My Sassy 'Crown Princess'

Chapter 34: Making the Whole Class Drop Their Jaws (1)
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Chapter 34: Making the Whole Class Drop Their Jaws (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Mo Fei wagged his head, “Why hasn’t our teacher arrived?”

“Our teacher of this class has a strong background. He like being late.” gossiped Yan Chen.

“I should’ve come later.” muttered Mo Fei.

Yan Chen shook his head, saying with a serious tone, “No!”

“Why?” asked Mo Fei, confused.

Yan Chen then smiled, “Do you know what nickname they give this teacher?”

“What is it?” asked Mo Fei.

Yan Chen said mysteriously, “He may steal a horse, while we may not look over the hedge.”

Mo Fei, “...what a long nickname!”

At this time an old man looking severe walked in. The old man glanced at Mo Fei and Yan Chen coldly, “Whispering head to head in class. Are you even students?”

The old man then pointed at Mo Fei, “You! Stand up!”

Mo Fei then got up awkwardly, while Yan Chen was looking at Mo Fei, secretly patting his chest.

“What is your name?” the old man bossed around.

Mo Fei answered in an embarrassing tone, “Mo Fei.”

“So you are the crown princess!” said the old man thoughtfully.

Mo Fei nodded, “Yeah!”

“Yeah?! Don’t be cocky since you are the crown princess! Let me ask you! How did the Hexagonal Building of Luohua City collapse?” asked the old man defiantly.

Mo Fei’s face turned pale with fright, “Did Prince Yu blow it? It’s none of my business! I have no money. You should go to him, not me.” He had just been in easy circumstances.

The whole classroom went into silence. And after a moment, everyone guffawed.

Mo Fei, “...”

The old man glared at Mo Fei and said angrily, “The Hexagonal Building was blown up by the level 7 flying star beast Flame Eagle! Prince Yu has nothing to do with this!”

Mo Fei then forced a smile, “That’s great. That’s great!”

The whole classroom guffawed again.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?” yelled the old man, “let me tell you! History has taught us a lot of precious and valuable experience! If you don’t learn history well, you may suffer losses someday!”

“Mo Fei, do you know what your mark is? 33! Only 33! Who is the third level 9 star magician in the history of Rong Country? What is your answer? Huh? Untraman! What the heck is Ultraman? If you get such score next time, I’m gonna turn you into Astro Boy!” said the old man unfriendly.

Mo Fei forced a smile, looking very embarrassed.

The old man glanced at Mo Fei disgustedly and then let him sit.

Finally this class was over, Mo Fei bent over the table feebly.

Yan Chen said with a bit excitement, “Mo Fei, what is Ultraman? Is he very powerful?”

“Yeah, of course.” answered Mo Fei weakly.

Yan Chen frowned, “What a shame! I’ve never heard of him. Fortunately you are here, otherwise that old man will fire at me. I only got 46 points.”

Mo Fei, “...”

After school, Mo Fei followed behind Mo Yi, depressed. Mo Yi looked at him and said, “Young master, don’t put that old man’s words on mind.”

Mo Fei said pitifully, “This is really humiliating.”

Mo Yi smiled, “Young master, you are too thin-skinned. Actually it’s nothing. You wouldn’t lose a pound of flesh.”

Mo Fei’s eyes immediately shone, “You are right. Quite right! That’s what I wanted to say.”

On the way back, a student recognized Mo Yi, first with his eyes wide open, then with his eyes filled with anger, and then he ran away.

Mo Fei looked at that student and said, “That guy is sophomore, if I remember it right. He looks odd! Do you guys have a thing?”

Mo Yi said flatly, “The day I got enrolled, he did the body arts test for me.”

“Oh, I got it.”

“He said he could not stop it when fighting. If I didn’t want to be beaten up and lied in the school clinic, I should throw in the towel. And he would show mercy and sponsor me 1 point.”

“And then?” asked Mo Fei out of curiosity.

Mo Yi smiled, “Then I got him beaten up and dragged into the school clinic.”

Mo Fei, “...”

Mo Yi shrugged his shoulder, “The one behind me during the entrance exam told me he is called Wang Meng, famous for his ferociousness. He thought he would never have the chance to get enrolled. But finally I beat up Wang Meng and got him sent to the clinic and the guy behind me finally got enrolled. To show his gratitude, he wants to treat me a big meal.”

Mo Fei, “...did you go?”

“No.” said Mo Yi.

“Why?” said Mo Fei, perplexed.

Mo Yi looked at Mo Fei and said, “Because all your dates claimed to treat you to dinner, but finally it was you who paid. So I got psychological barriers.”

Mo Fei, “...”

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