My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: Two Knees on the Floor, Seeing the Godfather

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

His body was very weak. After being corroded by alcohol and meat for a long time, his body had entered a sub-health state.

Zhao Fanggang couldn’t stand up, and the scene in front of him became blurry. He found it difficult to breathe and wanted to vomit.

The thin Zhao Fanggang lay quietly in the trash heap, no longer howling in indignation.

He twisted his head and looked behind him. There was a chasing figure…

He suddenly jolted, and his head that was about to faint immediately became much clearer! His eyes widened as he suddenly crawled up from the ground, shouting hysterically, “Fuck you!”

The shadow discovered Zhao Fanggang and pointed in his direction. “Keep running!”

“How dare you be Hua Qiang’s dog and swallow my goods! If I don’t kill you today, my surname won’t be Sun!”

“Beat him up!”

The few figures darted to Zhao Fanggang’s left and right. Zhao Fanggang, who was trying to escape, realized that it was impossible for him to escape.


“Brother!” Zhao Fanggang shouted at the top of his lungs. His knees fell to the ground, as if he had lost a thousand kilograms of dignity, or as if he had lost all his strength.


“There were a lot of people in the KTV just now, and now I’m kneeling before you…”

However, his begging did not arouse their pity. In fact, it increased their desire to vent their anger!

The wails continued, and blood bubbled from his mouth. He was about to die, and Zhao Fanggang’s weak body could not withstand the abuse.

His eyes slowly turned red. He regretted it! He regretted falling into Xu Qiang’s trap and losing his life.

Zhao Fanggang was an orphan. He had grown up in the lowest layer of mud in Malang City, and he had been fighting for food with wild dogs! Now that he had gained a nickname in the underground world, before he could even begin to waste time, he had already turned into a phantom.

He had a sister, and both of them were orphans. Her body was weaker than his, and she had suffered too much when she was young. Now, she had kidney failure, and she needed to rely on medication and dialysis to survive!

His brother had worked so hard to earn money that he had chosen such a path. This time, his brother, Zhao Fanggang, had snatched a batch of illegal goods! He had done it to pay for the kidney fees from the hospital.

At the intersection, Qin Yu silently approached the trash pile. He focused his gaze and carefully sized up the few people.

Zhao Fanggang, who had a compatibility score of 80%, screamed in pain, despair, and struggle.

Under Qin Yu’s gaze, he only saw Zhao Fanggang spit out blood like a wild dog without a master, allowing him to be trampled.

The steel pipes rained down mercilessly!

Under the night sky, red reminders kept popping up before Qin Yu’s eyes.

Name: Zhao Fanggang

[Match: 80%]

[Match: 85%]

[Compatibility: 89%]

[Match: 93%]

[You can choose to be the host to be a disciple and give him the template of ‘Mister Zhao’!]

“Hit him again and he’ll die.”

“I can’t wait any longer…”

Qin Yu muttered and reached for the baseball bat in front of his chest.

Clenching it tightly, he felt a cold sensation on his palm. Following that, he could feel warmth and heaviness!

Qin Yu quickly arrived beside the group of people. Before his eyes, a message appeared again:


[Do you want to enter B-class template ‘Mister Zhao’ godfather mode?]

[Reminder: Under this mode, you will have the most perfect state under the character template. Under this mode, your disciples will improve at an extraordinary speed.]

“Yes!” Qin Yu’s breathing became hurried. In an instant, countless information and frame by frame flashed before his eyes.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu seemed to have become normal. His gaze became deep and ruthless. Every minute expression and every muscle in his limbs were tightening!

Qin Yu stood by the car door. He held the wooden baseball bat and used his strength. At the same time, he stretched his muscles. Cracking sounds could be heard around him like firecrackers.


“So this is the feeling of power.”

Qin Yu had lived a submissive life for more than twenty years, but he had never felt such joy before! In just a short moment, he had become obsessed!


The rod dragged on the ground. Qin Yu walked towards the hoodlum in front of him step by step, and his voice echoed in the night.

Not far away, under the light, more and more gangsters stopped and turned to look.

Instantly, the muscles under Qin Yu’s hands tightened. Almost at the same time, a piercing sound came from his palm as he threw out the wooden bat!


This strike was aimed directly at the fatal spot! In the next half of his life, this hooligan might not be able to use his ‘tool’ anymore.

The gangsters, including Sun Bo, started to attack the man in the black trench coat!

Qin Yu dealt with it easily. Each strike was like a fatal divine strike! Each time he dodged, it was as if he had eyes on his back. At this moment, Qin Yu was like an underground godfather that had grown out of the mud!

There was a murderous aura and majesty, as well as a ruthless attack!


Another strike landed, and a foreigner hooligan’s arm was completely broken. From the strange bending, one could tell that the entire bone was broken.

There was only a little bit of flesh left, and the red-furred hooligan wailed in pain! This was probably the most vicious beating he had suffered since he started his career in the underworld.


Qin Yu put away the hoodlum and focused his attention on the ground.

Around him, one of the hoodlums either had a broken arm or a broken leg… There were also some who, from afar, did not dare to surround him. Qin Yu’s gaze was like a reaper as it slowly swept across everyone.

“Get lost.”

A deep voice came out of Qin Yu’s mouth. Very soon, the entire remote garbage station fell silent again.

Qin Yu’s scooter turned on the front light and shone on Zhao Fanggang’s miserable body.

Qin Yu looked down at him. Zhao Fanggang’s back, arms, and even his head could not find a single uninjured spot. His flesh was blurry and swollen…

He struggled to raise his head and look at Qin Yu. In his eyes, Qin Yu was mysterious, powerful, and gave off a domineering air that convinced others.

“Be my disciple,” Qin Yu said calmly. After a slight pause, he said in a low voice, “I will grant you power.”

As a godfather, Qin Yu spoke with an undeniable sense of trust.

“What… what do you want? I’m willing to give you everything!”

“Your loyalty.”

Zhao Fanggang struggled.. He knelt on both knees and lowered his head before Qin Yu. “Godfather!”

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