My Sassy 'Crown Princess'

Chapter 1003
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1003. Extra 7 (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

Two dissolving auras suddenly broke out, for a time, all the creatures around quickly scattered.

Cang Qian wanted to run too, but he didn’t, because his legs were like taking rooted there.

Holding a pile of fruit, Cang Qian hid aside. Although Boss Long and Feng Li hated each other, they still tried to avoid the spot where Cang Qian was hiding.

Cang Qian gnawed the spirit fruit nervously. Thinking that he had eaten something he shouldn’t have eaten, he instantly lost his appetite.

“Father, it is there that the huge fight broke out.” Long Jinghua reported to his father.

The dragon king narrowed his eyes and said, “The aura belongs to Feng Li! Feng Li has found Jingtian! How is that possible?”

long Jinghua looked at the outbreak of the huge fight in the distance, and felt a bit depressed. Now his big brother was strong enough to fight with the phoenix king! If he came back, it was really hard to tell who would inherit the throne.

The dragon king looked at the direction where they were fighting, squinting, “Jingtian is just at the late stage of his divine king class. I am afraid he is not the phoenix king’s match. We should go check on him.

Long Zhanghua nodded and said, “Yes, father.”

Cang Qian was hiding aside, he could vaguely tell that Boss Long is at the down hand. Anyway, the other side is much older!

However, Boss Long was not a vegetarian, although the phoenix king took the upper hand, but he couldn’t hurt Boss Long. A dragon and a phoenix got stalemated.

Fight! Fight harder! It’s good as long as you got crippled! Said Cang Qian to himself. Both are bad, it’d be better that both died!

As the dragon king and Long Jinghua flew over, both of them felt their aura, and stopped fighting.

Feng Li looked at the dragon king, some furious feeling flashed across his eyes.

Boss Long curved the corner of his mouth and showed a fake smile.

“Lord Phoenix King, what makes you so mad to have a fight with a junior?” The dragon king asked as he looked at Feng Li.

“Ask him what he has done.” Feng Li pointed at Boss Long and said.

Standing on one side, Boss Long said with his eyes narrowed, “Lord Phoenix King, why so agitated? I just fed my little crow two fruits!”

“Is that common fruit? That’s the pregnant fruit!” The phoenix king’s face looked ferocious.

Long Jinghua froze there for a while, “Two? Big brother, what do you want?”

“What do I want? I want nothing. Come on! Only two fruits.” Boss Long said.

Long Jinghua frowned. Pregnant fruit! That could make one get pregnant! Why Boss Long did this? Is it possible he has feelings for that little phoenix and wants to have kids with him?

long Jinghua was surprised by this thought. The dragon race and phoenix race are the kings of all evil beasts, so they would never allow their blood mixed. So, a dragon could only marry a dragon and a phoenix could only marry a phoenix!

Cang Qian poked his head out from behind the stone. Even the dragon king and the phoenix king are here? So scary!

The dragon king looked at Boss Long, feeling complicated. Boss Long had never played by the rules. What does he mean feeding the little phoenix the pregnant fruit? Under the condition that their two races were long enemies, Long Jingtian tried to give birth to a nature’s error!

“Jingtian, this is ridiculous.” The dragon king looked at Boss Long.

Long Jingtian said with a cold smile, “You have no position to tell what I should do!”

Hearing those words, the dragon king only felt humiliated.

Then his eyes fell on Cang Qian, with a cold light flashing across them. No wonder his son still hadn’t made it to the late stage of the divine king class after taking the Dragon Phoenix Fruit! So he shared some with this little phoenix!

Originally, he thought that Long Jingtian just caught a little phoenix for fun. But now, he even did such a thing with him!

Squinting, Long Jintian looked coldly at the dragon king and the phoenix king.

“Brother, this is ridiculous!” Long Jinghua screwed his eyebrows.

Boss Long shrugged his shoulders and said disapprovingly, “Younger brother, from more than eighty thousand years ago when I left the dragon race, everyone thing of me already had nothing to do with any of you. In that year, you had no objections of throwing me out. Why now wielding your power before me?”

Long Jinghua frowned. When Boss Long left, in face of all the elders and their father, he had ever said he and the dragon race would have no any connection from then on. And at the time, their father didn’t say anything.

The phoenix king looked at Boss Long, “Maybe you already have no connections with the dragon race, but he stills belongs to our race.”

Boss Long laughed and said, “My Lord, do you have to put my words out on the table? Don’t you find it funny that you have given him up and thrown him into the lower world, and now you pretend to be a good man?”

Hearing Boss Long’s words, Cang Qian had his face changed. And the way the phoenix king looked at him also looked so apologetic.

“Anyhow, this is our thing. You shouldn’t step in!” The phoenix king brushed Boss Long aside and stretched out his hand trying to grab Cang Qian.

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