My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?

Chapter 408 Level 355
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Chapter 408: Level 355

Alex had a perfect weapon against the prisoners, triggering their golden veins with his [Eldritch Touch], and swords laced in that element. He started killing people by planting all his swords at once, laced in the blue flames.

Meiya was slower because her control over sinful mana was weaker. To her parent’s dislike, Meiya wanted to focus more on her envy, so she planned to bother Alex with oyakodon soon enough.

Her black wind mixed with holiness(that was lethal against prisoners with golden veins), becoming a small tornado that wrapped prisoners into a deathly embrace. She studied her sinful energy more, and it was much easier with Alex in her presence.

Besides that, Alex was doing a splendid job, so Meiya didn’t want to be worse. In fact, she wanted to match or be even better than him! In a few breaths, the mingled energies had changed considerably, for black color dominated.

And while Auberon had long since accepted that his daughter and granddaughter would rely more on sins in the future and turn their bloodlines different under Alex’s presence, he couldn’t really bother himself with Meiya and her prowess —his eyes fixed on Alex.

‘He’s turning golden veins into his weapon. Those blue flames have lethal, debilitating, and poisonous effects. If he learns about the [Golden Veins] skill, perhaps he would be able to enhance his already powerful skill.’

However, there was an odd feeling after those thoughts deep in Auberon’s heart. It wasn’t bad, for his heart warmed.

But Master Auberon had an inkling that Alex would develop [Golden Veins] effect, even without him teaching that skill. As The Fallen Angel and Wrath Holder, Alex could already leverage an emotion everyone felt at least once in their lives.

It wouldn’t be weird if he could mete out punishments soon enough.

And it wasn’t like Auberon minded teaching Alex that skill. With the player system and his bloodlines, Alex surely would learn [Golden Veins] soon enough. Learning too many skills, particularly after a significant level up, was not a wise choice, though.

Besides, they had many years ahead of themselves, so it was fine to take time.

“I’m done,” Alex returned to Auberon’s side, standing next to him like a good in-law. He smiled and thanked his father-in-law for enabling him quick and essential growth.

Auberon glanced at Alex’s level, which the young man displayed to everyone’s eyes in this room, then nodded silently.

Alex killed fifty prisoners, leaving the equal half to his girl. Meiya still wasn’t done, and she had at least thirty prisoners still ahead of herself, so Alex and Auberon engaged in a casual talk.

“You are level two hundred and thirty… It’s not bad, but far from the results I want,” Auberon already thought about prisoners he easily could sacrifice for his family so that no one outside the house would raise questions at him.

Alex nodded, replying softly while his father-in-law recked his brain, “It is still a significant boost that I’m grateful for. I really wouldn’t mind if we had to stop here.”

Auberon shook his head, “It’s fine. We will start with the worst prisoners who have committed the worst crimes. There’s plenty of them, so you can invite even one more person from your family.”

“Is it really fine?” Alex asked with worry, for he didn’t want to trouble his new family.

“It is,” Auberon replied, recalling the little girl who carried the authority of the winged people. For her sake, it was best if Alex and his wives were stronger. And with that excuse, he would sacrifice many prisoners for them.

If his ancestors came out from the clouds, he would face them and use Veronica as a last resort. However, even Auberon doubted that those old people would come out from the invisible land floating above them.

That island was something akin to [Ancestral Grounds] from the Dullahan Kingdom. Of course, those people from that holy island should’ve died already, yet they kept hanging to their already too long lives like stubborn fellows, which was different from the dullahans.

“Looks like she’s done, too,” Alex smiled, trotting toward her. Meiya was so tired that she immediately fell into his arms; then, after recovering some of her stamina through cuddling, Meiya took his back for herself, copying her daughter.

Alex laughed while Auberon formed a comical expression, which was so rare that he eventually smiled and laughed himself.

“Father, do you mind if I take those bones?” Alex asked, glancing behind at the bones, which surely were one of the highest qualities. Those bones came out after Eldritch Touch had licked the prisoners to death.

Alex also had skimmed through the update of his [The Fallen Angel’s Servants], knowing what kind of army upgrade awaited him.

Auberon asked first, “Do you have a good usage for them?” And after Alex nodded, he gave him a pass.

He then opened the doors, guiding the couple somewhere else, “Let’s continue in a different room.”

“Yes,” Alex replied while Meiya’s eyes daggered her father’s back.

Three of them were on the same page, of course.

Even Alex, who was from Earth and disliked mindless killing, hadn’t batted his eyes at the prisoners and stopped himself from ending their lives for his gain. The events from Purgatory had brought him much closer to his ruthless side.

And everything Alex did was for his and his family’s future. Besides, Alex ended the lives of criminals who had been in pain for a long time. They even had some chances of escaping the prison, so Alex had done a good thing, nevertheless.

At last, the desired results arrived.

[Alexander Deathwill Mao Lv. 355]

[Meiya Deathwill Lv. 351]

While Meiya had an even higher level before her fall due to Elias Deathwill, Alex had been genuinely stunned by such a leap of strength. He felt much different. It was as if he could see the world from a different perspective.

Everything except Meiya and Auberon seemed smaller and less significant. His swords buzzed with so much Wrath that only The Antagonist Sword and The Dullahan King’s Sword endured his might — all others crumbled.

That fast and unbelievable progress was so blinding that Alex thought he could face everyone — but just for a few seconds.

He cooled off his mind, glancing at Meiya, then Auberon, “I must adapt to this power.”

“I know,” Auberon replied stoically, then glanced at the prisoner held in the cloud. Under his command, the cloud dispersed, freeing the man. He still couldn’t move, for his body had been in one position for too long time.

But as his eyes opened, the man’s ears recorded hopeful words, “If you kill him, I will grant you freedom.”

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