My Range is One Million

Chapter 21: Another Possibility 1
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Chapter 21: Another Possibility 1


“One… two… go!”

Four men wearing a power suit placed the monster’s corpse into a huge body bag.

“It’s really big so be careful moving it! If you break that then it’s coming out of your paychecks!”

“Yes, sir.”

The supporting team replied to the team leader as they began to carefully carry the body bag down the mountain. The chief of the supporting squad then walked towards their leader with her brows dripping in sweat.

“Leader, you’ve worked hard…”

He was speechless as he looked at his messy and damaged armor. His armor was clean and shiny whenever he saw her but now it was covered in monster saliva and had two big bruises.

“Yes, we did it. I took the team and it was the first thing I bought back.”

Skinhead waved his hand from behind the leader’s head. He quickly greeted the leader as he started to lead the team. She remembered that skinhead had yet to finish his job yesterday…

After a lot of time had passed by…

After all the work had finished, the team leader called the skinhead, talked to the tattooed girl and walked over towards Jaehwang.

“If it was more than a 3rd tier monster then the raid would have lasted longer and you would have needed more arrows as well as a power suit. This wasn’t just an animal hunt, this is a real raid. A 3rd tier monster is comparable to 10 wild animals combined. You’re going to need to handle the weight of the power suit, it could even last several months. Did your suit weigh 250 pounds?”

“I’ve done a bit of tuning so it’s 300 pounds. That was why it was acting a bit strange…”

The leader got over scanning his equipment and with a glance, she noticed that the arrows aren’t the same as what the tattooed girl had used. Those were the ones that saved their lives and even though it was not like her, she couldn’t help but thank Jaehwang.

“I owe you one.”

“It was nothing.”

They then shook each hands.

Jaehwang disobeyed the leader’s rules but that decision turned out to be a good thing. If it wasn’t for Jaehwang, something terrible could have happened. Especially with him being in the Star Dust National Clan who did not have a status that could be treated like nothing.

Having a National status gave them the capability to manage and safeguard an individual dimension gate. These days, the clans would assign a number of people in a mission amnd compared to personally accessing those gates, having a clan to back them up were much safer. But considering the pay as well as the casualties, doing a raid was still a big decision for someone to make.

“Have you always been a hunter?”


He turned his head back after Jaehwang’s answer. He didn’t know why… He hasn’t seen everything but when the monster’s attention was turned away, he knew that that was the best time to do something, like get away.

Jaehwang then answered him again.


Jaehwang explains it to them and they all nodded their heads.

“So that’s how it happened.”


“After getting the Gagseog skills, wouldn’t many people give up on being hunters?”

“No. I’ve become a Gagseog but I’m still lacking in skills. I still have a lot of learning to do.”

“Hm… So if I got the powers right now…”

“You would still be lacking.”

She scratched her head and nodded at Jaehwang’s answer. He said that the person with the special skills would be lacking but, others have said that it was enough. She was a little confused at her own thought.

“The story is complicated…”

The team leader then scratched her head.


“No, there’s nothing to be sorry about… You helped me in the situation there so, thanks.”

The team leader shook her hand and Jaehwang smiled as a response.

Jaehwang lied about it.

He did instantly receive the Gagseog skills, he wasn’t lacking but he had given up on being a hunter. He couldn’t let the company know that he had the 5th rank as a gagseog in the past. Everyone with hunter relations were the supervisors of all the World Hunter Secretariat.

The World Hunter Secretariat.

Sixty years ago the life of mankind was at risk during a fight with a monster. The hunters gathered together to help and guide humanity. As soon as the fight had started, the world was protected by hunters.

Some parts of the country had tried to seize control of the Gagseog military soldiers in the past. They succeeded in some sectors but the Gagseogs broke out and they were able to escape by a huge social chaos.

Soon after that, many other soldiers that were hunters had escaped as well, leaking the evidence of the country’s medical experiment on the hunters themselves. That resulted in the massive unconditional boycotting of the hunter secretariat’s World Hunter Consultation. Half of the country was saved from monsters as they were left free from their anger.

The world hunter secretariat was then granted a certificate. The information that they offered was limited but it was thoroughly protected. They were considered as weak rising stars illegally protecting their policies but it was still the thing that they protect the most.

