My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 11
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Chapter 11: Aftermath, Teachings

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Time gradually passed. The rain was still falling, but Zhao Fanggang had already run far away…

He stopped in his tracks, raised his head, opened his arms, and was drenched in the rain…

Beads of rain slid down his hair, cheeks, chin, neck… and rolled down his back, gasping for air.

His heart was still thumping. The scenes that happened tonight kept appearing before his eyes…

Zhao Fanggang opened his mouth. He was a little thirsty. He laughed wantonly and allowed the rain to flow into his mouth…

“Ah!” Ma Dong’s residence was in hysteria.

At dawn, the entire Malang City was shrouded in fog.

The rain yesterday seemed to have cleansed the city of all its sins, but there were still some places that could not be cleansed.

This world was divided into two sides. One side was the land of light that the sun could shine on, the space where ordinary people lived. The other side was hidden in the shadows. This side was the truth of this world. It was more vast and cruel. It followed the purest law of survival of the fittest.

The tip of the iceberg. Survivor bias could be imagined.

Ma Dong, who had been erased by Zhao Fanggang, and his Four Seas Company, was the leading production industry in the northeast under the Anqing Corporation in the western city. They occupied the two large gray areas in Malang.

The news of Ma Dong’s death quickly caused an uproar in the entire north-eastern part of the city!

In the morning, the sky was still gloomy, but the smog had dissipated quite a bit. As Qin Yu drove his car to a stop at the intersection, he noticed the black cars rushing past in front of the road and the police cars.

Her fingertips tapped the side of the steering wheel as she spoke.

“He really did something big.”

He thought back to how his sister’s expression changed when she received a message at breakfast not long ago. She knew. The secret department that his sister was in had already focused their attention on this incident.

A big shot from the underground world had died for no reason, so she should be quite busy.

The green light lit up, and Qin Yu started the engine again. He did not meet Zhao Fanggang in the heavy rain yesterday, so the meeting time was changed to this morning.

West, northeast, two regions.

The gangsters at the bottom of Four Seas Company only felt a sense of fear and anxiety. They were not normal people, so they could not come into contact with this chaotic atmosphere. They were part of it, and the person who spoke the truth died. No matter what the outcome of this game was, it would directly affect their future.

In an internet cafe in the western part of the city, Liu Pi, who drove Zhao Fanggang to the park last night, was actually Liu Hai.

She sat in the cubicle, smoking one cigarette after another…

His eyes were wide open, and his body was shaking. Liu Hai looked at the chat group that was flashing with messages.

One of the pictures was found next to the main character’s house. One corner of the raincoat was torn, and Liu Hai recognized it immediately. This corner of the raincoat was what his brother Zhao Fanggang had worn last night. His hand that was holding the cigarette was shaking.

Her forehead was covered in sweat…

“It’s… it’s Brother Zhao!”

Liu Hai’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed his saliva. To a low-class gangster like him, the saying ‘the man is the one who makes the decisions’ was their heaven!

Now that the sky had been exposed, the murderer was actually his brother, and last night… he had even been an accomplice!

“No… No!”

“I don’t know anything! I don’t know anything!”

He hurriedly shook his head, his voice trembling.

At the Dancing Sun Martial Academy, Zhao Fanggang had been waiting for Qin Yu for a long time.

He sat before the desk, and his gaze was gentle. He did not have the presence that he had when he killed Ma Dong last night.

Because he knew that his godfather was the real scary one!


He called out warmly.

“It is understandable that you are eager for revenge,” Qin Yu said expressionlessly with his deep voice.

It was hard to tell whether this sentence was a criticism or a compliment. Zhao Fang did not dare look at him directly.

“But you only cared about killing and did not clean your tail.”

Asphyxiation! Pressure! Fear!

Zhao Fanggang suddenly felt like he was in big trouble. His heart was racing, and his face was burning.

Qin Yu activated Godfather mode and replayed Zhao Fanggang’s every move from last night.

He only skimmed through it once, and he realized that Zhao Fanggang had left out many details that he should not have missed.

“Although climbing into the courtyard is undetectable, the detectives will watch the video frame by frame. Sooner or later, they will discover how you entered the courtyard.

“Getting that woman to kill Ma Dong is a good idea…”

“But a living person’s mouth cannot be kept. How can you be sure that the woman will be loyal to you?”

Qin Yu chuckled. This was the first time he was laughing in front of his disciples, but his laughter was so terrifying and horrifying.

“Godfather, I’m sorry… I was wrong! Please punish me!”

Zhao Fanggang stood up and dropped to his knees beside the desk. His attitude was sincere, and his expression was regretful.

In fact, Qin Yu had no intention of punishing him. It was better to suffer a loss sooner than to suffer a little.

If it was anyone else who possessed such a terrifying power, they would not have been able to wait more than a week for revenge.

He, Zhao Fanggang, had only done it because he had gotten his permission. With hatred in his heart, it was normal for him to be careless.

Besides, Young Master Zhao’s template was not that perfect. Qin Yu had trained his investigative and anti-reconnaissance skills the day after tomorrow.

Sir Zhao was born weak in this aspect.

“Have you went to Chenhua already?” Qin Yu asked Zhao Fanggang.

“Yes, they all call me boss.” This shocked Zhao Fang for a long time.

Initially, he had thought that his godfather had only wanted him to work at this real estate company and be a normal employee to hide his identity.

Who would have thought that Chenhua Real Estate was now his!

He even went to check if the company under his name was really Chenhua Real Estate!

60% shares, absolute control and veto power.

However, he did not know how to manage the company. He had never studied much before, but as soon as he took office, he became the CEO of a company worth ten billion. No one would be able to get used to this.

Therefore, he went to show his face that day and left. He was the boss, so no one had the right to question him.

“I’ll arrange for someone to help you run the company for the next two days. You have to cooperate with him.”


Zhao Fanggang did not hesitate at all. His godfather had a new plan and plan. He would definitely cooperate with him!

Furthermore, he was not very good at managing a company. It would be great if someone came to help him. At the same time, he could not help but marvel at how powerful his godfather was!

He had so many disciples under him. Any one of them could help him take over the company.

“I wonder if there are other disciples in the underground world?”

Zhao Fanggang was filled with anticipation. His ambition had been completely ignited by Qin Yu. He wanted to make a name for himself in the underground world!

“What the two of you do is your business. I will not interfere. I only hope that you will not miss this hard-earned dawn.”

“Yes, Godfather!”

After giving his instructions, Qin Yu drove away from Wuyang Martial Arts Academy.

This trip was to teach Zhao Fanggang how to behave himself.

In addition, he had to find a second disciple to match the character template [Wall Street Stock God]!

Qin Yu hoped to use the power of the shareholder of Wall Street and the real property of Chenhua Real Estate to leverage the financial industry that was filled with money every second!

With his hands on the steering wheel, he seemed to be able to see the sky full of money.

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