My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start

Chapter 384 - Going To The Campbell Family
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Chapter 384: Going To The Campbell Family

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The fear of being controlled by Watson? Antonio, don’t scare me. I’m a Sword Saint. How can a child control me?”

Reid did not believe Antonio’s words. He did not care about it.

At that moment, the tavern door where the two of them were drinking was suddenly pushed open. A group of people wearing noble clothes rushed in.

“Quick, search this area for me. We just received news that the Campbell family’s young master, Augustus Campbell, was bullied by someone named Watson in the Holy Dragon Tavern. Not only was he bullied, but that person also broke his limbs and hung him on the tavern’s plaque! Master has given an order. We must find Watson today. Take him back to the Campbell family and hack him into pieces.”


“That person called Watson had left after beating him up. According to intelligence, he is currently eating at a restaurant in the capital. Listen well. If you have any leads on Watson, you must inform us immediately. The Campbell family has a great reward for you! Oh, right! That Watson looks like this.”

More than ten people dressed in noble clothing had rushed into the tavern. Besides the person in the lead taking a portrait of Watson from his clothes and loudly announcing it to the diners in the tavern, the others had split up. They quickly searched the entire tavern in a way that did not disturb others.

After they were done, they returned to the leader’s side and shook their heads, indicating that they did not find the target.

“Leave someone here to guard this place. Let’s go to the next tavern.”

The leader looked like he had already searched many restaurants and did not feel disappointed. He turned around, left one person behind, and quickly left the restaurant with the rest of the people.

“Watson beat Augustus and hung him in the Holy Dragon Tavern? What’s going on?”

After those people left, Reid muttered to himself in disbelief. Antonio, who was next to him, sighed, his expression becoming more and more sympathetic. “Reid, now you know how terrifying Watson is.”

What troubled people the most about Watson was not his extraordinary talent but his talent for causing trouble. No matter where Watson went, he would encounter trouble. Even if there were no trouble, Watson would still make some shocking moves to attract the attention of others. Antonio had not told him about the conflict between Watson and the King of the Holy Dragon Kingdom. Otherwise, Reid would be even more surprised.

“What should we do? Watson beat up a young master from the archduke’s family. No matter the reason, that is not a small matter. I think we shouldn’t sit here and drink. We should resolve it.”

Reid was a little restless. He wanted to get up, but Antonio stopped him. “Reid, don’t be so impatient. This is not worth our time. There might be more serious problems later.”

“More serious problems? What could be more serious than beating up the Grand Duke’s child? “Reid did not believe it.

“We have Watson. Oh, no! He is too strong. We need help! I repeat, come and help us immediately! ”

At that moment, shouts came from outside. Then, the Campbell family members who had stayed in Reid and Antonio’s tavern rushed out.

“Antonio, how did you know that things would become more serious?” Reid looked outside in surprise and looked at Antonio, his eyes filled with suspicion and inquiry.

Antonio took the red wine from his hand calmly, opened the wine bottle, and poured himself a glass. “Just watch. This is just the beginning. ”


At the capital’s main street.

At that moment, all the streets had been emptied, surrounded by a group of soldiers in golden armor and holding long spears. There were more than a thousand soldiers, led by General Hoen.

“Watson, you beat up Young Master Augustus outside the Holy Dragon Tavern and hung him on a plaque, causing a bad commotion. Now, the Campbell family has requested His Majesty to dispatch the Royal Army, and we are arresting you now. You will be severely punished to ensure that justice is served.”

Hoen looked at the young man and girl who had just walked out of the restaurant as they wiped their mouths with a handkerchief with a calm expression. He rubbed his forehead; his head hurt.

He was familiar with the girl. She was the Sword Saint’s daughter. He had seen her a few times before she had left the capital a few years ago. He was also familiar with the 12 or 13-year-old youth beside her. The youth had just followed Antonio to the capital. However, he had not expected that boy to cause such a huge sensation as soon as he arrived. First, he had fought the unicorn in front of the civil and military officials, and then he had passed the Royal Academy’s assessment, leaving behind a rare perfect score. After that, he fought Augustus.

Hoen did not know what Watson was going to do next.

At that moment, Watson slowly put the handkerchief back into his chest pocket and complained to Christina about the food he had just eaten in the restaurant. “Lady Swordmistress, that Flaming Crystal Lobster is really good. Thank you for your invitation. Next time, I’ll treat you to something different.”

“Watson, you’re too kind.”

Compared to Watson, Christina was not so calm. The corner of her mouth twitched, and she subconsciously glanced at the thousands of imperial guards guarding the nearby streets.

Like the soldiers guarding the capital, those imperial guards were all gold-tier elites. With thousands of gold-tier warriors, even an elite like Christina could not help but feel afraid.

