My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 562 - Epilogue 4
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Chapter 562: Epilogue 4


The Ninth Summit.

“Sis, isn’t this too early?”

The Eighth Prince knelt on the ground and looked at Ao Longyu, hoping to negotiate.

“Get up quickly. How can the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race kneel down casually? Get up quickly.”

Ao Longyu couldn’t move him, so she kicked the Eighth Prince twice more.

It was useless.

“No, I won’t get up unless you take back the engagement.” The Eighth Prince was a Heaven Immortal. How could he get up if he had yet to get anything from kneeling?

“Then let’s discuss this marriage carefully.” Ao Longyu sat in front of the Eighth Prince with the egg in her arms.

“Are you dissatisfied with this marriage, or are you dissatisfied with Yan Xiyun?”

The Eighth Prince thought for a moment before answering.

“I am dissatisfied with the marriage. I don’t think this marriage is suitable.”

“Then let me ask you another question. If I don’t interfere with your marriage, can your marriage be decided by yourself?” Ao Longyu pulled Jiang Lan to the side.

Jiang Lan didn’t pay attention to their conversation and only nudged his egg son a few times.

“No.” Thinking rationally, the Eighth Prince came to a conclusion he had never thought of.

He really did not have the qualifications to decide his marriage. Not to mention the Dragon Race, as long as it was a large race that had a royal bloodline, the descendants of the royal bloodline almost did not have the right to choose.

The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race’s Hong Ya was lucky that the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor didn’t have much of an emotional fluctuation. Moreover, the youth’s background was impressive. He had a grandfather that others feared, not to mention that he had a Heavenly Venerable backing him.

Even if the Nine Heavens Phoenix Ancestor wanted to stop this relationship, she would have to think twice.

They were of equal status.

And when he received news that his mother wanted him to get married, he could not refuse.

This was inevitable.

His sister was like this back then.

“Then in a few years, Mother will find a marriage candidate for you.” Ao Longyu looked at the Eighth Prince and continued.

“This marriage partner must be a certain dragoness of the Dragon Race. She will have an outstanding bloodline and looks since Mother and the others only care about this.

You don’t know anything about the Dragoness’ temperament, hobbies, and interests during the marriage selection, and Mother definitely doesn’t care about these things.

If you marry the wrong person, you will be in pain for the rest of your life and will never be able to escape.

In other words, listening to the arrangements of the race is equivalent to betting. Whether it’s good or bad depends entirely on luck.”

Seeing that the Eighth Prince was thinking, Ao Longyu continued.

“Then let’s talk about Yan Xiyun. Does she look bad?”

“Not bad.” The Eighth Prince shook his head.

“Is her personality bad?” Ao Longyu asked again.

“Not bad either.” The Eighth Prince shook his head again.

“Does she not suit you?” Ao Longyu asked.

“Not really.” The Eighth Prince subconsciously recalled that there was nothing wrong with them.

“Do you hate her?”

“I don’t hate her.”

“Alright.” Ao Longyu smiled.

“Now, you have two choices. The first is to choose an unknown marriage for you from your mother. The other party’s bloodline will be exceptional, her appearance will not be bad but her temperament is unknown. It’s unknown to you if she’s likable or suitable for you.

The second is to choose the marriage selection that has been arranged for you. Her bloodline is similarly outstanding, her appearance is not bad, her character is gentle, you don’t hate her, and there won’t be any conflict.

Which one do you want to choose?”

The Eighth Prince was stunned on the spot. A bolt from the blue flashed across his mind.

For a moment, he felt that his sister really chose the best path for him.

It didn’t feel bad to be engaged.

Jiang Lan was also quite surprised, feeling that what his Senior Sister said made a lot of sense.

Both the Eighth Prince and Yan Xiyun were important figures in the race.

And the more important a person was, the more their marriage could not be controlled by them. It was like the Eighth Prince falling for an ordinary person. How could anyone agree?

No one would agree even if he fell for an ordinary dragon.

From a long-term perspective, it was not possible based on benefits.

Therefore, the Eighth Prince and Yan Xiyun were destined to marry someone they might not like in the future.

If they were to interfere now, it would be equivalent to helping him find someone he didn’t hate and could get along with well.

This dragon was quite experienced…

It was no wonder she made Liu Xiaoxiao play dumb till it was the right time for her to marry.

“It’s different.” The Eighth Prince finally woke up.

“That’s all in the future. I’m still young.”

“You’re already a thousand-year-old dragon. Are you still young?” Ao Longyu muttered.

“It’s just an engagement. I am not asking you to get married.

At least this way, you can ensure that the race won’t find you another marriage candidate.

And when the two of you want to get married, you two can get married.

If you two don’t want to get married, just delay it. Isn’t this better?

It’s no different from before.”

Eighth Prince: “…”

It seemed like there was indeed no harm in this plan.

After some time, the Eighth Prince left the Ninth Summit. He had figured it out.

He decided to continue selling wild animals.

This time, he brought his nephew’s egg down the mountain and played with it for half a day before sending it back.

