My Hidden Wife is Sweet

Chapter 1115 - Love-struck
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Chapter 1115: Love-struck

After lunch, Fu Hanzheng was about to leave for the company under Fu Shiqin’s urging.

Before he left the apartment, he gave his wife a lingering kiss before leaving unwillingly.

Within half an hour after Fu Hanzheng left, Yuan Meng’s family of three came to visit her new apartment and delivered some necessities she had left behind.

Not only did she deliver it to her, but Yuan Meng also helped her tidy up the things.

“Alright, you are so precious now, just sit there and watch.”

If she got tired, Fu Hanzheng would kill her.

Gu Weiwei did not want to stand on ceremony, so she sat down on the sofa and started to read, letting her tidy up.

“By the way, where are you going to stay after I leave?”

She was going to Dubai with Fu Hanzheng at the end of the month and she would have to stay there for at least a year.

But if they went with her, the Fu Family would suspect that she was in Dubai too.

Yuan Meng sorted out her things and said, “Yuan Shuo plans to go to Italy. He says that he is worried about Cayman, but he also wants to ask for your opinion. If you mind that we are involved with him, we won’t go.”

They were with her now, and the elders of the Fu Family did not like Cayman Dorrans, so if they went to Cayman Dorrans, the Fu Family might misunderstand her.

Gu Weiwei stayed silent for a moment. “Go, as long as it is not obvious.”

Honestly, she was not very assured about Cayman Dorrans either. He did not seem to be doing well and he was surrounded by enemies.

But her current identity and position did not allow her to ask too much about him.

Therefore, if Yuan Shuo and the others went over, she would feel a bit more at ease.

Yuan Meng turned to her. “Can you live alone in Dubai with Fu Hanzheng?”

She and Yuan Shuo must have been used to taking care of her like a little girl. Even if she had Fu Hanzheng now, they would still be worried.

“Why not?” Gu Weiwei asked with a smile.

Yuan Meng shrugged helplessly. “Alright, there is nothing wrong with just staying with Fu Hanzheng.”

If it had been before, they would have been worried, but after she confessed her identity, Fu Hanzheng still did not abandon her.

They were no longer worried that anything would affect their relationship.

Gu Weiwei chuckled without saying a word. Sometimes, she even felt that the twenty years she spent as Gu Weiwei was not as happy as the one she had spent with Fu Hanzheng.

Sometimes, she could not help but think that he had not been in a relationship or married for so many years because he was waiting to meet her with all his heart.

And she had drifted away for more than twenty years just to find the direction he was in and come to him.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, can you not be so obsessed with your man?” Yuan Meng complained as she shook her head.

Hearing her words, Gu Weiwei said, “What was it like when you drooled over Master? Should I help you remember?”

Yuan Meng surrendered and asked, “Oh yes, didn’t you say that you came back to the capital for the pregnancy checks? When are you going?”

“I went there this morning,” Gu Weiwei said.

Yuan Meng raised her eyebrows. “What are the results?”

Gu Weiwei smiled brightly and said happily, “Two.”

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