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276 Long Time No See

Andy’s words were like the chanting of a demon.

Qiao Yue, who was watching the live surveillance footage, quivered.

This man was a demon. He actually described such a thing as beautiful.

Jin Lu trembled and almost spilled her wine.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to drink it. We can get straight to business.”

Andy scooped up Jin Lu and carried her into the bedroom.

Qiao Yue clenched her fists. This b*stard!

Jin Lu shook even harder. Although she knew that she might face such a situation, she did not expect it to be so soon and with Andy.

“You can’t do this. I’m here for an audition only. You can’t insult my dignity.” Jin Lu said in a trembling voice.

“Is that so?”

Andy placed Jin Lu on the bed and pressed against her as he whispered, “I’m not asking you, I’m asking her.”

Jin Lu’s eyes widened.

Qiao Yue, who was sitting in front of the surveillance monitor, also widened her eyes and had already drawn her gun.

She was going to save Jin Lu, and then Qiao Yu. These b*stards!

“You’d better not act rashly, kid. I know you’re watching from over there.”

Andy’s touched Jin Lu’s dress and started unbuttoning it, except for the button that hid a surveillance camera.

“What are you saying?” Jin Lu bit her lip as she felt her body gradually being exposed.

The room was climate controlled, but Jin Lu felt as if she had been dropped into an ice cellar that her scalp tingled.

Qiao Yue’s clenched her gun tightly. She knew what the man was doing. She was ready to burst through the doors and rush upstairs to save Jin Lu.

When she reached the door, there were already fully armed soldiers standing outside.

The man’s voice could be heard from the surveillance system. “I didn’t expect you to think that you can get away. I’ve already had people surround you. Don’t even think about escaping.”

“The people who saved you must have died in their hands. They are mercenaries, Miss 47.”

47 was Qiao Yue’s code number. No one except people in the organization would know this. How did Andy know?

“You must want to know how I know, right? After all, I escaped from the Godfather’s organization.” Andy chuckled. “Who’s the Godfather? He is but a piece of trash.”

Qiao Yue estimated the number of people at the door and thought about how she could get away.

There were 12 soldiers outside. Even if they were the worst mercenaries armed to the teeth, Qiao Yue would not be able to escape even if she had wings.

“Who the hell are you?” Qiao Yue asked finally as she stood in the room.

“You must be close to the Godfather, No. 47. Since the Godfather likes you so much, I like you too.”

Jin Lu’s mouth was covered by Andy, so she couldn’t make a sound.

“I love you so much that I’m going crazy, Qiao Yue.” Andy’s other hand was holding the earbud that was previously hidden in Jin Lu’s ear as he said with a sinister smile.

This was outrageous. What love was there to talk about when he’s from that kind of organization! He only wanted to use Qiao Yue to provoke the Godfather.

“Don’t you do anything to Jin Lu. You just want to hold me hostage for the Godfather, right? I can go with you. Just let my brother and Jin Lu go. I will leave with you.” Qiao Yue said coldly.

Since he was coming for her and was a member of the organization, she didn’t mind giving him a taste of his own medicine.

What was the point of threatening her with men from KA?

“Your brother? Those good-for-nothings from the Qiao family?” Andy frowned. “I didn’t do anything to them.”

“Oswald, your nephew, he’s also one of Godfather’s men. Did he also betray the Godfather and flee with you? You were the ones who killed Trand, right?”

The man in front of the camera frowned, as if he didn’t understand Qiao Yue’s words.

“Oswald?” His expression turned ugly in an instant. “Is he also a member of the organization? What else do you know? Tell me!”

Andy seemed flustered at the moment, but he quickly regained his composure and pretended to be calm as he negotiated with Qiao Yue.

“I know what you want. Like I said, you can take me hostage.” Qiao Yue said coldly.

Suddenly, the sound of a helicopter was heard, and a few gunshots burst through the windows.

Qiao Yue quickly squatted down and used the table as cover.

The windows were broken, and several people in bulletproof suits with olive branches painted on them broke into Qiao Yue’s room.

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