My Master Is Super Powerful But Overly Steady

Chapter 153
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Chapter 153: Hollow Willow

Translator: 549690339

“The heaven cutting divine ancestor has fallen!”

Someone shouted, and the radiance survivors scurried around like headless flies.

Ye Chen’s puppet incarnation looked at the corpse of the radiant Saint King and saw it tremble slightly. A wave of deathly gray Saint might swept out, covering every survivor of the Holy Land.

A quarter of an hour later, all the sacred land survivors crumbled into noiseless pieces in the air, dead in body and soul.

In the blink of an eye, apart from ye Chen’s puppet and fa Kong, all the other living beings in radiance had been exterminated. Not even a chicken or dog was left alive.

Ye chen used his treasure-hunting talent and easily found the Treasury of the radiance sacred land. He took all the treasures and disappeared into the void with fa Kong, leaving the Imperial Dao world.

Radiance’s battle had been too great. The heavens and earth had shattered, and mountains and rivers had collapsed. It had long since alarmed the various factions of the Imperial path world.

When fa Kong was undergoing his tribulation in radiance, many sacred lands, great sects, and Imperial factions of the Imperial Dao world thought that another unparalleled prodigy had emerged. They all focused their attention on radiance and watched everything that had happened through various secret techniques and divine abilities.

From fa Kong and the radiance Saint, they learned the whole story. They knew that the radiance Saint had used a secret treasure to bring fa Kong back to the radiance sacred land, forcing fa Kong to undergo his tribulation earlier. They all thought that the unparalleled genius of Buddhism was about to die in the radiance sacred land.

Later on, when fa Kong crossed the heavenly Tribulation, the Holy Light owner used the Holy Light scepter to deal with fa Kong, which attracted the attention of fa Kong’s master, Zhang Sanfeng from Wudang. Everyone still thought that they had no chance of winning.

After all, radiance was a sacred land with an unfathomable Foundation. The Saint of light had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Almighty realm a few years ago. The entire radiance sacred land’s luck was like the sun in the sky. No one thought that the master and disciple could escape.

However, what happened after that was far beyond everyone’s imagination.

Fa Kong had killed the Holy Son of Light under the heavenly Tribulation, and Zhang Sanfeng had killed the Holy Lord of Light, who had a holy weapon. This had awakened the heaven-cutting Saint of the radiance sacred land. He wanted to stop Zhang Sanfeng and his disciple from taking away the Holy Light scepter, but Zhang Sanfeng had strongly refused.

The heaven Famer saint’s attack infuriated Zhang Sanfeng. He used a secret technique to summon all the corpses of his ancestors in radiance sacred land. Among them were the bones of the radiant Saint King. He killed the heaven Famer Saint with two slashes, killing all the living beings in radiance sacred land.

The world was shocked!

Zhang Sanfeng’s name from Wudang Sect resounded throughout the entire Imperial path world, striking fear into all cultivators.

He alone had the power to overturn a Holy Land!

Their ability to summon undead creatures was even more terrifying. Even an Emperor would not want to provoke such an existence, and they all ordered their disciples not to provoke this master and disciple.

However, the cultivators of the Imperial realm had never seen the two since the destruction of the radiance sacred land. They all guessed that the master and disciple had left the Imperial realm, and they were secretly relieved.

Just as the entire Imperial path world was shaking, ye chen and fa Kong had already left the Imperial path world and arrived on a barren planet.

“What are your plans for the future?” ye chen turned to fa Kong.

Fa Kong pondered for a moment and looked into the depths of the starry sky. His eyes seemed to be burning with flames.”I wish to continue advancing on the ancient path of stars. I have a premonition that Xuan Xin will encounter a lot of trouble in the future. He might need my help.”

Ye chen slightly nodded and said,”the ancient path of stars does have a lot of dangers, but it can also help you grow quickly.” However, I’m going to take back this puppet incarnation of mine. If you encounter any danger in the future, you’ll have to deal with it yourself.”

Ye chen said this to dispel fa Kong’s reliance on others. Otherwise, he would only destroy fa Kong if he thought of his master’s help when he was in danger.

If it were not for the Saint owner shamelessly using his Saint weapon to deal with fa Kong, ye chen would not have made a move.

Fa Kong’s Dao was different from others. Even if he died, he could be resurrected, so there was no need to worry too much about him.

“I understand.”

Fa Kong nodded and said, ” master, after I was separated from Xuan Xin, I was chased by the Saint of light. I haven’t had the time to find out where Xuan Xin is. Master, you must know where he is, right? ” How is he now?”

