My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 560 - Epilogue 2
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Chapter 560: Epilogue 2

Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

Sixth Summit.

‘Ao Longyu carried her egg son and followed Jiang Lan along the river.

This was Chen Xi’s residence. Martial Aunt Miao Yue was here today, so they came along.

The Sixth Summit’s Chen Xi did not care about everything regarding the Sixth Summit. Therefore, it was not a big deal if there was another summit leader after she died.

It was nothing for a summit leader to return with an Essence Soul cultivation.

However, everyone knew that if they were given some time, they would quickly return to their peak.

They might even be able to approach the Dao Immortal Realm within a thousand years.

Their path was smooth sailing. There were no bottlenecks, nor did they need to comprehend the Dao again.

He just needed to train hard.

On the way, Ao Longyu asked, “Are Martial Aunt Miao Yue and Martial Aunt Chenxi like the vegetative egg? Can they become Dao Immortals after hiding for a thousand years?”

“Not really.” Jiang Lan thought for a moment before replying.

“The vegetative egg managed to do so only because it had the enlightenment of a sage. It was born with an advantage over Dao Immortals. That’s why it could become a Dao Immortal within a thousand years.

Although Martial Aunt Miao Yue and the others were Dao Immortals before, they did not have such perfect insights and all kinds of unnecessary support.

It will take more than a thousand years.”

“What about our egg son?” Ao Longyu raised the egg.

“Let’s put him inside for a thousand years. Let’s not talk about becoming a Dao Immortal when he comes out. An innate immortal should be fine, right?”


The egg kept flickering, as if it was dissatisfied with letting him stay inside for a thousand years.

“Our child is definitely a girl. She’s so unhappy just from a few words of ours.” Ao Longyu knocked on the eggshell twice.

At this moment, the place where she knocked on lit up. It seemed like the childs’s hand was trying to touch his mother’s hand.

‘Ao Longyu immediately smiled. She liked her egg son again.

Jiang Lan just watched and led the way.

He was rather experienced in raising eggs. This time, he would not raise it for a thousand years.

After a while.

They arrived in front of the bamboo house, Miao Yue was talking to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was unwilling.

[haven’t even become an immortal, yet you want to torment me like this? How can the light of the stars come down so easily?” Chen Xi was rather helpless.

“Senior Sister has yet to become an immortal, so I will ask Junior Sister Zhu Qing to take care of you throughout the journey.” Miao Yue smiled with narrowed eyes.

Chen Xi:”…”

“Um, there’s a guest.” Since she couldn’t find an excuse to refuse, she could only change the topic.

“Greetings, Martial Aunts.”

“Greetings, Martial Aunts.”

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu bowed their heads in greeting.

“So I’m still just a Martial Aunt. I haven’t received your recognition.” On the chair, Miao Yue rested her chin on her hands and narrowed her eyes, looking at Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu with interest.

“Martial Mother.” Jiang Lan lowered his head and corrected himself.


Miao Yue laughed.

Chen Xi shook her head helplessly, as if she was used to Miao Yue’s behavior.

Jiang Lan: “…”

Having a master’s wife was not necessarily a good thing. Fortunately, his master and his wife were already old, so he did not have to worry about anything else.

He could just let them retire.

“Xiao Yu, come here, let’s take a look at your egg son.” Miao Yue waved her hand.

‘The egg’s son was placed on the table. Everyone poked him twice.

The light in the egg would also react. He seemed to be very happy to have someone to play with.

Jiang Lan held the wooden sword, thinking to himself that he often played with him but he was never as happy as he was now.

It was just that he would subconsciously embed his Dragon Slaying Sword’s Sword Intent into the wooden sword every day.

“Does Martial Mother want to set up an array formation?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Take a look at this.” Miao Yue threw a map to Jiang Lan.

‘Taking a closer look, it was a huge array formation. The array formation could connect to heaven and earth. If there was starlight, it could draw down the starry sky.

“Martial Mother wants to hold the wedding at night?” Jiang Lan asked.

He had just arrived when he heard that his Martial Mother wanted Martial Aunt Chen Xi to light up the stars.

“Yes, I want to do it at night.” Miao Yue nodded.

“Is there any difficulty in setting up the array formation?”

“It will take a few days,” Jiang Lan replied.

Array formations were not very difficult, but they were a little troublesome.

He only needed to set up the array formation. There was no need to add anything else.

Getting married at night was indeed not bad.

“Lwill do my best to set up the array formation, but Martial Aunt Chen Xi’s strength has yet to recover. Can you draw down the light of the stars?” Jiang Lan turned to look at Chen Xi.

“Are you looking down on me because I’m no longer an immortal?” Chen Xi said unhappily.

‘Ao Longyu came to a sudden realization. She seemed to be even stronger than her two Martial Aunts now.

Jiang Lan lowered his head, not daring to think so.

“Have you guys given this egg a name yet?” Chen Xi suddenly asked.

“Jiang Goudan.” Jiang Lan pointed at Ao Longyu.