He had finally escaped from the confinement room. He was afraid that his mother would find out. There was no excuse.

“Our egg son has been taken away. Does Junior Brother suddenly feel a little bored?” Ao Longyu sat opposite Jiang Lan and asked.

“Senior Sister, if you’re bored, you can play in the spiritual courtyard.” Jiang Lan took out the wooden sword and continued to embed it with his Dragon Slaying Sword Sword Intent.

With an additional enhancement, it should be able to make the wooden sword more useful.

“Junior Brother, you’re really rude. I’m already a mother. Why would I play such a childish game?” Ao Longyu stood up unhappily.

Jiang Lan’s eyelids fluttered as he looked at Ao Longyu. After a long time, he finally spoke.

“It’s not childish.”

“Then I’ll go play for a while.” Ao Longyu turned around and stood in the middle of the courtyard with her eyes closed.

Jiang Lan: “…”

The Dragon Slaying Sword Sword Intent kept manifesting itself on the wooden sword. Many guests had come to Kunlun.

Those who were famous in the Grand Desolate World had basically all come.

They were all here to attend his master and Martial Aunt’s wedding.

Not everyone knew that he was still in Kunlun. Most of them came because of Imperial Lord Xi He.

He had no intention of being in the limelight.

Seven days later.

Jiang Lan received news that the Qilin Race had arrived.

Furthermore, the Earth Mother had personally come.

In the past few years, the Mother Goddess had walked through the Grand Desolate World to repair the land and allow all living beings to recuperate. She had even taught the people of the world how to make the land more lively.

The Grand Desolate World also changed, quickly recovering.

She was already on the path to becoming a sage.

It was impossible for anyone who wanted to become a sage to stay in their own faction.

One had to walk around the Grand Desolate World and make sufficient contributions to the Grand Desolate World.

Only then could one become a sage.

The comprehension of the Dao alone was not enough for one to become a sage.

It was difficult to replicate the path to becoming a sage. The number of sage positions available was extremely limited.

So far, only Heavenly Human Yunxiao had become a sage.

Although the Earth Mother was already on the path of becoming a sage, it would still take quite some time.

No one from Kunlun left the mountain, so no one walked the path of becoming a sage.

“The Earth Mother has personally come. She must have received some news.”

Jiang Lan had some guesses, but Yan Xiyun was extremely important to the Qilin Race, so it was normal for her to be valued.

Of course, it was also possible that the Dragon Race hoped that the Qilin Race could disintegrate this marriage.

From the Eighth Prince’s perspective, the marriage was not unfavorable to him, and from Yan Xiyun’s perspective…

She was still young.

But she was on good terms with the Eighth Prince.

There were countless immortals in Kunlun. It was not without reason that the four of them ended up together.

On the second day after the Qilin Race came to Kunlun.

Jiang Lan originally planned to bring Xiao Yu to their residence to discuss the marriage, but they took the initiative to come looking for him.

Ao Longyu exhaled. She had to face this matter head-on.

A moment later, the Earth Mother arrived at the courtyard.

She wore a green immortal dress and walked over elegantly.

The flowers and plants bloomed under her feet as if they were welcoming her.

Her noble aura was worthy of worship.

Suddenly, a gentle breeze blew past, stirring the grass. The blooming flowers and plants seemed to be reversed, one by one returning to the ground.

It also extinguished the power of the great Dao and the aura of the sage.

It was as if as long as this gust of wind was willing, everything would turn into nothingness. No one could withstand it for even a moment.

The Earth Mother was shocked. She bowed respectfully to the figure in the courtyard. “Greetings, Heavenly Venerable.”

“We have to deal with the flowers and plants in the courtyard regularly. Please don’t increase our work,” Jiang Lan replied calmly.

“It was an unintentional mistake.” Mother Earth lowered her head, her voice apologetic.

She couldn’t tell if the Heavenly Venerable was trying to suppress her or was telling the truth.

But when she looked at the tool in the corner of the courtyard, she felt that he was telling the truth.

No matter what, a Heavenly Venerable was still a Heavenly Venerable. The number one sage of Kunlun had surpassed the Grand Desolate World.

There was no doubt about it.

Nothing could be refused.

Seeing that the other party’s great Dao aura was no longer seeping out, Jiang Lan retreated to the side and took out the wooden sword to play with his egg son.

Egg son: “…”

“Senior, are you here because of the marriage?” Ao Longyu lowered her head respectfully.

“Was this matter led by the Goddess?” The Earth Mother nodded slightly and asked.

“Yes, it might bring you quite a bit of trouble.” Ao Longyu nodded respectfully.

Then, the two of them sat at the stone table in the courtyard.

“Can you tell me why?” The Earth Mother asked.

This matter was told to her by the Dragon Race. She did not say it directly and only conveyed it indirectly.

Hearing this news, she was calmer than everyone else.

Because she had never thought of rejecting this idea. She had immediately come here to ask for details.

“They were still young when they came to Kunlun. They could be considered childhood friends.

