My Hollywood System

Chapter 239
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Chapter 239:

Each manga is a collection of simple stories about simple people and some magical creations with superpowers, but in most cases, these superpowers and simple people are reflections of the everyday problems people face and have to cope with. Naruto was a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto in Will’s previous world.

It had garnered worldwide fame and was one of the key players in taking anime to the mainstream.

Accepting the quest was very tempting, but at the same time, it also seemed like he was biting more than he could chew.

The anime industry was totally a foreign industry for him right now, and there were already too many projects lying in his hands.

‘I can’t take this right now.’

Thinking through, Will shook his head, “No, thank you. Although this deal is very tempting, I already have too much on my plate. I don’t want anything to do with this time. Also, I am not really looking forward to working with your son any time soon.”

Spencer remained silent for a few seconds upon hearing these words.

Sometime later, Will heard a sigh from the other side as the former replied.

[That’s unfortunate. I really wanted our studios to work with each other once again. If you change your mind, you can always call me. But anyway, since you’re not interested in Japan, I have something else for you.]

“Oh, I am all ears,” Will asked.

[Well, I think it would be better if you hear it from Foxstar’s Acting CEO and Managing Director]

“Colt?” Will frowned.

[Much better] A feminine voice spoke from the other side this time, surprising Will.

[I am Sofia Miller, and I will now be heading Foxstar Studios from this week. It’s nice to talk to you, Mr Evans]

Will slowly nodded, “Likewise.”

[Mr Evans, I won’t waste any of your time and will get straight to business]

After a pause, she added.

[After your previous visit to our place, the relationship between our two studios has taken a turn for the worse, and I wish to get things back in the positive direction. It’s not a hidden fact that Dream Vision is growing rapidly and will soon stand toe to toe with our studio if it isn’t already. However, I believe we can still work together, and it would be a waste to miss such an opportunity just because of one guy’s greed.]

“Did you think I will work together because your dad fired his son and put his daughter in his place?” Will asked.

[No. I don’t even expect you to consider working together with us again, but it’s a fact that you’re letting your anger get in the way of business and profit.]

Will remained silent for a few seconds before replying. “You’re talking about profits, but you haven’t told me the second thing your father was talking about.”

[Other than the animation, the second thing we have is something we can only discuss by meeting in person.]

Sofia then added after a pause.

[I will visit your office tomorrow]

“Alright.” Saying this, Will disconnected the phone.

“Do you think he will agree?” Spencer asked when he heard the call disconnection notification.

Sofia shrugged upon hearing her father’s question, “We don’t know yet, but I will try my best. And honestly, if he still rejects the proposal, we will just have to bear with it and part ways with Dream Vision.”

Spencer nodded, “Yes, no matter what has happened and how things were handled, we still have our self-respect. But I am curious why did he reject the anime proposal, I really wanted him on it even if this drama didn’t happened.”

Sofia shook his head, “He just postponed it. What Dream Vision has in store will keep him busy for the next two years. And if there’s something that I haven’t caught on to, I will figure it out after meeting him in person.”

Spencer asked, “You can lower our profit from the [Hitch] and keep the Sherlock share distribution constant. It might create a leeway and also bring good money on our table as well.”

“I will, Dad.”

Just when Sofia replied, her phone rang.

She took it out from her pocket, and seeing her assistant’s name on it, she picked up the call.


After a brief pause, her calm expression froze, and instantly anger and shock appeared on her face.

“Colt! How dare he?!”

Hearing his daughter’s outburst, Spencer was shocked as well.

“What? What did he do?!”

“He….” Sofia revealed something shocking, making Spencer boil in rage and frustration.

In Dream Vision, Will put the phone down and leaned back on his chair.

He wasn’t quite eager to meet Sofia because he himself was undecided.

On the one hand, he didn’t wish to delay [Hitch] for too long, but at the same time, his own distribution channel wasn’t set up yet.

‘Should I look for a different distributor?’

It was a viable option, but he didn’t wish to open too many of his cards yet. And another reason was the fact that he would lose a bigger share of [Hitch] compared to Foxstars’ deal if he were to go with the others.