“Senior Sister gave it a name.”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lights flashed everywhere.

It was as if he was rolling on the ground and refusing to agree.

“What a mother.” Miao Yue laughed before saying.

“But it’s not a good name. You have to change it.”

“How about Jiang Tiezhu?” Ao Longyu tried asking.

Jiang Lan: “…”

That was fine too.

Miao Yue :”…”

Chen Xi:”…”

‘The egg son was already crying.

“We should take our time and think about it when we are born. Let’s put the name Goudan and Tiezhu aside first.” Miao Yue said.

“Yes, come to me when he’s out. I’ll help you guys divine a name.

By then, I would have recovered to my peak,” Chen Xi said.

Jiang Lan :”…”

He had a feeling that his Martial Aunt was saying that the egg would only come out after a thousand years.

“Martial Aunts, I want to ask how we should bring up a marriage proposal,” Ao Longyu suddenly asked.

This surprised Miao Yue and Chen Xi.

‘When they heard that Ao Longyu was going to the Qilin Race to propose a marriage, they were shocked. This girl really dared to think about it.


It seemed like she could really succeed.

For a moment, they really wanted to see the expressions of the Dragon Race and the Qilin Race.

Would anyone dare to refuse?

In the end, Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu left the Sixth Summit and headed towards the old wine tavern.

‘They needed to order wine from the youth at the inn and bring his egg son out to meet the others so that he wouldn’t be a stranger when he came out.

“As long as the marriage proposal is casually mentioned and they agree, we can talk about the betrothal gift?” Ao Longyu asked as they approached the inn.

That was what Martial Aunt Miao Yue and Martial Aunt Chen Xi had said on the Sixth Summit.

‘Ao Longyu felt that it was a little too simple.

“probably,” Jiang Lan replied while hugging his egg-like son.

He thought to himself, “Isn’t this dragon quite arrogant? Since she has already proposed such a thing, why does she even need to think about the process?”

Normally speaking, neither the Eighth Prince nor Yan Xiyun could marry someone from another race.

But his Senior Sister felt that they were suitable. They were a match made in heaven.

Since he was stronger, why should he care about the process?

‘The details could be left for the two races to discuss. They would probably reach their final goal.

Perhaps so.

Perhaps they would choose a roundabout way to change Xiao Yu’s mind.

Both races did not want to lose important descendants and bloodlines.

After a while.

The two of them arrived at the old inn. The inn was as deserted as ever.

‘There were countless casualties from Kunlun. Although Kunlun was filled up, there was still quite a distance before Kunlun reached its peak once again.

After all, not many people walked out of the Kunlun Void every year.

“Big Brother, Big Sister?” The youth immediately said after coming out of the backyard.

“Are you here to order wine? I’ve prepared enough for the wedding.”

“By the way, did you not hold your wedding with Hong Ya?” Ao Longyu asked curiously.

“We have to wait for his grandfather to come out,” Hong Ya said from the counter.

She didn’t care about this. She didn’t have the expectations of ordinary people.

‘As she spoke, her gaze landed on the egg Jiang Lan was hugging.

“The vegetative egg is with you. I’ll put our egg son beside it. Perhaps they have something in common.” Ao Longyu took her egg son with a smile and placed it on the counter.

She placed it beside the vegetative egg flower pot.

‘The Udumbara Flower in the flower pot swayed twice.

‘They seemed to be greeting each other.

Hong Ya came to the side of the egg and touched it very carefully, afraid that it would break.

Another egg.

Their race also reproduced by laying an egg.

She wondered if she would give birth to an egg one day.


The light was flickering, as if it was greeting someone.

Hong Ya was delighted.

“Is Ao Man not here?” Ao Longyu asked.

“He should be here soon. He wants to borrow my place to sell wild animals.” The youth paused for a moment and said.

“By the way, what kind of wine does Big Brother want? Come with me to the backyard to take a look.”

After Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu headed to the backyard, the Udumbara Flower and the vegetative egg began to communicate in the inner space.

“Brother Egg, Little Master is also an egg. Will he hide like us and not go out?” The Udumbara Flower asked curiously.

“Definitely not. A mere dragon egg can’t compare to me. I’m waiting for a new golden age. At that time, I will become the main character of this generation and become a sage in one go.

Now, I want to develop silently and prepare the necessary conditions to become a sage.” The vegetative egg was arrogant.

“Will the Little Master become the main character of the era when he is born?” The Udumbara Flower was curious.

“I don’t know. His shell is actually not a dragon’s shell. It has the power of our owner. After staying inside for a long time, he should be able to become an innate immortal.

I don’t know about the rest. For safety reasons, let’s continue staying in the shell.” The vegetative egg wasn’t worried at all.

“What if Little Master doesn’t come out?” The Udumbara Flower asked.

“How can a mere dragon egg last as long as me?” The vegetative egg was ambitious and never feared a dragon egg.

Splash! Splash!

Hong Ya realized that Jiang Lan’s egg son was flashing for some reason. It was quite interesting.

