My Identities Were All Exposed After I Was Pampered by Everyone at My Grandfather's House!

Chapter 277 - 277 The Custodians
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277 The Custodians

They walked into the room with their guns.

Qiao Yue’s surveillance computer had just been shot through by a bullet. The monitor displayed no images now and the sound of a wheezing bullet rang from its speakers.

If Qiao Yue guessed correctly, these were people from the internationally famous organization, The Custodians!

With olive branches as their logo, The Custodians were backed by a charity consortium.

They would go around and the world and destroy illegal, drug-related organizations. Word had it that they hired ex-UN peacekeeping troopers. They were a pure non-profit organization.

Qiao Yue should be able to get out with their help.

The few of them slowly scanned the room for people with infrared detectors, moving towards the door. Qiao Yue stood up. “Hello, you are from The Custodians, right?”

More than a dozen guns were immediately aimed at Qiao Yue.

“Who’s there?”

The men looked at Qiao Yue warily.

“If I’m not wrong, you’re here to arrest Andy tonight, right?” Qiao Yue asked.

Since things had come to this, Qiao Yue could only take a gamble.

A flashlight shone on Qiao Yue’s face. Qiao Yue didn’t close her eyes under the glare. Instead, she looked at the people in front of her.

Light also shone on the men’s faces. They were all wearing gas masks, so it was almost impossible to see their faces.

The leader’s gaze lingered on Qiao Yue, as if he was stunned.

“Weapons down,” The man ordered.

“Colonel Su?” The rest of the team asked.

“This is the youngest master from C-Country’s prominent Qiao family. He should have nothing to do with Andy.”

Qiao Yue’s eyes lit up. This person recognized her!

“Give him a set of our equipment.” The man turned off his flashlight.

“You should know that there are many people outside your room, right?” The man referred to as Colonel Su asked.

He had a middle-aged man’s voice, and he seemed to be around Qiao Li and Qiao Yi’s age. But he didn’t have the chubby look of a middle-aged man at all. Instead, he looked like a soldier in his twenties.

His movements when holding his weapon were also sharp and clean and he was well-trained.

“Then I’ll need your help.” Colonel Su reached out to shake Qiao Yue’s hand.

Qiao Yue shook hands with him and put on the equipment they gave her.

A team member asked, “Colonel Su, can we trust this girl? What if she’s one of Andy’s people…”

“I’m not!” Qiao Yue replied. “I was also tricked by Andy and my friends are still in his hands.”

“Trust her and turn on the signal jammer.” Colonel Su said.

One of the soldiers unloaded the large box he was carrying and set up the signal jammer.

This signal jammer could block all signals in the room. No one would be able to hear what they were saying now.

Colonel Su was the commander of this team. Since he believed Qiao Yue, the rest of the team would not doubt him. This was a fundamental quality for soldiers on the battlefield.

“Andy is on the top floor right now. My friends are also there. I heard the sound of an attack upstairs when you arrived just now. There are twelve soldiers outside. The soldiers on the other floors should have been re-deployed to protect Andy.”

“Alright.” Colonel Su nodded. “We have another team here. We have agreed to meet on the top floor.”

“Team One, the goal of our operation is to capture Andy alive!” Colonel Su ordered.

The few of them nodded and got into fighting stances.

Colonel Su pulled the wire on a smoke bomb and threw it out the door the moment the door opened. The smoke bomb exploded in the corridor.

The mercenaries were on high alert.

“Let’s go,” Colonel Su ordered.

The mercenaries outside weren’t to be trifled with. In an instant, the corridor was filled with fire, gunshots, and smoke. Qiao Yue and Colonel Su’s team worked together to fight the mercenaries.

Although the mercenaries were all ex-soldiers, they were still not as good as the well-trained team and Qiao Yue.

After a round of fighting, there were only two mercenaries left. They held their guns and hid behind a corner of the corridor, waiting for the opportunity to ambush their attackers.

However, their attackers didn’t give them the chance. The team’s sniper had already locked on to the two from the other side. When the two stood up, ready to ambush Qiao Yue and the team, he finished them off with two shots. Please visit 𝐟𝒓𝚎𝘦we𝐛𝐧𝐨vℯ𝚕. c𝘰m

However, one of the mercenaries quickly fired a shot at Colonel Su.

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