My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 38
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Chapter 38: Summoning From Death

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“No, that’s impossible.” Liao Yan did not believe that the other party could deliver a fatal wound with one punch.


However, he was wrong.

His fist went straight for Liao Yan’s head.

In an instant, Liao Yan lost consciousness.

He no longer felt anything.

There was no time for him to even feel fear.

It was too fast for him to react.


Blood mist scattered outwards, falling like red rain.

Jiang Lan didn’t pay any attention to Liao Yan who was lying on the ground with half his body left.

What he needed to care about now was the others.

He was worried that those people would run away.

There was a Golden Core cultivator among them, so it would be very troublesome for him if they ran away.

However, as an Essence Soul cultivator, as long as he did not underestimate the other party, it was impossible for them to escape too far even if they were to escape separately.

It wouldn’t cause any trouble either.

Even if that was the case, Jiang Lan would still go all out. After all, accidents wouldn’t happen only when you were ready.

However, the other party’s reaction surprised Jiang Lan.

These people did not flee, nor did they attack immediately.

However, he sensed that a powerful Dharma treasure was coming towards him.

“They didn’t prepare it in advance. They only decided to use it because I attacked?”

“They sure think highly of me.”

“But it’s really dangerous as well.”

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, he tried to dodge the Dharma treasure.

However, it was hard to dodge.

At that moment, the others had all surrounded him. A circular Dharma treasure opened up a path in front of them.

There were four of them in total. Three men and one woman.

A middle-aged man led the group. His cultivation was mid-stage of the Golden Core realm.

There was one early-stage Golden Core cultivator and two late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators.

“It looks like we really can’t keep you around. With the Realm Lock Circle, it’s useless even if you’ve perfected the Golden Core Realm.” The middle-aged man charged towards Jiang Lan.

The other party already knew there were some abnormalities, so he definitely couldn’t let him live.

Furthermore, given Jiang Lan’s young age, he was at most a mid-stage Golden Core cultivator.

After all, the other party was wearing the Kunlun disciple uniform and definitely wasn’t some deacon or elder.

Jiang Lan frowned. He didn’t look at those people.

Instead, he focused on the Realm Lock Circle.

According to the literal explanation, this thing would seal his cultivation realm.

But it was only effective against Golden Core cultivators.

What a pity.

He was an Essence Soul cultivator.


The Realm Lock Circle headed straight for Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan didn’t sit back and do nothing.

He took a step forward and his strength began to manifest. The power of six bulls erupted forth.

Jiang Lan appeared in front of the Realm Lock Circle.

He stretched out his hand and directly resisted the Realm Lock Circle.

However, he was disappointed.

He felt that the strength of the Realm Lock Circle was much weaker than he had expected.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Lan had the Realm Lock Circle in his hand.

Jiang Lan looked at those people and said softly:

“This is what you’re relying on?”


As soon as Jiang Lan finished speaking, the Realm Lock Circle was crushed to bits by Jiang Lan.

The four people who had charged over were stunned. Why did the Realm Lock Circle fall into the hands of the other party in the blink of an eye?

Not only that, this person actually crushed the Realm Lock Circle.

“You’re not at the Golden Core stage?” The middle-aged man finally came to his senses.

He started to panic.

They had to get away.

He never imagined that a young disciple would have reached the Essence Soul stage.

He was definitely a disciple of close to a hundred years.

The Kunlun apparel changed once every hundred years and the cycle would only repeat after a thousand years.

It was clear at a glance when he had entered the sect.

“What a pity.

I’ve disappointed all of you. ”

Jiang Lan spoke calmly.

However, by the time he finished speaking, he had already arrived in front of the middle-aged man.

Why would he waste time talking while standing?

He could speak and act at the same time.

The other party was a Golden Core cultivator. He wouldn’t give him a chance.

He could take out the Realm Lock Circle this time.

He could have Dharma treasures that could deal with Essence Soul cultivators next time.

Therefore, he could not hold back.

On the other hand, the middle-aged man who saw Jiang Lan making a move was terrified.

In an instant, he understood Liao Yan. A huge force was coming towards him.

The incomparably powerful fist almost covered the world from his eyes.

A terrifying aura threatened to tear his body apart.

No, no. Absolutely not.

The middle-aged man wanted to roar angrily and retaliate, but he couldn’t do it.

The only thing he could do was wait for the attack to land on him.

He couldn’t react in time.


Jiang Lan punched the middle-aged man.

The boundless force sent the middle-aged man flying. When flying in the air, he discovered that his body was disintegrating and turning into a bloody mist.

Intense pain spread throughout his body.

Before he could scream out in pain or let out an indignant roar, he had turned into a bloody mist.


The blood mist diffused into the air.

After finishing off the mid-stage Golden Core cultivator, Jiang Lan turned to look at the other three.

Facing Jiang Lan’s gaze, the three people subconsciously took a step back in fear.

The Realm Lock Circle was crushed by the other party’s finger, and the mid-stage Golden Core cultivator was killed with just one punch from him.

There was nothing fancy. No time was wasted.

The other party was decisive and would never show mercy.

This type of person was too terrifying. His talent was also terrifying.

Who exactly did they offend?

“Fellow Daoist, let’s talk. We can give you Spirit Stones or Dharma treasures,” said the early-stage Golden Core cultivator immediately.

He looked terrified. It was impossible to escape.

“Do you have any Dharma treasures that can deal with Essence Soul cultivators?” Jiang Lan asked.

“No, we don’t,” the early-stage Golden Core cultivator immediately replied.

At this moment, Jiang Lan arrived before the woman.

There was a rune flickering in this woman’s hand, as if it was about to be activated.

“It seems like you do.”

Jiang Lan’s voice rang right beside the woman’s ears.

The woman looked at Jiang Lan and suddenly heard the call of death.

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