My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 780 - The Real Reason
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Chapter 780: The Real Reason

Coldness arose in Gu Weiwei’s eyes. “Even if I don’t take revenge on them, they will not let me go, will they?”

She was just trying to create some doubt, so that Ling Yan would panic and then become impatient and want to kill her.

Who knew what she would do to her in the future.

Although she was lucky to have met Fu Hanzheng after being reborn, she had no intention of letting go of the past grudge.

Yuan Shuo sighed seriously and said, “Even you and Yuan Meng together, can’t deal with the person who helped Ling Yan.”

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a moment and then asked, “Who is it?”

Yuan Shuo said, “Will Dorrans.”

Gu Weiwei’s face sank. She had never expected that it was someone from the Dorrans Family.

“What is his relationship with Cayman Dorrans?”

“He is one of Cayman Dorrans’ most trusted assistants and he is your cousin,” Yuan Shuo said.

Gu Weiwei frowned. “Then why did he kill me? If he wants to take over the Dorrans Family he should be targeting Cayman. Why did he have to deal with me?”

“Will’s father is one of the murderers who killed your mother. In order to take revenge, Cayman took back the power of the Dorrans Family and killed Will’s father too,” Yuan Shuo said with a heavy tone. He took a sip of water and continued, “Actually, Will and his father have always been enemies. He even helped Cayman kill his father’s men, and so he gained Cayman’s trust.”

Gu Weiwei did not know much about the Dorrans Family, so she listened to him without interrupting.

“Will is a very smart man and he has done a lot of things under Cayman all these years. He is trusted and supported by the family.”

“I can tell that a man who planned to kill me is very smart,” Gu Weiwei said.

Yuan Shuo looked at her seriously and said, “Ordinary people may be at odds with their parents, but they are still blood-related. I suspect that he killed his father’s men to gain the trust of Cayman, so that he could stay by Cayman’s side and take back the power. He was only twelve years old at the time.”

If a twelve-year-old child could be that scheming, then now as a man he was too scary.

“Will that work?” Gu Weiwei asked with amusement.

She was with the Gu Family and Cayman Dorrans would not have allowed her to take over the family anyways, so why had he spent so much effort to get rid of her?

“Of course it has worked, and he has achieved his goal,” Yuan Shuo said.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a few seconds. “He wanted the Dorrans Family to turn against the Gu Family?”

Yuan Shuo nodded. “It is a commercial age now and Cayman has asked the Gu Family to participate in a lot of the Dorrans Family’s business. If nothing happens to you, Gu Siting can hold half of the Dorrans Family’s power and wealth.”

Will must have sensed something and investigated her identity.

With Cayman by his side and Ling Yan giving him Gu Weiwei’s DNA, he could easily confirm their relationship.

After confirming that she was Cayman’s daughter, he knew that she was the key to breaking the situation.

Without her, the Gu Family and Cayman Dorrans would lose the need to cooperate and the Gu Family would be nothing in the Dorrans Family’s eyes.

Now that the Gu Family and the Dorrans Family had stopped cooperating, and Cayman had been greatly affected by Weiwei’s death, everything was going in Will’s favor.

Hearing his words, Gu Weiwei thought for a long while and sighed.

“This kind of person is not easy to deal with.”

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