My Sister Exposed My Identity As A Villainous Godfather

Chapter 1
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Chapter 1: Godfather System

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Malang City, at the entrance of a high-end district, 20 PM.

“Let me in! I’m going to exceed the time limit!”

“Deliverymen cannot enter here.”

The security guard replied to Qin Yu coldly without any intention of letting him through.

“Who told you I’m a delivery man?”

Qin Yu had an unhappy look on his face, because he had exceeded the time limit then this trip would have been for naught!

“Aren’t you wearing a delivery rider’s outfit? Do you think I’m blind?”

The security guard spoke much louder. His job was to sit at the security booth, drink tea, play with his phone, and occasionally stop deliverymen like Qin Yu. The company had a rule set that deliverymen were not allowed to enter the residential area.

“I’m a food delivery man. Can’t I go back to my own home?”

Qin Yu looked at the time on his phone. There were only three minutes left. If he still could not get into the residential area, he would have to compensate the customer more than ten dollars. The customer had even bought the ‘punctual’ option!

“You’re an owner here?”

“Yes! Is there a problem?”

“Do you think a delivery man like you can afford a place like this? Do you know where this is? Chenhua Residence! 100000 dollars for a square meter! Do you think you can earn 100000 dollars from sending food every year? Why don’t you take a good look at yourself? What a joke!”

The security guard acted arrogantly like he had forgotten that he was just a security guard.

“Did you think that being a dog in a high-end neighborhood would turn you into an expensive breed?”

Qin Yu cursed the security guard internally. He had no choice but to click on the send button on his phone. This might attract customers’ complaints, but he had no choice but to do so.

Later, he would apologize to her face and ask her not to complain about him. It should not be a big problem. Looking at the name of the order, it seemed to be a lady with the surname Mu.

“And what’s in your bag? You said you’re not here to deliver food? Do you take me for a fool?”

Qin Yu was extremely furious, but he couldn’t refute it. He truly couldn’t afford the houses here, and he thought he could muddle his way through after saying those words. Helpless, Qin Yu dialed the customer’s number, and soon, a sweet voice came from the other end of the phone.


“Your meal is here. The security guards won’t let me in, so please come down and get it yourself.”

“Um… okay.”

“Yes, have a good meal.”

The customer did not make things difficult for him. This was great news. However, when he saw that the next order was almost out of time because of this order, he probably did not have the time to apologize in person.

Qin Yu had no choice but to deliver the next order without stopping. It wasn’t easy to deliver food. He met customers with bad tempers almost every day.

Last time, a customer with social anxiety said not to call, but Qin Yu, who was busy, could not remember which meal was whose. The call was hung up for no reason, and he received a negative review for no reason!

Even so, even though he had delivered the food on time many times, there were still all kinds of weird negative reviews.

“Can you not knock so hard?”

“Just because I told you to leave it on the floor, you really put it there? Don’t you know that there are bacteria on the ground?”

“Don’t you know that there are more bacteria on the shoe rack? How am I supposed to eat that?”

Qin Yu: “???”

If you don’t knock, I’ll climb out the window. Didn’t you tell me to leave it at the door?

I can’t put it on the ground, nor can I put it on the shoe rack, so where should I put it?! Why blame me? Will you die if you clean your feet more often?

Qin Yu could only retort these words in his heart. There were too many depressing things like this. If he had a choice, he would not be willing to accept this humiliation.

Unfortunately, he had not studied much, and the good companies was unwilling to hire him. Food delivery was one of the few choices that he had.

The heavens were so unfair. Qin Yu had grown up in an orphanage and watched his old friends leave one by one. He had only been adopted by his family when he was nine.

He was very grateful and was very filial to his foster parents. Unfortunately, before Qin Yu had reached adulthood, his foster parents had passed away in a car accident.

The only one left was his younger sister, who was two years younger than him. Even though they were not related by blood, Qin Yu treated her like his own sister. In order to support her in college, Qin Yu started to work three jobs. He worked day and night without complaint.

Now that his sister had graduated from the police academy and joined the Malang City Police Department, she had become the star of the famous police force in just two years!

Compared to her, other than her rather handsome face, there was nothing special about him. His handsomeness could not be treated as food. It was what the people around him often said to Qin Yu. When he reached home, he wanted to take some lunch from the fridge to fill his stomach.

Suddenly, Qin Yu saw a small piece of paper on the fridge. On it were a few lines of delicate words: “Brother, I have a mission on tonight, so I can’t come back to eat with you. Don’t drink too much cold stuff. The cake I made is in the microwave. and is super delicious! Remember to try it!”