Ye Chen’s eyes looked into the depths of the starry sky and said, ” “Xuan Xin’s fine. Although he’s also encountered a lot of danger, and even been chased by Dao severing experts, he’s managed to survive all of them. He had already reached the starry sky near the black Yellow great world. It wouldn’t be long before he arrived there. I’ll give you a location, and you can use it to sense and find him.”

After saying that, ye chen stretched out his hand and touched between fa Kong’s eyebrows. A golden light fell into the depths of fa Kong’s consciousness, allowing him to clearly sense Xuan Xin’s location.

It was extremely far away from here, who knew how many tens of thousands of miles it was and how many star regions it had crossed.

Although there were inter-star field teleportation arrays on some planets on the ancient path of stars, most of them were no longer usable. One had to rely on one’s own strength to rush over.

If he were to fly by himself, who knew how long it would take him to arrive.

Of course, fa Kong could enter the deep layers of the void to hurry on his journey. The void here was layered. If he took a step in the deep layers of the void, he might be able to easily travel tens of thousands of miles away.

As long as one could withstand the immense pressure of the void, they could enter a deeper level of the void and travel faster.

Knowing that Xuan Xin was safe for the time being, fa Kong was relieved. He bid farewell to ye Chen’s puppet incarnation and set foot on the ancient starry sky path again.

Ye Chen’s puppet stepped into the starry sky, and his figure disappeared.

In the next quarter of an hour, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation appeared in ye Chen’s cave in the mysterious heaven Holy Land.

It was unknown how many billions of miles of distance it was, so it was particularly incredible.

In ye Chen’s cave, a foot-tall willow tree was rooted on the side of the flowing water. Its trunk was like a dragon’s scale, and its branches and leaves were as green as Jade. Each leaf seemed to be connected to a greater world, and the whole willow tree was surrounded by a dense chaotic Qi.

This was the reward that ye chen had received after fa Kong had broken through to the Almighty realm.

Hollow Willow!

[ hollow Willow: one of the innate chaotic spiritual roots. It is rooted in the endless chaos ocean. It is hollow inside and can connect to all the heavens and worlds. It can store billions of treasures. ] If it could grow to the extreme, it could contain thousands of worlds.

Was there any connection between this hollow Willow and the legendary great immortal Yang Mei?

Ye chen shook his head inwardly. This kind of thing was still too far away from him, so he didn’t think too much about it for the time being.

Ye chen carefully sensed it. This hollow Willow could allow him to send living beings or items to any world in the lower realm at any time. At most, it could take the enemy’s Saint weapon. Even if it was the enemy’s Natal weapon, the enemy would not be able to sense it at all.

Of course, with the growth of the hollow Willow, it could lead to the upper realm in the future and forcefully collect more powerful divine weapons from the enemy.

With this kind of hollow Willow that could ignore the existence of space, he could travel to the universe at any time!

If he were to escape, he could Cross Worlds at any time. Who in the world could catch up to him?

Ye Chen’s mind flickered slightly. He used the thousand treasure oven to melt down the ten half-Saint weapons and forged five Dao severing stage puppets with unique half-Saint weapons. Then, he used the spatial characteristics of the hollow Willow and threw them into the five worlds that Xuan Xin and fa Kong had passed through on the ancient starry sky path, searching for other fortunes.

With the improvement of ye Chen’s cultivation base, the battle strength of these Dao severing realm puppets had become even more powerful, comparable to the peak of the Dao severing realm. If he used the half-Saint weapon at full power, it would be enough to fight a Saint!

Ye chen was extremely satisfied with this innate chaotic spirit root. It seemed to be more useful than the chaos Gourd Vine!

After all, the innate Calabash vine had been harvested by ye chen like a leek, so it had not shown any more magical abilities yet.

In the corner of ye Chen’s cave, the chaos Calabash vine was lying there quietly. It was still ten meters long, winding like a dragon, coiling in the void. Its leaves were green and bright, and seven crystal-like flowers had already grown on it, flowing with the rhythm of the great Dao.

Was the chaos Calabash vine really going to bear seven Calabash Brothers?

Ye chen shook his head and chuckled, feeling that the possibility was not high.

The chaos Calabash vine was growing at an unbelievable speed, and it was not far from the fruit. It would be clear when the time came.

In the Zi Wei Empire’s Zi Emperor City, Zi Menghan left the Zi Ji treasure vault. She was not in a hurry to return to the blue cloud Peak. Instead, she went alone to visit Mu Sheng, who had revived the Zi Wei Empire. She gave him a root of the chaos Gourd Vine and a set of cultivation techniques, the [ sever self Ming Dao Art ]!

Saint MU’s descendants were disappointing, but Saint mu was the one who revived the Zi Wei Empire. He destroyed two demonic abyss rifts in a row and his life was coming to an end. Zi Menghan had always held him in high regard.

