My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 559 - Epilogue 1
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Chapter 559: Epilogue 1

Translator: Atlas StudiosEditor: Atlas Studios

Three years.

Jiang Lan sat at the stone table in the courtyard. There was a bamboo basket on the table, and in the middle of the basket was a light blue egg wrapped in a blanket.

It was the size of a baby.

Flowing light appeared on the surface of the eggshell, flickering between dark and bright.

It had a regular rhythm, as if it was breathing.

Jiang Lan took out the wooden sword and slowly approached the eggshell.

As soon as he approached the light, it flickered quickly, as if it was afraid. Its breathing became rapid.

“Tt seems like it really is a dragon,” Jiang Lan muttered to himself.

Ordinary eggs would not fear a wooden sword enhanced by the Dragon Slaying Sword.

But the egg his Senior Sister gave birth to was fearful of it.

But this dragon egg was different from ordinary dragon eggs.

This shell contained his power. It was like a protective barrier.

“Junior Brother, you’re using my wooden sword to scare it again.” After Ao Longyu realized what Jiang Lan was doing, she hurriedly snatched back the wooden sword.

She also approached her egg child to make sure that there was no problem before she kept the wooden sword.

Jiang Lan: “…”

This dragon didn’t even reflect on itself.

“Junior brother, it’s been three years. When will the little fellow come out?” Ao Longyu sat beside Jiang Lan and poked her egg child.

“Soon.” Jiang Lan wasn’t too sure.

“You’re a sage who has surpassed the Heavenly Dao. How can you not know?” Ao Longyu patted Jiang Lan’s head and said earnestly.

“Junior Brother, you still need to work hard.”

1am being treated like sage now? Wasn’t I an early-stage True Immortal during the match? This dragon doesn’t know his place. Jiang Lan sighed in his heart.

He really did not know when the egg would hatch. He would just let nature take its course.

After all, he wanted to know if the child who broke the shell was a human, a dragon, or a half-dragon.

He thought that it would most likely be a human.

He would know the answer when the day came.

“What should I call my egg child?” Ao Longyu thought for a moment and said,

“Jiang Dansheng?”

Jiang Lan: “…”

It was alright.

Hu hu ~

The egg suddenly began to breathe heavily. Light flashed, as if it was angry.

“Looks like he doesn’t really like this name.” Jiang Lan tumed to look at Ao Longyu.

“Then what name should I give it? It’s mainly because I’m not sure if it’s a male or a female egg.” Ao Longyu stood behind Jiang Lan, leaning on his back and resting her chin on his head.

“Jiang Goudan?” Ao Longyu tried asking again.

The light flashed faster, as if it was about to cry.

“Junior Brother, could it really be a girl?” Seeing the ege’s intense reaction, Ao Longyu could not help but suspect.

“Then it is an egg girl,” Jiang Lan replied.

“Why don’t we have another egg? We can have both a boy and a girl.” Ao Longyu stood up excitedly.

The sun was shining brightly.

Jiang Lan looked up at the sky and said.

“Master and Martial Aunt Miao Yue’s wedding is coming up. We have to prepare for it as well.”

“What are we doing?” asked Ao Longyu.

Although they were married before, they only knew what the married couple wanted to do and didn’t know what to prepare before the wedding.

“I think we need to go to the Kunlun Main Hall to prepare an array formation. Martial Aunt Miao Yue’s cultivation level is only at the Human Immortal Realm. Some array formations are rather troublesome for her to set up.

I should be the one setting it up.” Jiang Lan stood up.

“TIl go to the Fifth Summit to take a look first. Then, I’ll have to invite the guests and find the youth to prepare some good wine.

Speaking of which, should we go to the Qilin Race in the Eastern Wastelands when we have time?” Ao Longyu picked up her egg son and followed Jiang Lan out of the peach blossom forest.

They were going to the Fifth Summit.

They just had to walk over.

Although he did not use the Loneliness Spell, it was still difficult for others to discover them.

The disciples of the Ninth Summit still lacked presence.

However, his reputation had completely changed. Previously, he was criticized, but now, he was excessively holy.

“Before going to the Qilin Race, you have to go to the Dragon Race first. Shouldn’t you tell the Eighth Prince first?”

“Master didn’t tell us in advance about the engagement. He only told us about it after it was almost confirmed.”

“Just wait for them to blame you in the future.”

“Let’s get them engaged first and take it slow..”

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