“We’ll be sending the test soon.”

“I don’t know it too well.”

“Hm… Really?”

The team leader stroked her chin at Jaehwang’s answer. Because of his help during the attack, she had to repay him but she didn’t know exactly how. She wanted to just give him some money but now she was just thinking of helping him with the hunter test instead. He could use his talent to pass so he would eventually be recommended to be part of the StarDust clan.

Those who could join them would be given a ‘Star Dust Clan’ prominence as if they were joining a big company. They would be treated as rising stars and they would improve their talents to help them grow to reach their maximum limit. They would then be given consultation and support.

Of course that simple payback was not what she decided on just yet. Jaehwang had the skills for it, but his talent was another one that begged for consideration. People commonly confuse skills with talent but, there was a big difference between the two. Skills would not be enough alone as it needs to be accompanied by a talent for it to work.

She knew that Jaehwang kept his breathing calm and in order when he was dealing with that giant monster. But the only problem was that Jaehwang didn’t seem to have anything that he wanted.

“This is it. I want to repay you but there’s nothing I could do. I don’t even have any money to get your clothes clean…”

The leader was worried for second but the tattooed girl was the first to see repay him. She handed Jaehwang her cover armor that was red like blood as well as her arrow strings.

“You saved me so I wanted to do something for you. I was able to get through it with this but I don’t use it until I need to. It’s much better than the one I have now, thanks for the help.”


Jaehwang accepted the cover protection while scratching his head in confusion. Refusing something like this at first would be the polite thing to do but Jaehwang unknowingly accepted it and the new set of arrows.

[Shooting star Series-Raid Edition Cover protection]- Excellent Rank

Best Range: 25000 Meters

Lowest Range: 700 Meters

Restraint: Mithril Alloy

Special Skills

Acceleration (C Rank)

Sharpness (B Rank)


He would have given it back but it looked like a red cover shield from the Ahietiem. His dad once bought that cover suit for hunting but he sadly only used it one time. The difference between his other arrow and this one was simply that this was one step more amazing. He didn’t want to miss his chance to get it at no cost.

He hesitated for a second and then he took it. The tattooed girl smiled and walked away. The team leader then cleared his throat and took a step towards him. His gift bore more weight compared to the tattooed girl’s choice. He had a gold card in his arm and handed it to Jaehwang.

“I hope that you’ll use this properly. If you need help on the hunter test then you can ask me.”

“Got it.”

Jaehwang looked at the card, shook his head and accepted it.

“Leader, we are going to be given a pay, right?”

The leader face then slightly wriggled.

“What are you talking about?”

“We avoided many accidents so that would only be fair, wouldn’t it?”

The tattooed girl then shook her head and looked over towards the leader. The leader then spoke after thinking for a second.

“I haven’t thought about it but it’s something that I thought would come up. The things that were reported in the clan were considered something secondary. What did the dimension admission strictly said? You could help even if you don’t have a hunter’s license but that would also mean that there would be no reward money. They would do a follow-up call for the clan and at the end of the year, the tax would be added up.”

Jaehwang then shook his head after hearing that he would not be receiving any cash. It was not that he was materialistic, it was just that he didn’t even need the money. He was about to let go of it but then, the handsome hunter shook his head as if he didn’t agree.

“If it’s like that then isn’t there no need for proceeding steps? We saved the boss’s life and that would surely stick to the clan’s name but… You would pay for the expenses personally. You said the amount was…”

The team leader nervously laughed a bit and took a step back. He was married and had money but he pretended that he didn’t have much what.

“Uh, well…”

“What Jaehwang said was right. Call the account. Send it with no regrets.”

“Ah… Thanks.”

The atmosphere was intense.

“Well… I’ll be going now. I’ll take care of this idiot. He will probably fail the report horribly.”

The team leader was still busy thinking and skinhead was still in a bad condition. The tattooed girl and handsome hunter guy took him away and lead him out of the room.

“I’ll be going too. My house is close by from here.”

Jaehwang went on his way up the mountain. The team leader who still looked sad, fixed his expression and nodded his head.

“Okay, see you next time, right?”


“Of course.”

The tattooed girl waved and said goodbye. The hunters’ meeting was then over.

Another Possibility 1, The end.

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