lifted the curtain to look at the city that was enveloped by the sunset.

He let go of the curtains and turned to Mu Qing who was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“Other than Jiang Tao, the biggest banker in Malang City, the third in command of?the Chen family is also dead.”

When Mu Qing heard this, her eyes widened.

After the fourth mate, Wolf of Wall Street template, and the founding of the Skyhunter company, she gradually entered the financial circles of Malang City.

The influence and wealth of the Chen family in Malang City’s banking industry could be seen directly.

“The truest side of this world is extremely cruel. There are too many people watching us two freshmen.

“Godfather, you’re showing off your strength for us.”

In the underground world, the more Zhao Fanggang interacted with it, the more he understood it.

Every special agent above Grade A was a threat in a city with millions of people! Ordinary residents were no different from poultry waiting to be slaughtered.

“You can rest here for the next few days. I’ll get someone to bring you food…”


“Come with me…”

Zhao Fanggang said.

He led Mu Qing into the master bedroom and stood in front of the wardrobe. Zhao Fanggang reached out and knocked on the wooden board three times before putting it away.

Mu Qing looked down and saw a ladder that she could climb. The same wardrobe and the bedroom on the next floor?

Zhao Fanggang left the safe house quietly.

Chenhua Real Estate.

It was almost time to knock off.

In the office, Yang Yuchan sat at the work desk, carefully browsing through a post that was either real or fake.

A few days ago, in order to pay attention to the movements of ‘Leqi Media’, she had entered many circles in the financial industry.

And today, from this morning onwards, Yang Yuchan’s little circle, or rather, many of them, was shrouded in a layer of tension.

First message:

“Spacehunter Company’s Muqing was attacked!”

In fact, there were several pictures of the underground parking lot.


“The director of Leqi Media, Jiang Tao, was killed!”


‘Chen Jianwen, the third in command in the Chen Family of the Bank of Malang City, killed!’

Yang Yuchan pursed her lips tightly. She recalled the change in Qin Yu’s expression in the morning and knew that this news was most likely true.

She did not feel fear, but excitement! Warm red lips appeared on her fair skin, and she even wanted to offer her perfect body to Qin Yu!

Qin Yu, who was sitting under the shade of a large tree, suddenly received several orders for food delivery nearby.

Therefore, he quickly went to the shop to get food. The electric scooter flew on the busiest financial street in Malang City.

Before long, Yang Yuchan saw Qin Yu’s back.

He was the one who ordered all the food. He might not be able to finish all the food, but if he ordered the food nearby, there was a high chance that Qin Yu would receive the order. She only wanted to see Qin Yu…

“Thank you. Qin Yu, do you like role-playing? I bought a uniform. Do you want to see it?”

“Next time.”

Qin Yu replied.

He reached home earlier than usual, arriving at 8 pm.

After washing up, she sat in front of the desk in the bedroom and took out a thick black notebook from the drawer beside her. She carefully thought about her will and deduced and recorded this moment.

Qin Yu was still waiting, waiting for his disciple Jack’s final attack.

Time passed.

Late at night, 22: 15 p.m.

Malang City, the gatekeeper of the inner world, and Zheng Zijing, the fourth person of Anqing Group who controlled the underground world of East and West City, were sitting in a custom-made black Mercedes S-Class car.

They returned to the city from Malang Harbor.

Near the entrance of an alley, the co-pilot was also an A-rank agent. He was Lu Zijing’s personal bodyguard, and his code name was Crane. He was an existence that keenly noticed the flash of refraction under the dark night sky.

His beast-like instincts were triggered.

He put his hand on the earpiece and ordered.

In the back row, the middle-aged man Lu Zijing opened his eyes.




After installing the silencer on the sniper rifle, Jack, who had no expression on his face, noticed the change. He continuously pulled the trigger.

In front of the convoy, several black cables were broken. In the darkness, they really fell down with lightning.

“Francolin” pushed open the door, and a black umbrella stuck out of the car. With a pop, the umbrella was pierced through!

At the same time.

The silhouette of the “Francolin” disappeared into the night sky and approached Jack’s area like a leopard.

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