My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 18
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Chapter 18: Describing A Financial Crisis With An A4 Paper

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It had been five days since he became the second disciple.

Late August.

West District, afternoon. The weather was clear.

In a quiet cafe, in the cubicle on the second floor near the floor-to-ceiling window, Qin Yu had entered the Godfather mode.

Her temperament was knowledgeable and mysterious… He looked at the girl in front of him, Mu Qing, and was satisfied.

[Template: Wall Street God]

[Rare Rank: S (Rare)]

[Matched Disciple: Muqing]

[Compatibility: 55%]

Lines of information appeared before his eyes.

While he was teaching Mu Qing, Qin Yu noticed that the system’s method of correcting mistakes had changed at the same time.

He was no longer as strict as before when he guided Zhao Fanggang. Every punch that Zhao Fanggang threw, every muscle that wiggled, would respond with ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Mu Qing’s guiding process was completely different.

Qin Yu was also able to see a lot of information. However, it had nothing to do with muscles, nerves, or punching trajectories. It was about learning skills in different aspects of finance.

For example, [Microeconomics Completion: 66%]; [Macroeconomics Completion: 52%]; [Monetary Banking Completion: 70%]…

“Today’s deduction is…”

Qin Yu was prepared to enter the classroom when the contents of today’s lesson naturally surfaced in his mind.

Just like a few days ago, pieces of information appeared before Qin Yu’s eyes like a slowly unfolding scroll.

He observed carefully and saw something. Gradually, Qin Yu’s expression froze and his entire posture became serious.

He took a deep breath and looked at his second disciple, Mu Qing. He said word by word,

“The Foundation Establishment derivation of the British pound will force Britain to withdraw from the European exchange rate system!”

After matching the template [Wolf of Wall Street] and raising the match rate to 55%, Mu Qing’s achievements in the financial field were comparable to that of a finance lecturer or even a professor!

He deserved to be called an elite!

However, it was precisely because of this that she felt that the deduction project her godfather had given her today was ridiculous…

Even her breathing became hurried!

Her first reaction was’ suspicion and disbelief ‘, but when these words came out of her godfather’s mouth, Mu Qing’s heart was thumping.

Under Mu Qing’s gaze, Qin Yu closed his eyes. He seemed to be thinking, preparing for this deduction, but in reality, he was focused on reading the information in his mind.

‘This massive, meticulous sniping process and means… It is as if they are really sniping at the pound of Britain and winning!’

What Qin Yu did not know was that the information in his head was not just a deduction, but a real currency war that had taken place in another space-time!

It was an actual example! Not a deduction!

The ‘currency war’ that he was in was probably lost in the long river of history due to some butterfly effect.

Outside the French windows, the late summer sun baked the ground.

The newcomers on the road were in a hurry…

In a quiet cafe on the second floor.

Mu Qing, the disciple, was wearing a beige knitted shirt and loose black pants. She was wearing a pair of crystal sandals.

At this moment, she breathed lightly, her round toes tightly pressed together, holding onto the surface of her shoes.

Her pair of beautiful eyes were shining brightly as she stared at the godfather. Her gaze was passionate, but she was carefully hiding the other emotion that she did not dare to show.

Under Mu Qing’s gaze, after a long time, Qin Yu finally opened his eyes.

He took out a stack of blank A4 paper from the table and removed his pen cap.

“First of all, it’s a time setting. We set this period as the early nineties of the last century, which is 1992.

Qin Yu picked up his brush and wrote the date on the top of the paper.

Mu Qing discarded all her messy thoughts and carefully pondered over every word her godfather had said.

“This is a very interesting period, in the history of the new and the old. The pound has been the world’s main currency for the past two hundred years…”

Under the Godfather Mode, Qin Yu’s body naturally exuded a sense of wisdom, mystery, and everything was under his control. His voice had an indescribable charm, like he was tasting a cup of red wine from 1992. The fragrance was rich.

“It’s just that after the First World War, the stock market collapsed in 1992, forcing the officials of Sun Never Sets to abandon the gold standard and adopt a floating system. The pound’s status in the world market began to decline.”

Qin Yu used the simplest and most experienced prophecy to describe the history that had been ‘fabricated’ in his mind.

In front of her, behind Mu Qing, the transparent shadow of the Wolf of Wall Street appeared. Music emerged, and a reckless, arrogant smile appeared on that face.

At the same time, the compatibility level began to increase rapidly.

[Matched Disciple: Mu Qing]

[Match Mode: Wall Street God]

[Compatibility: 56%]

[Compatibility: 58%]

[Compatibility: 58.4%]

[Compatibility: 59%]

The pieces of paper before their eyes, under Qin Yu’s pen, seemed to have become the battlefield for the various superpowers in the world. Financial forces were swept in.

“At the time, the European Exchange Rate Mechanism was customized by the European Union in 1979, limiting the exchange-rate volatility between European currencies. It was intended to maintain exchange-rate stability between national currencies.

“However, this exchange-rate regime has a fatal flaw:

When he said that, Qin Yu stopped and looked up at Mu Qing.

Mu Qing, who had already completed her deduction of the financial storm, was flushed. She was extremely nervous when her godfather looked at her!

Mu Qing clearly did not realize that her godfather wanted her to reveal the weakness of the exchange rate mechanism.

“Try telling me the weakness of this exchange rate mechanism.”

Qin Yu asked neither too fast nor too slow. After so many deductions and so many detours, the result was already out. It shouldn’t be too difficult for her to tell him the outcome.

Mu Qing composed herself and answered,

“Between countries, they must coordinate their economic strategies to maintain a close relationship. If the inflation rate of Sun Never Sets is higher than that of Germania, it will put pressure on the exchange rate mechanism. At the same time, the interest-rate differential between the two countries will impact the exchange rate mechanism…”

This monetary attack between the big countries was a famous battle led by Soros, the financial art. With one strike, he won the biggest bet in his life!

In this battle, he single-handedly defeated the overweening Britain central bank and forced the pound out of the European monetary system.

Later, the “Economist” magazine called him “the person who broke the bank of Britain”.

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