My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 34
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Chapter 34: Earning 1.3 Billion Dollars in Eight Days!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After a few minutes, Qin Yu drove the black Volkswagen Santana out of the village.

Jack stayed at the green brick building and left not long after.

He was Qin Yu’s shadow. When he was not out on a mission, he would follow behind Qin Yu’s shadow. He could be a passerby, a driver, or any existence.

He would erase all traces left behind by Qin Yu!

In the afternoon, at 16: 30 pm, Qin Yu returned to Chenhua Real Estate, not with Zhao Fanggang.

Taking off the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose, Qin Yu changed into his take-out outfit.

Glancing at Yang Yuchan, who was a little dazed not far away, he chuckled.

Now, for ordinary people who did not overlap much with the financial circle, defeat was a peaceful day. But for Malang City’s financial circle, and for the existence of ‘Leqi Media’, every minute and every second seemed extremely long!

The storm was coming, and… the final snipe!

He did not pay any more attention. Qin Yu was like an ordinary delivery man, receiving orders from the area.

The sky gradually darkened.

Soon, Yanjing City time was 19: 00 PM; Nasdaq stock market, two and a half hours before the transaction.

A piece of news crazily spread throughout the financial circle of Malang City.

Countless of them, hiding in the dark; the air agency that smelled flesh and blood, the giant crocodile became excited!

At the sky-hunting company, Mu Qing officially submitted the last report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was the eighth thirty-page long report. She questioned the money that Leqi had falsified by falsifying client relationships, exaggerating income, and embezzling from the management!

At the same time, an international law firm accepted a request from the space-hunting company to sue Leqi Media!

The financial circle of Malang City was in an uproar!

Nasdaq Market, the agency that paid attention to Leqi Media, was shocked and appalled!


Before this opening, everything went crazy!

It’s a bloody feast for making air agencies; but it’s the Black Wednesday of Malang City for the capitalists and retailers!

Time ticked by.

Yanjing City Time: 23:30 p.m.

Nasdaq Market, open market!

It was a huge dive, as if the water was being drained…

The green characters reflected in the eyes of every Trader.

Everyone knew that it could not be stopped! The glamorous Leqi Media was exposed!

Late at night.

Chenhua Real Estate.

In the office, on the other side of the room, Yang Yuchan lay limply at the table…

“Godfather, Mu Qing wants to report to you about work.”

In his arms, the old machine started to vibrate.

Qin Yu gave her the address of the parking garage.

“It’s hopeless… ‘Lech Media is pinned down by the space-hunting company!'”

“That’s horrible! Where the hell did this woman come from? After the Nasdaq opened the market, there was a huge jump!”

“Experts have already analyzed that by the end of the day, the stock price will be cut in half…”

“F*ck! I didn’t invest much in Leqi at first, but because I didn’t manage to catch up in the early stages, the stock price rose too high, and I didn’t catch up. In these eight days, after the report from the sky-hunting company came out, the stock price fell, and I took down the bottom one after another and reloaded! Brothers, see you on the rooftop…”

Chenhua Real Estate.

The cold light from the computer screen landed on Yang Yuchan’s fair and delicate face. At this time, almost all the posts on several financial forums in Malang City were discussing Skyhunter and Le Qi.

Comments flashed past his eyes.

Yang Yuchan was dejected.

In the few days she had spent with Jiang Tao, she had witnessed the splendor and extravagance of the upper class. She had also experienced the power of the billionaire’s wealth. Jiang Tao had only come to the company to pick her up from work a few times. When the leader and the others spoke to her at the same time, his tone and expression made Yang Yuchan feel happy and satisfied!

Going from frugal to extravagant is easy, going from extravagant to frugal is difficult…

After experiencing the life of the upper class, after enjoying the looks of admiration, beauty, and respect from everyone, Yang Yuchan could only imagine that everything had disappeared like a dream. Her entire being was on the verge of collapse!

Looking at the time, it was 23:45.

His second disciple, Mu Qing, sent another message.

Qin Yu found it interesting and looked forward to it.

He changed into his black suit and adjusted his sleeves. He placed the documents on the bus away, picked up his briefcase, and turned to leave.

Yang Yuchan, who happened to be heading downstairs, witnessed the scene.

A strand of her hair was tucked behind her ear, and a look of disdain appeared on her beautiful face.

She remembered that not long ago, Qin Yu had delivered the food to her office. Now that she thought about it, she felt that Qin Yu was dreaming!

“Even if Jiang Tao goes bankrupt, you, Qin Yu, will not have the right to care about me!”


He let out a low curse.

As Qin Yu walked to the door of the company, she met the former’s gaze. It was a smile that she did not know the meaning of!

For some reason, this smile lingered in his mind, and he could not shake it off.

She raised her wrist and noticed the time on her watch. She had planned to go back earlier, but she was delayed by this interruption.

He took the elevator and walked into the underground parking lot.

Qin Yu walked through the quiet and empty garage. He stopped and looked around the underground garage. In the shadows, Jack, who looked like a shadow, bowed to him.


Mu Qing was sitting in a black Mercedes-Benz when she saw her godfather walking in with a briefcase and a hand in his pocket.

His heart raced.

He hurriedly pushed open the car door and ran to the godfather to call out sincerely.

As her character template improved, she became more confident and unrestrained in front of others… but in front of the godfather, she became more and more devout and respectful!

“Not bad.”

Qin Yu praised.

He looked at this disciple of his. She was only above average, but with her ability and knowledge, she had single-handedly sniped a corporation worth billions! Now, she exuded a strong and intellectual aura, making her no longer ordinary. She had a unique charm that attracted men.

[Matched Disciple: Muqing]

[Compatibility: 79%]

Qin Yu guessed that after the Nasdaq stock market closed, this round of compatibility would truly advance by 80%.

He seemed to have recalled something.

In the past, when he had just obtained the Wolf of Wall Street template, Qin Yu had seen that existence’s experiences. He vaguely remembered that the Wolf of Wall Street was an unruly existence.

Changing into a woman was like changing into new clothes, and he was said to be a groom every night.

This meant that it would not be easy for Mu Qing to improve the compatibility to 100%.

“Frequency, method, and madness should be able to satisfy the template requirements.

Qin Yu lowered his head and looked at his disciple Mu Qing. He could clearly see the admiration that was suppressed in the depths of this lady’s eyes.

“Our initial capital was only 120 million dollars, and I used five times the leverage.”

Beside the black Mercedes, Mu Qing reported respectfully.

“This time, I divided Leqi Media into pieces and threw them to the organizations that smelled blood.

It was also because of these organizations that they were able to achieve this ambush…

Mu Qing took out a black bank card from her pocket and handed it to her godfather respectfully.

“I expect to earn 1.3 billion US dollars from this attack.. I will transfer the money to this card.”

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