My Father in Law is Lu Bu

Chapter 472
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Chapter 472

Yang Jie had escaped quickly. The moment he left Liu Bei’s residence, he quickly changed into the clothing of the common people and left the city.

“Envoy Yang. Did you bring an order from the Military Advisor?” Zhao Yun asked when he saw Yang Jie.

“There are no orders but I need General Zhao Yun to provide me with assistance.” Yang Jie replied politely. After all, he was just an envoy. Although his uncle was Yang Hong, he still did not dare to be arrogant to Zhao Yun as he knew that Zhao Yun was Liu Mang’s trusted aide. If this was not the case, Liu Mang would not have left Yangzhou’s main force to Zhao Yun.

“Of course we would help. We are all Milord’s subordinates.” Zhao Yun was a loyal and righteous person. He does not consider people beneath him and also treated Yang Jie courteously.

“I hope General Zilong can lend me a pair of horses to help send me back to Zaoyang.” Yang Jie cupped his fist.

“Zaoyang?” Zhao Yun was stunned. Zaoyang was occupied by Wei Yan. Was Yang Jie going to return home so quickly? Yang Jie was sent as an envoy to set a trap for Liu Bei but now all of Yang Jie’s men were dead. Were their deaths in vain?

“General Zilong. Do you distrust the Military Advisor?” Yang Jie asked with a smile. This plan was made by Xu Shu. Naturally, he would think of a backup plan. This plan would not be done by Yang Jie.

Liu Bei was truly ruthless. He was able to make Mi Fang and Lady Mi ‘dead’ and even slaughter people to silence them. Yang Jie could not help but admire Liu Bei.

“Is there anyone else?” Zhao Yun ignored the question and asked. He did not know anything about schemes so he stopped thinking about it. He was a general. The only thing he needed to think of was how to win fights.

“Envoy Yang can go back whenever you want! As I am still busy with other matters, I will not be taking care of you!” Zhao Yun said and then left.


In Nanyang, one of Liu Bei’s strategists, Sun Qian, received an unexpected guest from Yangzhou.

They were the second group sent by Yang Hong. As Liu Bei’s subordinates, Sun Qian intended to capture them and send them to Liu Bei. However, his expression turned pale when he heard their words.

“Master Sun Qian. I trust you have been well.” The person who spoke was the one of Wei Yan’s men that had been responsible for capturing him. Naturally, Sun Qian would not have a good expression since he had been humiliated.

Sun Qian did not dare to chase them out immediately as the matter of him being captured was not a glorious one. The only reason he had not been tortured and interrogated by Liu Bei was because he had returned in an extremely sorry state. If these people exposed that matter, Sun Qian would be dead. It does not matter if he had truly defected. At best, he would lose his position.

“What do you want?” Sun Qian asked with a pale expression.

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