“Watson, please cooperate with us. We won’t do you any harm. Stubborn resistance will only make you more miserable! Even though you are Master Antonio and the Sword Saint’s disciple, if you make a mistake in the capital, you will have the same ending regardless of whether you are a noble or an ordinary citizen. Sorry for offending you. ”

When he realized that Watson intended to ignore him, Hoen felt a wave of faint anger in his heart. He waved his hand at the thousands of soldiers beside him. Those soldiers immediately raised their long spears and pointed them at Watson. The tip of the spears flickered with the radiance of combat aura. It was obvious that they could release their combat skills at any moment.

“General Hoen, you just said that regardless of whether one is a noble or an ordinary citizen, one will have the same fate if one makes a mistake in the capital. Is that true?”

Watson glanced at the glow of the weapons in the soldiers’ hands, his expression still calm. “You can ask around then. Why did I beat Augustus? He rushed into my private room and forced me to leave. He even attacked me first. I was just defending myself. If you want to arrest someone, you should arrest him. What’s wrong with me?”

When someone bullied him, should he not fight or scold them back?

Hoen’s expression froze. “Watson, those are only your words. Furthermore, you said that Young Master Augustus hit you. Why is he the one who is injured instead of you? I’m not here to do anything to you. I simply wanted to clarify the truth and appease the Campbell family’s leader. Don’t worry. As the Commander of the Royal Guards, I will definitely not wrongly accuse an innocent man. I just hope that you can cooperate with me.”

Hoen was only talking and threatening or not attacking Watson. On the one hand, he was worried about Watson’s identity. If he sided with the Campbell family, Antonio and the Sword Saint would be dissatisfied with him. On the other hand, he was afraid of conflict. He was a platinum-tier warrior and had thousands of gold warriors. He could accidentally hurt Watson.

Logically speaking, as the Commander of the Royal Guards, he should not be involved in the fight between Watson and Augustus. However, after the Campbell family reported that Augustus had been beaten up, His Majesty ordered him to intervene in that matter. He wanted to send Watson to the Campbell family before Master Antonio and the Sword Saint could react.

“I don’t know why His Majesty is so concerned about this matter and even wants to send Watson to the Campbell family. They will definitely mistreat him. This will inevitably cause the anger of Master Antonio and the Sword Saint. Or was that the King’s intention?”

Hoen tried to guess that. However, as a general with a high IQ, he could still not guess the King’s thoughts. He could only follow his judgment.

“Well, since you have said so, General Hoen, alright, then I’ll do it.”

Watson seemed to have thought of something. He rolled his eyes and smiled at Hoen. He took the initiative to extend his hands. A guard beside him immediately took out a heavy black shackle and put it on his limbs.

“Watson, please try to understand. This shackle is made from an anti-magic material. It’s a tool made of a peak gold-tier special ores. Even a platinum-tier elite would not be able to display their full strength after wearing it! I’m doing this to prevent you from escaping. After the matter is settled, I’ll remove that shackle if you’re innocent.”

“Don’t worry, General Hoen. I understand.”

Watson raised his black shackled arm slightly and moved his legs. “This anti-magic material is quite effective. Even though I’m at diamond-tier, the power in my body is still suppressed by more than half.”

He could feel the magic and combat aura in his body were suppressed. It was also difficult to use his abilities from the priest and archer classes. It seemed that that anti-magic material could prohibit the movement of all energy factors.

After moving around for a while and getting used to the shackles, Watson waved his hand at Christina, who looked worried. “Lady Swordmistress, I’m going to the Campbell family. You don’t need to come with me. Go home and take some rest! By the way, I hope you won’t tell my two masters about what happened today.”

“Watson, are you serious? You don’t need me to go with you?”

Christina looked a bit confused. She was the Sword Saint’s daughter; perhaps they would let him go, considering her identity. She did not know what those people would do, and Watson was smart enough to know that.

“Don’t worry, Lady Swordmistress. I’ll be fine.”

Watson’s determined gaze let Christina know that he had confidence. However, Watson was bound by the anti-magic material. Even Christina could not break free from it. Even though he was a diamond-tier expert, it would be difficult for him to even reach platinum-tier strength with those shackles in place. Where did his confidence come from?

While Christina was thinking about that, Watson had already followed Hoen’s army to the Campbell family’s manor in the royal city.

Christina hesitated. She stomped her feet and turned around, headed to a tavern in the royal city, “Although Watson looks very confident, I still can’t let him be sent to the Campbell family. I must tell Father and Master Antonio. Watson has just joined Father’s sect. If the Campbel family decides to punish them, then people might think that our family is weak and can’t protect our own men. Furthermore, if I can save Watson this time, I’d be doing him a favor. He might even open his heart to me.”

