My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 14
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Chapter 14: Treat the Person You Hate the Most this Way!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


An impatient tone.

“It’s me!”

“The company’s making me work overtime. I’m not going back tonight.”

His hair was thinning, and his forehead was covered with sweat from fear. Qian Zhi glanced at the black muzzle that was nailed to his forehead.

His pale lips trembled slightly, but he still shouted loudly.

In fact, if the woman on the other end of the phone was attentive enough, she would have noticed something wrong. Unfortunately, she did not.

Zhao Fanggang hung up the phone expressionlessly.

A middle-aged man who looked like Qian Zhi was wearing a suit. He ran out from one of the cars and sat inside Qian Zhi’s car.

Several cars drove out of the underground garage.

Hongxiang Building, surveillance room.

After drinking, the red-faced security guard, Ol ‘Zhao, staggered back to his workstation. He looked behind him. As he ate and drank, he poked his head out and pressed a few buttons on the keyboard.

Qin Yu was wearing a loose shirt. As he wiped his hair, he walked out of the bathroom.

He returned to his bedroom and sat at his desk. He pulled out the drawer and took out the old phone. He saw the message that was only stopped in the middle of the screen.

There was no special reaction. Qin Yu replied for a moment, then pulled out a book that he did not like to read from the bookcase to prepare himself for his sleepiness. Soon, he turned off the light and went to sleep.

Time flowed like water.



Qin Yu still had to deliver food on Saturday. Saturday and Sunday was the peak period for delivery. Many social animals had worked for an entire week before they finally won a double break or rest day. They slept on their beds at home until noon.

Then, he ordered a takeaway that he did not have to go out to watch shows and play games.

However, Qin Yu and Chen Zhi did not have this habit.

The rest day for ordinary people was their day of work.

The siblings ate breakfast together and went to work.

It was not until the afternoon that Qin Yu finally had some time to end the app online.

Driving the black Volkswagen, they arrived at a husband’s home in the Western District.

The buildings here were old and shabby, but they were planned to be in a good school district. Therefore, they were still popular items in the eyes of the parents who needed them. Qin Yu had once considered buying a cheap house here.

The car did not stop immediately. It looked like it was looking for the back of the car. Without a trace, it stopped by the side of the road.

Qin Yu was wearing a delivery uniform. He even had the yellow badge of ‘Yellow Tuan’ on his chest. Anyone could tell that he was a delivery man.

But driving a car to deliver food… was he sure he would not make a loss? Oil was very expensive.

On the top floor, room 602.

Qin Yu revealed a smile that matched his status and knocked on the door.

Behind the door, there was a commotion almost at the same time. The light behind the peephole turned dim. Someone must have blocked the light and was watching.

Soon, the door was pulled open, and Zhao Fanggang appeared before Qin Yu.

Neither of them spoke, and Qin Yu entered the room.

When the door behind him gradually closed, Qin Yu’s aura slowly transformed under Zhao Fanggang’s gaze.


Zhao Fanggang stood respectfully in front of Qin Yu. Facing the oppressive aura, he could not help but call Qin Yu ‘Godfather’.


Qin Yu nodded with a smile.

He took a step forward, and the leather shoes that he was wearing landed on the faded red wooden floor. The crisp and rhythmic sound echoed in Zhao Fanggang’s ears, as well as the middle-aged man, Qian Zhi.

Qin Yu walked into the master bedroom. The curtains were tightly drawn.

There was no furniture, only a chair in the middle of the supplies. Qian Zhi was trapped in the chair, his eyes covered, and his mouth gagged.

Qin Yu stopped and did not speak. Zhao Fanggang followed behind him and stopped as well.

The whole room fell into a dead silence.

He did not know what had happened, nor did he know who he had offended. His mind raced. Not long ago, when he had called out ‘Godfather’, it had occupied all of Qian Zhi’s thoughts. He became more and more like a tool, and his body shook like a dice!

“Has the underground world of the West District been stable recently?”

Qin Yu looked at Qian Zhi and asked Zhao Fanggang.

Zhao Fanggang answered respectfully.

“The only change was the influence caused by me personally killing the spokesperson of Four Seas Company, Ma Jiandong. But now, I have already negotiated with the other two spokespeople of Four Seas Company to resist the covetous eyes of the outside world.”

Their conversation did not purposely avoid Qian Zhi.

This was the first time he had come into contact with information about the other party since he was kidnapped last night.

Only the word ‘kill’ was heard! Qian Zhi’s heart had already collapsed.

The person he killed was the famous boss of Four Seas Company, Ma Dong!

“How does ascending to the heavens feel?”

Qin Yu asked with a faint smile.

“Everything about me was given to me by my godfather. I will never forget it.”

Zhao Fanggang bowed low.

Qin Yu waved his hand and said.

“Tell me, how did you kidnap him?”

Qin Yu had already observed Zhao Fanggang’s every move through the Godfather Mode.

He asked him again because he wanted him to review it himself and check if there was anything missing. If there was nothing, then it would help him remember this feeling.


Zhao Fanggang responded before explaining his various actions and plans solemnly.

This included the underground parking lot that was thankfully blocked, the control room… and the phone call that Qian Zhi had given his wife.

Qian Zhi’s family was meticulous, and the investigation was complete. There was information about him personally, his daughter, his parents, and so on.

Wave after wave of nets fell on Qian Zhi, almost digging up his ancestral grave.

And all of this was to remove Qin Yu from this matter!

“Not bad.”

Qin Yu thought carefully, then nodded with a smile.


Zhao Fanggang seemed to have heard the most beautiful language in the world!

“Is… is this a compliment?”

“The Godfather praised me for doing well for the first time!”

“Well done, well done!”

Joy and excitement could not be concealed from Zhao Fanggang’s face. He was immersed in Qin Yu’s words.

When Qian Zhi, who had his eyes covered and mouth gagged, heard this, goosebumps started to appear on his arms and legs!

Extreme fear!

He could not figure out when he had offended such a big shot.


Qin Yu walked around to Qian Zhi’s back, reached out his hand, and slowly untied the cloth covering his eyes.

“Hello, Mr.. Qian… Oh no, Security Guard Qian.”

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