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Chapter 27: No One Can Snatch My Prey!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Just like...”

In the fairy tale, the gray princess who wore crystal shoes and then barged into a luxurious party!

Yang Yuchan carefully barged into the best ballroom in Waldorf. The first thing she saw was a luxurious interior full of luxury.

Walking in front of them were people who often appeared in economic magazines, executives, real estate developers, business elites, business leaders…

Standing in a corner by the entrance of the banquet hall, Yang Yuchan’s cheeks were flushed red. Her beautiful eyes were filled with yearning for the world before her.

She could only feel her heart beating loudly in her chest at that moment. Blood was flowing through her limbs… and her fair skin was flushed…

In Yang Yuchan’s mind, she recalled the fairy tale she had heard when she was young.

A beautiful smile appeared on her face. She felt that she was getting closer to the life that she had dreamed of!

She came from a small city in the south of the country. Her parents were both from families with two jobs. Her life since she was young was not considered good, but she did not have to worry about food and drink.

When he was in university, he broke into the world’s top international metropolis!

In an instant, Yang Yuchan was absorbed in the most glamorous aspect of the city… She had made up her mind to stay and enter the upper society.

She had once felt her heart beat for the outstanding boy who was pursuing her… but she managed to repress her feelings during that youthful period!

Yang Yuchan knew that to a true top existence, her most precious and perfect body would be her most important bargaining chip…

“Thank you!”

“Hello, Yang Yuchan. Nice to meet you…”

Even in this luxurious banquet hall, Yang Yuchan still looked stunning.

With a smile on her face, she mimicked the etiquette of the socialite class. She answered every elite who tried to strike up a conversation with her from a distance and accepted the name cards that they handed to her.

The banquet continued until the intermission.

In this banquet, the real powerhouse and a few other unknown existences had appeared!

In an instant, he became the center of attention!

“The director of Leqi Media!”


“Jiang Tao is still single. I heard that he has a good relationship with the Chen family of Malang. His future is limitless…”

Yang Yuchan stood outside the crowd.

Voices could be heard from all directions.

Yang Yuchan looked at Jiang Tao, who was surrounded by the crowd, from afar. Her slender and beautiful legs seemed to have gone limp.

Under the huge crystal chandelier, Jiang Tao also caught sight of Yang Yuchan, who was standing at the periphery. His refined eyes instantly revealed the gaze of a predator.

He exchanged glances with his friends and smiled.

This so-called ‘top celebrity party’ was just a small game that they played to select their concubines.

He and his friends chose their prey together. First, they approached each other with a bright side, and then they hunted step by step.

Once he succeeded, he would soon lose his freshness!

And at that moment, the final function of the prey they had already hunted was to… share!

Gather together and enjoy the delicious prey!

As for the remaining novelty, it would completely disappear. It would be discarded like a piece of tattered clothing.

Outside the Waldorf Hotel, in the dark night.

The black mass quickly passed through the city.

Returning home, he flipped open the black leather notebook in the drawer and carefully combed through the deduction of the character template ‘Jack’ blank period.

During the day, Qin Yu drove the black Volkswagen Passat and wandered around the outer region of the city.

Qin Yu already had a premonition that the character template this time might take him at most one time.

The second disciple, Mu Qing, had already started to form the space-hunting company.

She had personally paid a visit to various financial companies, and there were talents below the middle level…

Because Mu Qing was going to use Zhao Fanggang’s cash flow, Qin Yu had also placed a portion of his attention on Chenhua Real Estate and the Skyhunter Financial Agency. He had also noticed Yang Yuchan’s every move.

Another day, Chenhua Real Estate.

Yang Yuchan’s face was rosy and a smile broke out on her face.

At noon, Jiang Tao personally drove a two-million-dollar Bentley outside the company.

The arrival of this existence shocked the entire Chenhua Real Estate!

Even Zhao Fanggang had personally welcomed him…

Under everyone’s gaze, Yang Yuchan maintained her distance as she walked beside Jiang Tao…

She loved this feeling!

After lunch, Jiang Tao personally sent Yang Yuchan back.

Behind the French window, in the corner, Qin Yu adjusted his glasses and watched the scene with a smile.

He had long regarded Yang Yuchan as prey. Now, she was here to steal his food…

Behind the gold-rimmed glasses, Qin Yu’s eyes flickered.

He would wipe out both the hunter and the prey before the predator could snatch the finished body!

In the evening, Qin Yu continued to search for Jack’s disciple.

On the same day, the prototype of the sky-hunting company had already appeared.

On the third day.

Disciple Mu Qing had quite a large sum of money and was preparing to empty Leqi Media.

Fourth day…

Fifth day…

Sixth day…

Yang Yuchan cleverly controlled her posture, not allowing Jiang Tao to even touch her fingers.

On the other side, the sky-hunting company appeared for the first time in Malang City’s financial circle.

Mu Qing has released a report on the ‘distribution media false propaganda’. The report is as long as 89 pages, containing 25,000 receipts and a large number of videos!

Like a boulder thrown into a calm lake, ripples suddenly appeared…

On the seventh day.

Qin Yu looked at the skinny boy in a high school uniform not far away.

[Name: Qin Xiong]

[Compatibility: 96%]

[You can choose him to be a disciple and give him the ‘Jack’ template!]

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