My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

Chapter 107 - Shocking Talent, Battle To Death 1
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Chapter 107: Shocking Talent, Battle To Death 1

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

In the slums, Blackwood Street, Riya District.

Even in the slums, this district was dirty and messy.

There were all sorts of people in the tenants.

Li Qinghe came to this neighborhood under the guidance of Benjamin.

She glanced at the piles of garbage on the street and couldn’t help but frown.

Soon, they arrived at a room.

In the room, Lin Hong and two night watchmen were guarding by the window.

The curtains were drawn, and a black device was placed on the side, aimed at the opposite side. A night watchman was looking at the device and observing something.

Upon seeing Li Qinghe enter, Lin Hong and the two night watchmen hurriedly got up.

“My Lord! You’re here!”

Li Qinghe nodded.

She looked across the room through the drawn curtains, as if she could see the other side clearly.

“Xue Ren is on the other side?”

“Yes, according to the information we have, he hasn’t left the house for the past few days. But we can not rule out the possibility that he has a special geno combat skill that can allow him to leave without anyone knowing.”

Lin Hong said.

The corners of Li Qinghe’s lips curled up, revealing a smile.

“Although I’m not sure if it’s this person, but … Let me ask him myself.”

She took a step forward and disappeared.

Li Qinghe’s body appeared outside Xue Ren’s room in the residential building across the street.

She looked around and a cold light flashed in her eyes. She stared at the room and said,

“You can block my instant space step? I really caught him.”

A pitch-black longsword appeared in her hand, and she slashed at the door.


The door shattered, and the room was like a devil’s den, pitch black.

Strange black shadows rushed out, shrieking as they pounced at Li Qinghe.

“You’re much stronger than before.”

Li Qinghe sneered. Sword light flashed around her, and the power of darkness surged, killing all the black shadows almost instantly.

Li Qinghe then rushed into the room.

In the room, Xue Ren was sitting cross-legged on the bed. Wisps of evil black mist were surging around his body. Beside him were two corpses with their eyes wide open and full of fear.

They were the other two suspects of Benjamin, Lucius and Ellis.

Xue Ren looked at Li Qinghe, his face filled with ferocity. His voice had a strange double echo.

“Damn it, I knew this couldn’t go on! We’ve been exposed!”

Li Qinghe narrowed his eyes and looked at Xue Ren coldly.

“Since you’ve been discovered, then obediently accept your death.”

“Dream on! I can leave after killing you!”

Xue Ren roared. The terrifying black mist churned and the air waves surged. The entire room shook, and spider web-like cracks spread on the wall. The window was shattered.

The powerful aura was far from the second tier Battle Master as stated in the information. It was a fourth tier battle Supreme.

However, even so, Li Qinghe’s expression remained calm.

She took a step forward, and a terrifying dark power surged on her long sword. She slashed out, and a deep dark sword qi slashed toward Xue Ren.

Xue Ren’s eyes widened in shock at the unstoppable sword qi.


He roared in anger, and his body suddenly exploded into black mist.

As his body exploded, strange black shadows appeared from the place where he had exploded.

In an instant, it filled the entire room, enveloping Li Qinghe within.

The shrieks were bone-piercing, enough to drive an ordinary person crazy.


The sword Qi tore apart the black shadows with unparalleled might. Li Qinghe’s body rushed out of the room and floated in the air.

Countless black shadows rushed out of the room.

The dense black shadows were like dark clouds pressing down on Li Qinghe’s head. There were thousands of them.

In the opposite room, Benjamin, Lin Hong, and the others looked at the dark figure outside the window, their eyes wide with horror.

With a slight tremble in his voice, Benjamin said, ”

There … There are so many black shadows?!

“Xue Ren is really the host of the mutation? This was crazy! Were these all the people who had died in his hands? In just a few years, he has devoured so many souls. If he keeps devouring them, who can stop him?”

Not only them.

The black shadow’s movements were too loud, and almost everyone in the entire community was awakened.

Everyone walked to the window and looked at the strange dark clouds outside. They were all frightened.

Oh my God, what is that thing?!

“Is that a ghost? So many ghosts are floating in the sky!”

“And that man floating in the air … Is he a genetic warrior? To be able to fly in the sky, how strong is he?”


Li Qinghe raised her head and looked at the black shadow, a sharp killing intent flashing in her eyes.

“Are these the people who died in your hands? It seems that your mutation level is not low.”

The black shadows did not answer. They quickly gathered together, forming a huge black shadow that was more than ten meters tall.

The black shadow was floating in the air with black qi.

The power he displayed was even stronger than before.

Even when compared to Li Qinghe, he wasn’t much worse.

The huge black shadow opened its mouth and let out a shrill and strange roar at Li Qinghe.

The waves of air ruffled Li Qinghe’s black hair. She silently took out a cigarette, lit it, and put it in her mouth, revealing a smile.


The next moment, her body disappeared from the spot and appeared behind the black shadow.

When she appeared behind the black figure, the black figure stopped roaring.

Its body split into hundreds of pieces in an instant, and black sword light burst out.

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