My Rich Wife

Chapter 1398 - Chapter 1398
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Chapter 1398: Chapter 1,398

On the same day, the first elder ordered Zhen Yue, Di Zun, and the others to be arrested and thrown into the Heavenly Cloud Sect’s heavenly prison.

At the same time, he quickly sent people to spread the news and told the world that if Qin Yu didn’t come, everyone would die!

Once the news spread, it immediately swept across half of the South Province.

At this moment, Qin Yu was still in the karst cave, approaching the hand of death.

Seeing that the hand of death was getting closer and closer, the hand of death also noticed Qin Yu approaching it.

His eyes, which shouldn’t have had any expression, now revealed a strong killing intent.

Just this gaze alone made Qin Yu’s heart tremble!

“This feeling is really annoying.”Even tie Dan could feel the coldness.

Qin Yu couldn’t help but stop walking.

He took a deep breath and was actually a little scared.

“It’s still not too late to leave now,”tie Dan reminded him.

Qin Yu gritted his teeth and said, “No, I’ve run more than half of the South Province for the water of life. It’s absolutely impossible to leave now!”

As he spoke, the hand of death suddenly arrived in front of Qin Yu!

In just an instant, it was tightly pressed against Qin Yu!

That icy cold gaze was less than half a centimeter away from Qin Yu!

Such speed was something Qin Yu had never seen before!

His forehead was drenched in sweat, and his body could not help but tremble slightly.


Qin Yu, who had come back to his senses, quickly shot backward!

“What a fast speed...”Qin Yu gritted his teeth, feeling a strong sense of unease in his heart!

He had no doubt that this beast in front of him could kill him!

“Do you still want to continue?”Tie Dan asked.

Qin Yu said coldly, “Yes, how do I know if it will succeed if I don’t try?”

As he spoke, Qin Yu took a deep breath to calm himself down.

He had to overcome the fear in his heart, or else he wouldn’t be able to do anything to this beast.

A few seconds later, Qin Yu’s expression became resolute again.

He took firm steps and walked towards this beast step by step.

The Hand of death was still coldly looking at Qin Yu, his body emitting an extremely terrifying chill.

Qin Yu walked towards him step by step and said coldly, “Get out of my way.”

The Hand of death moved. He suddenly clenched his fist and headed straight for Qin Yu’s glabella!

Qin Yu did not dare to be negligent. He hurriedly crossed his arms in front of him!


An extremely strong force exploded on Qin Yu’s arms! Qin Yu’s body was immediately pushed back!

He only felt his arms go numb from the shock, and even his bones seemed to have been hit.

“This beast is really terrifying.”Qin Yu frowned and looked at his arms.

One had to know that this was under the support of the fifth level of the battle character manual! Otherwise, this punch would have shattered Qin Yu’s bones!

“Come, let’s try again.”Qin Yu slowly clenched his right fist and looked coldly at the hand of death.


This time, Qin Yu took the initiative to attack. His divine power surged and appeared on his right fist. His divine power seemed to be able to tear apart space!

And the attack method of the hand of death seemed to be extremely simple. He also clenched his fist and welcomed the attack.


The moment the two fists collided, streams of light waves swept out in all directions!

This was a real physical collision. There wasn’t the slightest bit of fancy magic mixed in. The loud boom almost shattered one’s eardrums. The surrounding karst caves were also affected at this moment, collapsing one after another!

Qin Yu took a few steps back, feeling waves of pain on his wrist.

“Damn it, just where did this beast come from!”Qin Yu couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Qin Yu had never seen such a body before!

Before Qin Yu could think clearly, the hand of death had already shot towards Qin Yu!

Qin Yu did not have time to think and could only clench his fists to receive the attack.

Both parties engaged in close combat. The sound of “Bang Bang Bang”was incessant. Rays of light spread out in the surroundings. The originally extremely beautiful karst cave had turned into ruins!

From the outside world, the sound inside was deafening. Rocks kept falling down, causing the ground to collapse one after another.

Brother Dao frowned. He stared at the depths of the karst cave. His heart was filled with worry and some doubt.

“What on Earth is this kid doing!”Brother Dao could not help but curse in his heart.

He wanted to investigate clearly, but he did not dare to rashly go deep. He could only wait here.

The battle continued. Very soon, Qin Yu was forced to retreat. Even his fist bones were cracked!


Another fierce fist smashed into Qin Yu’s chest, sending him flying. He had to smash through countless rocks to stabilize his body.

“Damn it...”Qin Yu climbed up from the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood.

There was no doubt that this hand of death was the strongest opponent Qin Yu had ever seen. At least in terms of physical strength, Qin Yu had never seen it before.

“Hurry up and retreat. You are not a match for this beast. If you continue fighting, you will definitely die here,”tie Dan said coldly.

Qin Yu shook his head and sneered, “I will never retreat!”

Although his physical body was indeed inferior to his, Qin Yu still had many magic treasures in his hands that were useless!

Once these treasures were taken out, it was not certain who would win or lose!

Qin Yu got up from the ground. He stretched out his palm and a black iron rod slowly appeared in his hand.

“What is this thing?”Tie Dan asked in surprise, “What is the use of taking out a broken iron rod?”

Qin Yu ignored tie Dan. He slammed the iron rod on the ground, making a loud noise.

“Bastard, try again.”Qin Yu was full of fighting spirit and emitted an extremely strong aura!


The Hand of death didn’t waste any words and closed in on Qin Yu again!

Qin Yu grabbed the iron rod with both hands and smashed it at the hand of death!

With a bang, the iron rod swept out and smashed onto the body of the death’s hand!

In the next second, the death’s hand was sent flying by the huge force!

“Eh? This iron rod is actually so powerful?”Seeing this, iron egg couldn’t help but be greatly shocked.

Qin Yu didn’t say a word. He grabbed the iron rod and chased after the victory!

Qin Yu shot dozens of meters into the air. He held the iron rod and smashed it at the hand of death!

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