“Brother Egg, could the Little Master have heard what we said? Could he be unconvinced?” The Udumbara Flower was a little worried.

“No, it can’t be, right?” The vegetative egg lacked confidence.

At this moment, the dragon egg flickered even faster, as if it was unconvinced.

The vegetative egg:”…”

“Brother Egg, are we in trouble?” The Udumbara Flower’s voice trembled.

If the Little Master didn’t go out of the egg with them, they would be in big trouble.

“Let’s hide and pretend nothing happened.” The vegetative egg immediately sealed everything around it and continued to hide.

It was waiting for an age suitable for it to break out of its shell and advance to become a sage.

A moment later, Ao Longyu arrived at the counter and looked at her egg son with a strange expression.

“He seems pretty angry. Who provoked him?” She looked around in confusion.

“Ah?” Hong Ya looked puzzled.

“No one has entered.”

“Could it be that he is unhappy because I didn’t bring him along?” Ao Longyu felt that she had neglected her egg son.

Then, she carried him up.

“Tl play with you later.” As she spoke, she walked towards the backyard.

She still had to check on the wine.

Hong Ya nodded slightly. Seeing Ao Longyu take the dragon egg away, she felt that it was not bad to have an egg son.

Five days later.

Jiang Lan prepared the array formation and the good wine.

After that, he would wait patiently for the wedding.

However, many people would come to Kunlun before the wedding.

‘The Dragon Race was one of them, and so was the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

‘As for who came from the Dragon Race, they were naturally Ran Jing, Ao Shishi, Ao Li, and company.

They came to Kunlun most often and had all coincidentally survived.

Kunlun was different from before. There were many dragons here, and there were even dragons who were once at the Dao Immortal Realm.

‘They had come to see these people.

“aren’t you going back?” Ran Jing sat at the inn and asked Ao Ye.

Ao Ye’s cultivation wasn’t that high, but his status wasn’t bad.

“Tl recover first.” Ao Ye looked around and said.

Following that, Ran Jing looked at the Eighth Prince. The Eighth Prince had his head lowered, appearing obedient.

He had just used the Heavenly Dragon Saber to cut the wild animals and was caught by his mother.

He didn’t know his mother would come so early, so.

He had been careless. Also, Uncle Ao Ye did not remind him, causing him to suffer.

Fortunately, he was only brought back at the last minute previously and was still a hostage in Kunlun.

It wasn’t easy for his mother to ask him to return.

“Is business good?” Ran Jing asked.

‘The Eighth Prince panicked even more.

He could only lower his head in silence.

“It’s getting late. Kunlum has arranged a residence for us. Go and rest for a few days. You don’t have to come out midway.” Ran Jing was calm but dignified.

He could not refuse.

Eighth Prince:

He was imprisoned.

Finally, he nodded.

After dealing with the Eighth Prince, Ran Jing turned around and left.

With the innkeeper not around, she was even more at ease here.

Of course, everyone knew who the inn youth was, as well as the fact that there were others standing behind him. If one wanted to act impudently here, the price was also extremely serious.

‘Whether it was the Heavenly Dao or the number one saint of the Grand Desolate World, they were both greatly related to this inn.

Not to mention that the youth at the inn had the founding primordial spirit’s fortuitous opportunities.

Whether the innkeeper was around or not didn’t affect much.

Perhaps it was because of this reason that the innkeeper was unwilling to leave the Kunlun Void.

After leaving the old inn.

Ran Jing retumed to her residence.

All those who came to participate in the wedding were arranged to be on the First Summit.

“The Eighth Prince is getting more and more overboard. Aren’t you going to interfere?” Ao Shishi asked.

‘The Eighth Prince was indeed too much. He had used the Heavenly Dragon Saber and the Dragon Race’s reputation to mess around.

“How?” Ran Jing sighed and said.

“Kunlun is not the Four Seas. Now that Ao Man is here, it will be difficult for him to return.”

Back then, Kunlun was a vampire, and it still is one too. How can they let go of the fat lamb in their hands?

Or should we take back his Heavenly Dragon Saber?” Ran Jing looked at Ao Shishi.

“No.” Ao Shishi immediately shook his head.

‘The Eighth Prince’s achievements were obvious. It was impossible for him to take away his Heavenly Dragon Saber.

‘That would simply make the entire Dragon Race unhappy.

Everyone knew that the Heavenly Dragon Saber belonged to the Eighth Prince. The Eighth Prince used the saber to lead them to kill the enemies.

It was deeply rooted.

Other than being imprisoned, Ran Jing indeed had no other way to punish the Eighth Prince.

However, just as they were having a headache, they suddenly received a notice.

It was the Jade Pool Goddess and the Ninth Summit’s disciple, Jiang Lan.

For a moment, Ran Jing and Ao Shishi were stunned.

Ao Shishi was especially worried.

“Why are they here? Are they here to see you?”

Ran Jing shook her head and could only choose to meet.

In the entire Grand Desolate World, who could stop these two people?

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