Knowing that Saint mu did not have much time left, Zi Menghan did not want to do nothing. Although she did not want to marry a descendant of Saint mu, she also did not want to see this old hero’s curtain fall. She wanted to give him a precious treasure and the art of self-destruction, hoping that he would be able to return to his peak.

Since the later generations were not up to expectations, then there was no need to count on them. As long as Mu Sheng himself returned to the peak, the MU family could still continue on for another few thousand years!

Fa Kong and Xuan Xin were both on their way to the black Yellow great world. Although there would definitely be other dangers hidden on the ancient path of stars, they should be able to deal with them and did not have to pay much attention to them for the time being.

As for li Qingzhou, he was still staying at the blue cloud Peak to accumulate experience for breaking through to the Almighty realm. He was about to reach his limit.

And ye Chen’s accumulation was also about to reach the peak of the Almighty realm.

Three months later.


The sound of a sword rang out on the blue cloud Peak, shaking the entire world.

Li Qingzhou had come out of seclusion.

Li Qingzhou’s body emitted a soaring sword intent, and every pore of his was surging with endless sword light. It was as if his entire body was made of billions of the most delicate small swords. Even the runes flowing under his skin seemed to be made of sword intent, and the aura he emitted was extremely terrifying.

Li Qingzhou landed outside ye Chen’s cave and saluted towards the cave from a distance. He said with respect, ” “Master, I’ve cultivated the primordial soul realm to the extreme. I can’t suppress it anymore. My Almighty tribulation is coming.”

Ye chen opened his eyes, which were filled with anticipation. He said with great interest, ” “Where do you plan to go for your tribulation?”

Li Qingzhou was different from the other disciples. He had the sword Dao Supreme bone. Although he was the last one to pass the Tribulation, his Foundation was far beyond the other disciples. Ye chen didn’t even bother to ask him if he was confident in passing the Tribulation.

It shouldn’t be difficult for li Qingzhou to resist the heavenly Tribulation.

However, li Qingzhou’s tribulation would definitely cause a huge commotion. Ye chen did not want him to undergo it in the sacred land, in case he attracted some powerful enemies.

Li Qingzhou thought for a while and said, ” “Master, my tribulation will probably cause a huge commotion. It’s not suitable for me to undergo it in the profound heavenly sacred land. Since the crack of the demonic abyss has opened up the demonic realm, I’m going to find a base of the brutal demonic race in the demonic realm to cross the Tribulation and destroy a demonic force in the process.”

Ye Chen’s brows slightly raised.’Heh, these disciples are really troublesome!’


Three long roots flew out of ye Chen’s cave, floating in the air in front of li Qingzhou. Ye chen said casually, ” “Just take it, it’s better to be prepared.”

“This disciple thanks master!” Li Qingzhou put away the three roots and thanked ye chen. After bidding farewell to ye chen, he left the mountain.

Ye chen did not object to li Qingzhou’s decision to go to the demonic world.


Now, there were more and more space cracks between the devil World and the East continent. The two worlds had connected in many places. Many cultivators in the East continent had become accustomed to the existence of the devil race. The two worlds were merging quickly.

Even though the higher-ups of the sages had negotiated and set many restrictions, the demons were still brutal by nature. They had secretly killed many humans and were stained with human blood. They had always been a major threat to the human race.

Li Qingzhou wanted to help the eastern barren territory, so ye chen did not stop him.

The demon world and the ancient barren world were connected by many spatial cracks. If li Qingzhou encountered some kind of life-and-death crisis, ye chen could use the spatial characteristics of the hollow Willow to instantly appear by his side, protecting his life.

The xuantian Holy Land had a demonic abyss passage that was connected to the demonic world. Tens of thousands of disciples of the xuantian Holy Land had entered the demonic world before, so they knew the demonic forces within hundreds of thousands of miles of the demonic world’s war fortress very well.

Li Qingzhou asked around and found out that the most brutal demons in the area were the silver-blood demons!

The silver blood demons were 180000 miles away from the battle fortress. They occupied a mountain range that spanned nearly 10000 miles. They were brutal and bloodthirsty. Many disciples of the mysterious sky Holy Land had died at the hands of the silver blood demons.

In addition, the silver-blood demons had once entered the East barren through other cracks in the demonic abyss. They had massacred nine giant cities in a row and killed tens of millions of people, committing heinous crimes.

When the major forces of the East continent came to attack, the silver-blood demons returned to their nests in the devil World. The ancient demons in the devil World turned a blind eye to it and only condemned them verbally.

Li Qingzhou’s target was the silver-blood demon!

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