After hundreds or thousands of years, their relationship has become increasingly friendly. They are not blood-related and do not have any kinship. For them to be able to get along so well means that they will get along well in the future.

They are just a string away.

This thought has yet to appear because none of them has such thoughts yet.

When they have it someday, it might already be too late and they might feel that it was a pity.

I think we can tie this string ahead of time.” Ao Longyu shared her thoughts.

She had seen such things before and had even secretly intervened. It was the same this time.

Right or wrong, she would leave it to time.

She would let nature take its course but there were some things that needed a push.

She and Jiang Lan were like this. If not for whatever that had happened, they might still be passersby.

“Indeed. Xiyun lacked friends since young and has always been lost.

She was incompatible with everyone in the race and it was as if she couldn’t stay in the race.

I wasn’t worried about her getting into trouble, but I didn’t want her to drift around either.

I’m somewhat gratified to see that she can make friends in Kunlun.

However, none of her friends are ordinary people. I don’t think it’s a good thing.

Hence, I was worried that as she grew older, her emotions would change.

Our race is close to the earth and is not much different from humans. We have many emotions.

Once an emotional change happens, the consequences will be unpredictable, but I can’t interfere without permission.” The Earth Mother frowned and whispered.

“Under normal circumstances, it’s impossible for the Dragon Race and the Qilin Race to have a marriage alliance, much less Xiyun and the Eighth Prince.


The Earth Mother raised her brows at Ao Longyu and said seriously, “But it’s different if it’s proposed by you. No one can have the advantage here.

It’s purely to help them because they are close. ”

“You don’t object?” Ao Longyu was surprised.

The other party was surprisingly open-minded.

The Earth Mother smiled and said.

“I don’t object to it on the surface, but I don’t have the courage to object to it objectively.”

Ao Longyu lowered her brows in shame. Indeed, she wanted to discuss this marriage for Ao Man.

Neither the Dragon Race nor the Qilin Race could refuse.

She had borrowed his Junior Brother’s power.


She had decided to do it since she could anyway.

“Thank you, Senior.” Ao Longyu lowered her head in thanks.

“Although it looks suitable, it’s hard to say if they get along. What if they blame you in the future?” The Earth Mother asked curiously.

“I’ll hide on the mountain and not go out,” Ao Longyu said saucily.

The Earth Mother could not help but laugh.

She looked out at the land, her eyes smiling. This was good.

They were a match made in heaven.

No people from the race could control her. It was simple and stable. This was most suitable for Xiyun.

It was not that she did not want to keep Xiyun, but from the moment she was born, she knew that the Qilin Race could not keep her.

After being lost in Kunlun for nearly a thousand years, the earth had acknowledged this place.

She could sense that the ground hoped that Xiyun would stay here, so how could she refuse?

“Thank you,” The Earth Mother said sincerely to Ao Longyu.

Ao Longyu stood rooted to the spot in confusion.

Jiang Lan, on the other hand, was still using the wooden sword to play with his egg son. The light shone for a while before being extinguished.


At the entrance of the old inn.

The Eighth Prince looked up into the sky with a depressed expression, as if he was sighing about his encounter.

“Brother, I’ll help you eat this wild animal.” Yan Xiyun’s voice was heard.

She had gotten lost again and had just seen the wild animals.

“Just eat it. Remember to pay me,” the Eighth Prince said weakly.

“Can I put it on credit?” Yan Xiyun asked.

She kept her distance.

The Eighth Prince refused to pay on credit. “The people from your race are here. Ask them for money.”

“When I enter Kunlun, I’ll ask them for it,” Yan Xiyun agreed.

The Eighth Prince chuckled. He was not worried that Yan Xiyun would renege on her promise. Soon, the Qilin Race would come looking for her.

“What are you looking at?” The youth walked out and asked curiously.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince had been looking up at the sky and never looked back as he spoke.

“I’m sighing with emotion and adjusting to the changes,” the Eighth Prince said melancholically.

“Adjusting to what changes?”

“Adjusting to the change of me becoming the main character of this era.”

“Huh?” The youth from the inn was dumbfounded. “You? The main character of the era? On what basis?”

The Eighth Prince glanced at the youth and said.

“Do you know who the number one sage of the Grand Desolate World is?”

“It’s Big brother, how can I not know?” The youth said.

“Do you know what happened to my Brother-in-law when he was young? He was engaged, the kind that couldn’t be refused. Today, it’s my turn to be engaged, so I’m actually the protagonist of the next generation.” The Eighth Prince’s eyes carried a hint of arrogance.

The youth remained silent for a moment before walking towards Kunlun at an extremely fast speed.

“Where are you going?” The Eighth Prince was surprised.

“Find Big Brother to bestow a marriage upon me. I’m the true main character of the next generation.” The youth charged towards Kunlun without looking back.

Eighth Prince: “…”

The other party wanted to compete with him even for this?

After a moment, he followed. He had to stop the other party.

One main character was enough for the next generation..

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