“Let’s just see what happens.”

Letting out a long breath, he moved his attention back to the table.

On the table, along with the MCU file, there was another one.

[Devil Meets The Prada]

[Prospective Casts]

‘I also need to begin this one.’

[Devil Meets The Prada] may not have been a cult classic, but it surely was an interesting story and was also a female-lead-centric story which gave it a unique flavour.

When he was writing the script, he had thought of a few possible actors to play the lead roles and even thought about finding the actresses who actually played the roles.

But he then changed his mind.

He was bringing too many new faces into the industry, and that would only saturate the star power these actors would have in future.

And another thing was he didn’t wish to just be known as someone who debuts new actors and forgets about them.

Hence, he wanted to try an existing actress for this money, and his first choice was someone from his previous world who was famous here as well.

‘Let’s see what they have here.’

He opened the file and, one by one began to go through the profiles.

However, to his surprise, the profiles were not of actors and actresses alone. Rather, there were some director profiles as well.

‘This is interesting.’

He had mentioned that he wouldn’t be directing this movie, so it was quite considerate of Amanda to look into this matter as well.

And thinking about direction, he couldn’t help but put down the file.

Right now, it was clear to him that he had too much on his plate.

Marvel. Sherlock. Pirates of The Caribbean. Harry Potter. Men In Black. The Lion King. Netflix…

These were just the names of a few.

Not to mention he had also found two superbly talented actors:

Brad Pitt, who was Luke Newmann in this world.

And Keanu Reeves, who was Keanu Reeds in this world.

These two actors can bring out a whole series of their own.

For Keanu Reeds alone, there’s The Matrix and John Wick.

For Luke Newmann, there’s Fight Club, Inglorious Bastards, and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Then among animations other than Lion King, there were Toy Story, Cars, How Two Train Your Dragon and the Kung Fu Panda series.

And there were also existing stars like Tom Hanks, and it would be blasphemy if he didn’t bring Forrest Gump for the world to watch.

There was so much he wanted to do but little he could do.

After all, he was not immortal.

Even after working for long hours and pushing himself to the limit, he had barely touched the surface of what he actually wanted in the last three years.

‘At this pace, even if I work non-stop for the next 20-25 years, I won’t finish all of them.’

‘I wish I could just transfer some of my world’s knowledge to someone else.’

It was a ridiculous thought, and Will instantly rejected the idea.

‘What’s the guarantee that they won’t betray me in future?’

He let out a sigh upon thinking about this.

‘But it’s worth asking, right? If I can somehow find famous directors, choreographers, and other crew and then gain their loyalty, maybe I won’t have to directly involve myself in everything?’

‘System, is it possible to transfer the knowledge?’

[Hollywood System level is too low for this function to unlock.]

‘So it is possible,’ Will scratched his chin, ‘What level is needed?’

[Level 3 System]

‘So, the next level?’

Will frowned, ‘What’s the condition to level up?’

[You have not reached the objective to unlock the requirements for level up]

‘I have to do something just to see what I need to level up the system? What do I need?’

[Hidden Quest Opened]

[Quest: Create an OTT Platform and establish a 5% viewership share worldwide.]

[Reward: Revelation of objectives to level up the Hollywood System]

[Failure Penalty: OTT Platform shuts down.]


As soon as he saw the name, a huge question mark appeared in his mind.

‘I need to launch Netflix?’

Netflix was in his plans, but he wanted to wait a bit, at least a year and a half, before settling some urgent matters.

‘I need to think carefully about this. If I prioritize Netflix, Harry Potter and Marvel will get affected. That’s not what I want.’

Shaking his head, he focused once again on the list in his hand.

And after seeing a few familiar names in the Director Profiles, he reached the prospective cast profiles.

And the first profile he saw surprised him.


Amused, he turned the page, and the next one surprised him even more.

‘Scarlett McJohn’

This was the one he wanted to cast. But then, thinking about June’s profile, he couldn’t help but wonder what Amanda was thinking while putting up the list.

Who to choose?


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