My Master Is Super Powerful But Overly Steady

Chapter 35
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A Desperate Situation

Suddenly, a deafening roar came from outside the hall that violently shook the entire blood-red hall as if an earthquake had occurred.

Immediately after, a huge hole was melted at the top of the blood-red hall’s northeast corner and a fiery-red dragon shadow rushed through it. It transformed into a red-browed elder with white hair and a youthful face. Shen Beiwang, the Crimson Flame Peak Lord had arrived.

The Peak Lord of Crimson Flame Peak couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw that the Xuantian Holy Maiden and the others were still alive and on the golden ship. Although the demon cultivators of Blood Demon Cult had surrounded them, the battle hadn’t started yet.

However, when he sensed the auras from Shang Wuqing and Meng Jiuxiao, his heart was once again in his throat.

Two Demon Emperors?

“Crimson Flame Peak Lord, Shen Beiwang? You will be the first Might Realm sacrificial offering for Blood Demon Cult! Attack!”

Shang Wuqing finally revealed their plans as he waved the horsetail whisk in his hand and thousands of blood threads shot toward Shen Beiwang. The threads grew as strong and thick as buckets, flickering with a blazing blood light. In an instant, they reached the Peak Lord of the Crimson Flame Peak.

But right at the last moment, an ancient bronze lamp suddenly shot out from the top of the Peak Lord’s head, instantly turning into a heavenly lamp a thousand feet tall. It hung high in the air and flames sprinkled down from it that enveloped the thousands of blood threads with a terrifyingly high temperature.

The blood-colored jade pillar, pitch-black chains, and strange blood pools lit up with brilliance – the Blood Demon Cult’s great protective array had been activated.

However, the bronze lamp’s terrifyingly high temperature still evaporated six or seven blood pools nearby, causing a fog of blood to hang in the air.

Since each of the blood pools had a demon cultivator that was at least in Vision Realm, those in the evaporated blood pools had been burned to ashes.

A few muffled thunder-like explosions followed and the air pulsed violently.

The stone walls and blood-colored jade pillars were left with shocking marks and some places had turned into glass due to the high temperature. In other areas, only black holes were left. One simple exchange was enough to cause a scene of such devastation.

And this was with a great protective array. If it was otherwise, the two of them could have easily demolished the entire hall.

“Holy Maiden, with two Demon Emperors leading this operation, there’s no point in staying. Escape with the others quickly while I hold them off!”

The Peak Lord of Crimson Flame Peak then raised his hand and shot out a dragon-shaped light at Meng Jiuxiao. It was the spirit treasure Fire Dragon Sword.

“Shen Beiwang, today is the day you die!”

Meng Jiuxiao laughed coldly as he raised his hands as well to summon his blood-red demon cauldron carved with countless demons. Faint wails and howls of ghosts could be heard as it forcefully knocked away the Fire Dragon Sword.

The Xuantian Holy Maiden wanted to help the Peak Lord hold off the Demon Emperors, but now was not the time to argue. “Let’s go!”

The beautiful scenery in the Xuantian Holy Maiden’s vision instantly enveloped the entire golden ship. The Crescent Blade then slashed out an arc-shaped light to knock away the demon cultivators that were blocking their way.

“No one can leave!”

Shang Wuqing summoned a pitch-black demon bell from the pool of blood under his feet before sending it flying toward the Xuantian Holy Maiden and the others.

It was his spirit treasure, the Heavenly Fiend Bell!

The bell let out a deafening chime that reverberated throughout the hall as a black wave swept out, collapsing the blood-red pillars upon contact.

A colorful defensive light barrier suddenly rose from the golden ship. However, just a touch of the black wave and it collapsed like paper. Even the golden ship was shattered into dozens of pieces that scattered in all directions.

Those on board immediately flew into the air on their respective rainbow lights in time, enveloped by the Xuantian Holy Maiden’s beautiful vision. The real attack they received was not strong, but it still shook them until their faces turned pale as they flew unsteadily.

A white ancient jade appeared between the Xuantian Holy Maiden’s brows to block the next onslaught of black bell waves. But its endless murderous aura was so much stronger than hers.

In the end, she had to use her vision to protect the many disciples of Xuantian Holy Land. If she did not have a secret treasure to protect her body, she would have been seriously injured if she did not die.

“Kill the Xuantian Holy Maiden!”

Meng Shaofeng roared loudly and his eyes flashed with a bloodthirsty luster. The demon blade appeared in his hand and he slashed at the Xuantian Holy Maiden first.

“Kill the Holy Maiden!”

“Kill the Holy Maiden, exterminate the Xuantian Holy Land!”

“Sacrifice their blood!”

The bloodthirsty factors in the bodies of the other demon cultivators who rushed out of the blood pool were activated. They howled and rushed toward the Xuantian Holy Maiden and the others. The demon cultivators’ evil magic treasures emitted red, green, and black lights as they rushed toward their targets.

“Break through with all your strength!” the Xuantian Holy Maiden shouted as she activated the Crescent Blade with all her strength to release beams of bright and cold light toward their enemies. She led the way.

The other disciples also took out their magic treasures and fought fiercely with the demon cultivators who were rushing toward them.

“Your opponent is me, Demon! Get back here!” The Peak Lord of Crimson Flame Peak shouted angrily as his Fire Dragon Phantom appeared behind him, baring its fangs and brandishing its claws before pouncing mercilessly towards Shang Wuqing. It spat out a dragon-shaped flame that distorted space as it burned.

“Now!” Shang Wuqing suddenly shouted.

Suddenly, two powerful demon phantoms appeared. One of them held a serrated demon blade while the other held a strange golden bell. The duo attacked Shen Beiwang.

“Another ambush?”

The Crimson Flame Peak Lord was shocked. Just as he was about to defend himself with a surge of his divine energy, he heard a strange and evil ring.

This ring of the bell seemed to have penetrated into the Crimson Flame Peak Lord’s mind, sketching out the most beautiful memories in his heart. Within an instant, Shen Beiwang had become immersed in it.

The bell was a spirit treasure, Illusory Heart Golden Bell!

A mysterious jade talisman appeared between the brows of the Peak Lord and it instantly pulled his mind back.


However, before Shen Beiwang had any opportunity to recollect himself, the other spirit treasure, Blood Poison Demon Blade had already arrived at the back of his head.

The crisis was imminent and the Peak Lord had to use all his strength to dodge forward. However, he was still grazed by the demon blade that caused a groove so deep into his back that one could almost see his bones as fresh blood flowed endlessly.

Moreover, a dense demon Qi lingered on his wound, preventing it from healing. It was a shocking sight!

This combo almost killed him!

The Peak Lord quickly whipped around and saw the two evil figures with monstrous demon Qi.

They were shockingly Demon Emperors!

“There are two more demon emperors?!” The Peak Lord’s eyes were wide open in disbelief.

The Xuantian Holy Maiden looked over and saw the two newcomers. Her face immediately showed despair. If a mere branch had sent out four Demon Emperors, just how far had Blood Demon Cult progressed? How could they escape?

‘Do I really have to take things on?’

Ye Chen slightly frowned as he looked at the two Demon Emperors that had just appeared and a fierce light appeared in his eyes.

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