Qin Yu smiled. His sister was everything to him. She had been through with him his entire childhood. He took out the hot cakes from the microwave. They were all heart-shaped.

Qin Yu seemed to be able to see how cute his sister had been when she had made the cakes. He picked one up and savored it happily.

The phone suddenly rang. When he saw that it was his team leader, he quickly picked it up. “Brother Wang, what’s wrong?”

“Qin Yu! You’re finished!”

“Chenhua Residence! Why didn’t you send the order to the customers on purpose? You even insulted the security guards! Did you know that the customers complained to the manager’s department?”

Shocked! Unbelievable! Qin Yu doubted his ears.

“What residence?”

“You’re still acting dumb! If it wasn’t my pity for you, you would have been fired! Also, don’t do it again next time! I’ll deduct 1000 dollars from your commission and limit your number of orders.”

“Why should I?! It was the security guards who refused to let me in. What do you mean I purposely refused to send it? Why did the customer complain about me?”

Qin Yu was already in a terrible mood today. When he returned home, he had finally let down his guard and rested for a while. In the end, he had caused these strange things.

“I’ve already recorded the call, listen to it yourself!”

Then, Leader Wang played the guest’s complaint recording for Qin Yu.

“I want to complain about a rider from your company called Qin Yu.”

“Not only did this rider not deliver the food to us, he even lied that the security guards did not allow him to enter the residential area. In fact, the food delivery went straight to the security booth and left!”

“That’s right. I even asked him why he didn’t go in to deliver the food. He said that it’s not like you take-out orderers have no hands or legs. I couldn’t stand it anymore and scolded him! Hehe, nowadays, anyone can deliver food…”

One of them was the female customer, and the other was the security guard.

Obviously, when the female customer went downstairs to get the food, the security guard had ‘added oil to the fire’ on this matter. He could turn black into white, and white into black! Was there something wrong with this security guard?

When Qin Yu heard this, he already knew what was going on.

“D*mn watchdog! How dare you slander me!”

“Brother Wang! Can you believe what they said?”

“What? They’ve already called to complain, and you still have an explanation? Do you think I’ll believe you? You want to become a full-time employee with that kind of attitude? Stop talking nonsense with me! There will be punishments. If you want to get another negative review or complaint, don’t work at my place. You can either join another group or go to another food delivery platform. Don’t harm our reputation!”

He hung up after cursing. Qin Yu could not interject, nor did anyone want to listen to his explanation.

He could only blame his bad luck, could he go back and argue with that security guard?

Was he going to argue with that female customer? It was pointless.

If things got out of hand, he would lose his job. Delivery had the lowest entry requirement, and if he worked hard, he could earn more than 10000 dollars a month.

Although Qin Yu was only working this job temporarily, he accepted orders like crazy! He could earn ten thousand dollars a month, even the involutionary could not do such a thing. If he had to compete with , Qin Yu would be the king of involution.

He had worked as a worker for three jobs before, so he had a deep understanding of what it meant to be a meat machine! As he continued to look at his sister baking her cakes Qin Yu lost his appetite.

He felt disheartened. Why did he have to live such a miserable life? He was so mediocre that he felt despair.

He often felt inferior because of his sister’s brilliance. Even though he was also a member of this family, he was still different from his sister.

She had a family, and he was just an orphan. This was the same no matter how many years had passed.

His sister was busy working on cases, solving cases, and catching criminals every day. She took on orders, delivered them, and worked for nothing.

Did the difference between humans have to be so big? Or was the fate of humans destined by the heavens?

Qin Yu was naturally willing to do this for his younger sister. However, the difference now was that his younger sister no longer needed to work hard to support herself. The money she earned could support two people.

This room was bought by his sister. Even though it was not as luxurious as Chenhua Residence, it was more than enough to shelter him from the wind and rain. His sister no longer needed him, and he was no longer under the pressure of expensive tuition fees like when his sister was still studying.

So why was he working so hard now?

Being a police officer was so dangerous. What if one day, his sister ended up like their parents…

Qin Yu did not even dare to think about it. No amount of money could guarantee such a thing. He was not a police officer, and he had no right to be one. It would be very difficult for him to protect his sister.

“God! Can you give me a chance to turn the tables?”

He knew that God did not exist in this world, so it was possible for someone to answer him. It was just his way of venting.

[Ding ~ Congratulations on obtaining the Godfather System!]

[By binding to the Godfather System, you can obtain the Top Villain Mode! Find and teach suitable followers. Let them be loyal to you. You will be their great Godfather!]

[Do you want to bind to the Beginner’s Gift Pack?]

Qin Yu’s eyes lit up!

“Are you serious?”

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