My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32: Last Day!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qin Yu enjoyed his current state very much. Hidden behind the scenes, he was not in a hurry to walk towards the throne or the desire to have everything in a very short time.

He looked at the sky and walked forward patiently.

Behind him, disciples followed one after another, surrounding and protecting him.

On the fourth day Yang Yuchan met Leqi Media’s director, Qin Yu’s second disciple, Mu Qing, released empty reports on the fourth day as well.

West City of Malang, Chenhua Real Estate.

Under the morning sun, Qin Yu seemed to be conducting a social experiment. His clear eyes observed Yang Yuchan’s every move.

“Has it really happened…”

“Nothing will happen, right? It can’t be… It can’t be! Leqi Media is such a big company.”

A strand of hair fell before her eyes.

Pushing her hair to the back of her head, Yang Yuchan looked flustered and uneasy.

She looked out the window at the bright sunlight, but she did not feel relaxed.

However, it was depressing.

Her slender fingers tapped on the keyboard as page after page of information flashed before her eyes.

Yesterday, after Jiang Tao left in a hurry, she found out that the ugly woman from the Skyhunter company had published a third report. Furthermore, this report had gained the approval of many speculators, and they kept publishing the current report together with the report in economic magazines.

Qin Yu chuckled and left the building.

“This time it’s forced memory training!”

Jack template godfather mode.

Qin Yu’s icy voice rang out.

The room was dark, and there was only a wooden table and a chair.

The third disciple, the sixteen-year-old Qin Xiong, sat on a chair. He looked at the only radio on the wooden table seriously, as well as several recordings.

“Time starts now!”

With a command, the tape was played.

In that brief moment, a large amount of information was playing in Qin Xiong’s ears. He closed his eyes…

“The first tape is from the businessman, Smith, who likes to smoke cigars, between nine and ten every night…”

“The second tape has a unique noise. It’s hoarse and has a grainy feel to it. It’s about forty years old…

Qin Xiong continued reporting.



As soon as he finished speaking, the whip in Qin Yu’s hand was swiftly pulled out.

Qin Xiong started to suffer the same treatment as Zhao Fanggang…

His expression was the same as Zhao Fanggang’s. He grimaced in pain.

[Name: Jack]

[Rare Level: S (Rare)]

[Fourth Partner Disciple: Qin Xiong]

[Compatibility: 20%]

[Compatibility: 21%]

[Compatibility: 24%]

The fifth day since Yang Yuchan met Leqi Media’s director; the fifth day Qin Yu’s second disciple, Mu Qing, released another air report.

The fourth report was sent yesterday evening.

Yesterday, she was just feeling uneasy, but today, she started to feel fearful and uneasy.

“The stock price of Leqi Media seems to be fluctuating…”

Yang Yuchan looked at the constantly updating financial forums on the screen.

“Jiang Tao replied to my message when he left the day before yesterday, but yesterday, after that d*mned woman sent out her fourth report, up until now… more than twenty messages have been left unreplied and he disappeared. All the messages sent to Jiang Tao have sunk into the ocean!”

“Something happened?”

“Did something really happen?”

In front of the desk was a pale pink knitted sweater and a cream-colored skirt.

Yang Yuchan’s long, fair legs were wrapped in flesh-colored stockings.

“Today’s training is Dark Night Training.

It was still a dark room.

Qin Yu looked at Qin Xiong, who was standing in the middle of the room with his eyes covered by a black cloth.

Ding! Ding!

A sharp nail dropped from Qin Yu’s hand.

Qin Xiong, who was sixteen years old, held his breath and focused on listening to the sound to determine the direction.

In his mind, his surroundings were dark. When the nail fell, he started to come up with the idea with a flash of lightning…

Qin Yu continued to throw it. In addition, his speed became faster and faster!

Then, he threw down a few nails in succession.



Very soon.

Qin Xiong, whose eyes were covered by the black cloth, stood barefoot in the middle of the room with his bare hands. Around him were uneven nails.

He stepped forward in front of the nails.

[Match Disciple: Qin Xiong]

[Compatibility: 35%]

[Compatibility: 41%]

[Compatibility: 46%]

On the twelfth day of Yang Yuchan’s acquaintance with Leqi Media’s director, the sixth day after Mu Qing released the report.

The fifth report was sent out, and the sixth report was on its way in the evening.

More and more predators had their eyes on Leqi Media.

Malang City, as well as all the financial circles that followed Leqi Media, had a real storm.

The air-hunting company and their disciple, Mu Qing, were being chased by reporters. They appeared frequently on the cover of the newspapers.

Chenhua Real Estate.




Yang Yuchan sat in front of the computer, breathing heavily.

Her mental state did not seem to be good, but it was not that she did not look good. Instead, she had a sickly, delicate beauty.

The director of Leqi Media, whom Yang Yuchan regarded as Jiang Tao, had completely lost contact with her…

Over the past few days, Yang Yuchan had been on the verge of a breakdown.

It was as if he was looking at his billions of assets crumbling before his eyes!

Yang Yuchan truly felt the terror of the world’s pyramid of power!

To her, wealth that she could not earn even after tens of lifetimes had become a battlefield for some big shots!

Yang Yuchan had developed a fear of the “ugly women” in financial magazines and newspapers.

“Today, we’re training your sense of smell.”

Qin Yu led Qin Xiong to the largest commercial complex in Malang City.

“I want you to differentiate the smell of men and women passing by you. Their scent, their scent, and even their perfume… I have arranged for different existences among them. When you smell the same scent around you multiple times, it means that you are being followed…

The thirteenth day of getting to know Leqi Media’s director; the seventh day of Mu Qing’s report.

Yang Yuchan could no longer hide the sense of danger that was looming over her.

She pursed her lips, her face pale and weak.

[Matched Disciple: Qin Xiong]

[Compatibility: 55%]

[Compatibility: 58%]

[Compatibility: 60%]

Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing 60% compatibility. Reward: Jack’s revolver!

[Desperate Revolver ] : (Six bullets can be loaded. One shot one kill!)

Soon, it was the last day of the Skyhunter company’s plan.

On the fourteenth day of Yang Yuchan’s acquaintance with the director of the Distribution Media, it was the eighth day of Mu Qing’s report…

It was like the most dazzling fireworks that were about to explode!

“Leqi Media, listed in Nasdaq.”

“Nasdaq’s news special broadcast was at 9:30 am, and at 16:00 pm.”

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