Christina smiled and left the area. She did not notice that two other noblemen walked out of the corner of the street not long after she left. One was a man, and the other was a woman. The woman had a parasol in her hand; she looked like she was only 12 or 13 years old. Her hair, including her eyelashes, was pure white. The young man had bandages wrapped around his hands, and he looked bitter.

They were Lana and Casey.

“Watson has finally left. Fortunately, the one who angered him this time was the Campbell family. He did not care about the relationship between Augustus and me! I have to say, the Campbell family’s move to capture Watson was not a wise one. They’d be in heaps of trouble.”

“Brother Casey, can I ask you why you refused to go to the Campbell family to testify that Watson had struck Young Master Augustus?” Lana twirled the umbrella handle and asked curiously.

“Of course. I don’t want to offend Watson.”

“So, you’re saying that Watson is more terrifying than the Campbell family?”

“Although I don’t want to admit it, that’s the truth. And I’m not afraid. I just don’t want to cause trouble.”

Those two lines seemed to mean the same thing.

“What about you? Didn’t you also reject Augustus’ invitation? If it weren’t for what you said at the Holy Dragon Tavern, I wouldn’t have to explain so much. And Augustus wouldn’t have hated Watson so badly. Why did you do that?”

“Brother Casey, that was unintentional. I’m still a child. You won’t hold it against me, right? Hurry up and go. Get a good seat outside the Campbell family. If you’re late, you won’t be able to enjoy the most lively show in the capital.”

As the voices gradually faded away, Casey and Lana, the siblings, also disappeared from the street corner.


“Is that the Campbell Family?”

About twenty minutes later, Watson stood in front of a gorgeous manor and looked inside. His face did not have the self-awareness of a criminal. Instead, it was filled with curiosity.

The Campbell family manor was very interesting. The first thing he saw when he looked inside was not the beautifully manicured lawn but a large clock that was more than ten meters tall. It had two black hands to record the passage of time on the clock.

The black hands formed a sharp contrast with the silver scale. Every time the hands drew a number, the number would disappear and be replaced by a new character. The characters written on the characters were not 1 to 12, like traditional clocks, but in the thousands instead. It was as if the clock had been continuously accumulating time since it was created. It looked very magical.

When he realized that Watson was interested in the clock, Hoen explained, “That is the Clock of Life. It is said that the clock can measure the life of anyone and anything and extend the life of that person or thing in a special way! As the largest and most famous magical tool maker in the kingdom, the Campbell family’s Clock of Life is also considered famous among the kingdom’s limited platinum-tier tools.”

“Alright, since we’ve arrived at the Campbell family, my mission is completed. You can go in by yourself.”

“You are not coming with me, General Hoen? I thought you wanted to prove my innocence? How will you judge whether I’m right or wrong? ”

Watson revealed a half-smile at the thought of Hoen trying to escape his responsibility after bringing him there.

‘That brat!’

Cursing inwardly, Hoen revealed a kind expression on his face. “Watson, you’re right. I should take you in! Although I’m busy as the Royal Guards’ commander, you’re still Master Antonio and the Sword Saint’s disciple, after all. I’ll keep an eye on you until the last moment. Let’s go.”

As soon as they arrived at the entrance, the gate opened automatically. Two maids walked out and bowed to Hoen.

“General Hoen, Master wants you to bring him to the living room. He has been waiting there for a long time. ”

Following the two maids, Watson and Hoen entered the depths of the Campbell family’s mansion. The deeper they went, the more surprised Watson felt. Besides the massive Clock of Life outside, the building’s walls also had clocks and watches of all sizes on them. Gears collided with each other, producing some mechanical sounds.

Even the landscape in the garden had steel plates with soil and vegetation on the surface. Over time, those pieces of land would move on their own, forming different patterns.

‘It is as expected of a family that is famous for making magical tools. Some of those gears and movable steel plates are already similar to some of the things I used in my previous life. The concept is quite advanced.’

Watson stood at the spot and looked around a few more times. Other than the highly mechanized buildings, there was another characteristic, which was the heat. Even after he took off his outer clothes, Watson’s forehead was still dripping with sweat. The temperature in the courtyard was more than ten degrees higher than the temperature outside.

“Master is waiting in the hall. We are not qualified to enter there. You are distinguished guests, so you may enter by yourselves. We will take our leave first!”

The two maids lowered their heads as they spoke humbly before they quickly left.

Watson and Horn exchanged a look. Watson pushed the door open and walked into a hall. Augustus was sitting among those magic tools. His limbs were weak, and he was drooping around the chair. When he saw Watson, he raised his eyebrows and revealed a cruel expression.

“Watson, you’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! Everything here is under the control of the Campbell family. I only need to say one sentence to decide whether you live or die. Please don’t kneel and cry because you’re afraid.”

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